How to Make It in America Review: "Keep On Truckin'"

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Last night on How to Make It in America, the boys got one step closer to making It - and then disaster struck! The Rasta Monsta van got stolen! 

In "Keep On Truckin'", we really thought that maybe this tragedy was some kind of cheap trick.

Perhaps Rene's goon's stole the truck to teach the guys a lesson - but, did you see Rene's face when Cam nonchalantly told him it was stolen? Priceless!

You know they will be in for a beating in the upcoming season finale.

How To Make It In America Scene

Rene has to be the best character on this show. Somehow he is able to blend the life of a mafioso type and lovable teddy bear into one person.

We are happy that Rene has become the official dealer of his energy drink, but will it really pay off? We hope that his big dreams will soar and not become a dead fish in the water.

It was interesting to see Rachel break down in front of Ben. Especially since Ben was finally able to move on. Daren is definitely the typical looks-good-on-paper guy. He is very attractive, successful, and genuinely nice - but there is something there that strikes us as weird or should we say something is just off.

We like Julie for Ben, yet as much as we hate to admit it, there is something there between Ben and Rachel. And it would be a great show twist to have them get back together - even if it is just for a night (maybe something did go on when she went back to his place?!).

What did you think of this episode? Did you think it was too predictable? Who do you want Ben to end up with - Julie, Rachel, or neither?

Until next week's season finale, we leave you with a few of our favorite How to Make It in America quotes after the jump!

Rene: Guys like that don't understand guys like us. | permalink
Rene: Yeah he is my parole officer - I wish I was joking, but I'm not. | permalink
Cam: You know you are an animal, right? | permalink
Cam: I could use some Jewish muscle with me. | permalink
Eddie: God it's so phallic I love it. | permalink


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I like Julie for Ben, she is cute and happy and seems like a genuinely cool character. There is something there between Ben and Rachel but I like the actress that plays Julie so I hope she becomes his girlfriend so we can see more of her in the show.


I was actually glad they didn't pull that same old cheap trick of everything working out for these two in the end, it was getting tired. As for who should end up with Ben...hmm...I don't care. I hate Ben and wish they'd kill him off the show. Rachel is growing on me and I like Darren but have a sinking feeling that things are just gonna get weirder and fishier with him as time goes on.

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We're not gangsters, we're not thugs - we are Jews.

Rene's business partner

I could use some Jewish muscle with me.