The Littler Grey
Lexie Grey in "Push" from Season 6 of Grey's Anatom. Poor girl. That's all we can say right now.

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ahh; bless:(


sad for lexie .. :(


Poor Lexie


Lexie needs to dye her hair darker.. asap. She looks so much better as a brunette


Oh crap!
She ain't a poor girl anymore. She moved on in the first place. Hats off to you Sloan. Lexie had to know that we shud not leave the hand of the one we love. Wateva, my statement might hurt the fans, But she got wat she deserved..


I honestly don't mind Teddy and Mark together, Teddy seems like the type to want kids and Mark has always been into the really hardcore chicks. As for Lexie, I think that she's the one who has to move on. I used to like how sweet and innocent she was, now I can't find anything to like about her.

Mumbles cit

shortizz, mer is too dark and tiwst to that


@LBarnes Katherine Heigl as Izzie Stevens is no more she will no longer be on Grey's Anatomy. I'm hoping ABC and Shonda Rhimes just recast the role of Izzie that way Izzie's character can continue on Grey's Anatomy and that will leave Katherine Heigl to go on and continue making movies, Katherine has been in movies long before she played Isobel Stevens and she probably still be in movies well after Grey's Anatomy raps up for good, when viewers no longer want to watch and give the show great ratings. And yes I would prefer Lexie with maybe darker blonde hair like a light ash blonde (slightly darker then Meredith's)at the moment she is too blonde.


Maybe Callie and Arizona hit the skids, because Arizona doesn't want kids and Callie does, Callie was prepared to adopt Mark Sloan's grandchild with Mark, why not drop Arizona and hook up with Mark again so they both can get what they want kids. And if Lexie still loves Mark, she should do something about it instead of using Alex for meaningless sex.


I love the show and was wondering when Katherine Heigel will be coming back. I like the littler Grey's hair the darker color.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Callie: Find a grownup that you like and date, like a grownup.
Mark: I don't know what that means.

Surgeons aren't complacent people. We don't put our feet up. We don't sit still. Whatever the game is, we like to win.


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