Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Push"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table, in which our esteemed panelists discuss the hot topics and burning questions from Thursday's episode.

Topics for our "Push" Round Table include memorable quotes, Lexie and her feelings, Derek as the Chief, and the Seattle Grace BFFs we wish we had ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

M.L. House: Mark to Teddy: "Your breasts are fantastic. I wouldn't change a thing." Mark always cracks me up.

Mrs. Northman: Callie: "Third sex is the sex date. And he's cooking for you, at his home. Where he keeps his bed." Too funny and true! When a man invites you over for dinner, that he prepared, you know it's on like Donkey Kong!

L.J. Gibbs: When Owen lectured Mark about Teddy, and he responded "This might come as a shock, but looks like I'm the respectable adult in this situation." He wanted to get mad about the accusation, but knew he really couldn't. He's awesome.


2. Is Mark Sloan really ready to settle down, and is Teddy the right woman for him?

L.J. Gibbs: I do think that against all odds, a combination of dating Little Grey and Sloane Sloan's pregnancy flipped a switch with the infamous playboy. Although I think he and Addison would be a great fit still. More Private Practice crossovers please!

Mrs. Northman: Yes, I do think Sloan is ready to settle down, but not with Teddy! He belongs with Lexie.

M.L. House: Yes and... who knows. Mark and Lexie broke up specifically because he wants to be a family man. There probably isn't any room left on his bed post for any notches. As for Teddy: Too early to tell. What do we really know about her?

3. Bailey and Ben: Will it last?

Mrs. Northman: I hope so! They are so cute! Especially Bailey when she is all nervous about him.

M.L. House: I hope so! I loved how Ben called Bailey out on her penchant for lecturing. He can also cook, take things slow and we could nickname them The Killer Bs. What's not to like?

L.J. Gibbs: Please God yes. Ben is clearly so compatible with our favorite Nazi for many reasons, and to finally see one of our favorite character's personal life get some love? Amazing.

4. Team Richard or Team Derek?

M.L. House: Team The Show Ruined Anything Interesting About the Chief Storyline After It Based Half a Season On It Back in the Day, Only for Derek to Give It Back to Richard for No Reason.

Mrs. Northman: Team Richard. Something about Derek being the Chief irks me.

L.J. Gibbs: Team Derek. Sure, Richard is bitter about being usurped and perhaps he is more experienced in certain situations, but let's not forget WHY he was usurped. He has no one to blame but himself for bungling the merger and relapsing.

Doctor Robbins

5. Who would you seek out for dating advice at Seattle Grace?

L.J. Gibbs: Gotta go with Arizona. She was right when she said that Calzona has totally become the model couple. Well, MerDer is too, obviously, but I couldn't ask Derek for advice. That hair ... McDreamy just intimidates me. How can I ever measure up?!

M.L. House: Izzie. Just let me go visit her at her house, since the immature actress who plays her won't even show up on set.

Mrs. Northman: That's a tough one - especially since everyone is all sorts of messed up when it comes to relationships. I guess I would talk with Arizona? She seems like the only one that didn't really come with any baggage - that we know of.

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Nurse Boki? Lol.


Who is the nurse that is in almost all operating rooms assisting the doctors,an older lady with glasses?


Though number two is kind of mean, it's kind of true. o.o


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode? Callie to Bailey: "You don't have to tell me which one you picked." Sara's delivery was hysterical. And of course, I loved Cristina's Harper Avery Foundation PSA. 2. Is Mark Sloan really ready to settle down, and is Teddy the right woman for him? I think he is, finally. We haven't really seen enough of Mark and Teddy to tell how that will work out though. But I love both of them, so I hope it does. She's gotta get over Owen. 3. Bailey and Ben: Will it last? I'm not getting my hopes up. I want Bailey to be happy, but I don't think she needs a man in her life for that. I do love that he's not even a little bit afraid of her though. 4. Team Richard or Team Derek? I've said this before: Derek belongs in the OR, being amazing. Just like Callie when she was Chief Resident for all of 3 seconds. But I still don't like Richard, Chief or not. 5. Who would you seek out for dating advice at Seattle Grace? Callie. She's been through pretty much everything, and she tells it like it is.


@ lina: I noticed that as well! With this and the not wanting kids-thing (and the Karev ONS, etc) I wonder if these two ever talk. They're together now for about 6-12 months, but most of the time it seems like they just started dating. :D
Great couple though, can't wait for their story next episode! Also agree with some of the other posters: these are not the people you go to for relationship advice! But they sure show us how NOT to act!! LOL


Anyone else who just loves the look on Arizonas face when Callie says "I mean, when I lived in the basement, when I married an Intern in Vegas" Like she didn't know that she once lived in the basement, haha:)


Two best quotes: Cristina: 'You're just that good little Grey. There's no getting over you'. Mer:'You clear the room every time. You clear the room' I loved the heavy irony in this Cristina type quote, she has no empathy. But Lexie needed a dose of reality. 2. Not sure broody Mark has really thought through parenthood and settling down. Little Sloan' making a reappearance, so I think Sloan jr jr will be a cliff hanger for the end of S6. 3. No,the actor's leaving according to the rumour mill. 4. Webber is a bitter man, who will play dirty to get his way. I think Webber will stay as an attending for a long while. I don't think he's got his chief vision at the moment, he's still a recovering alcoholic and too vunerable. I'd like him back as chief cos I miss Der wearing his scrubs. 5. Bailey has swopped roles with Callie. Bailey's seeking advice from someone she gave advice to. Callie is the happiest she's ever been, you just know that her wanting kids is going to be a problem between Callie and Arizona


People. Love isn't always enough. If they both want the same things in life and they want to take the same path, it's a maybe. You got to know where it goes and try. That's why Mark is trying to move on. Mark and Lexie love each other. No arguments about that but do they want the same things? Let's just wait and see how the Mark-Teddy pair up will go.


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode? I'm on board also with Cristina's "This message was brought you by...". Only Cristina Yang can give it like that. 2. Is Mark Sloan really ready to settle down, and is Teddy the right woman for him? I think he is and I'm willing to give it a shot to Teddy. I saw something good there. Let's see. I also have a little hope for Maddison. 3. Bailey and Ben: Will it last? Unfortunately, we know it doesn't so...I won't even give an answer. Too weird. 4. Team Richard or Team Derek? Team Something Has to Happen Here Already! I was so excited for this SL but has brought nothing. I don't feel a lot of sympathy for Richard because he brought this mess all by himself but apparently, can't see it and Derek...just sits there pretty in his suit and lovely blue shirts that match his eyes. Gun to the head, I guess Team Derek because I need more from humble Richard than last week. Plus, Derek provided the stability needed. Was it mentioned how long was he going to stay interim? 5. Who would you seek out for dating advice at Seattle Grace? Dr. Wyatt? Just sayin'...


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?
oh,sorry, what did i miss, oh everything. sorry i kinda slept. ANSWER: NOTHING 2. Is Mark Sloan really ready to settle down, and is Teddy the right woman for him?
mark sloan settling down, we'll if the writers decide to make him grow up, yes, but true to the character, he'd settled down until his penis disappears. 3. Bailey and Ben: Will it last?
if fans doesn't like it, it wont. If Ben's show is cancelled, IT COULD. id this show sucked so much: I DON'T CARE 4. Team Richard or Team Derek?
so this is twilight! god! get over this! now they are the ones who's competing. Snooze-feast. stupid. boring. I'd rather go TEAM-LETS-GET-OVER-WITH-IT--ALREADY. 5. Who would you seek out for dating advice at Seattle Grace?
Doctor Phil!

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