NCIS Review: "Jurisdiction"

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You'd be hard pressed to find an NCIS episode that isn't very good at this point. The characters are all familiar, well-written, nuanced and capable of carrying stories themselves.

That's what makes it TV's #1 show (sorry, American Idol fans ... #1 non-scripted drama), and at times, the actual criminal investigations seem secondary for exactly this reason.

Last night's was pretty fun, though, especially with the anti-Gibbs (or is just the female Gibbs?) thrown in the mix Our episode recap has the plot details. Now, for TVF's review ...

Lt. Michael Jensen washes up decomposed on Virginia Beach. Or so we are led to believe. When a boat found offshore with a body is linked to Jensen, NCIS is linked to CGIS.

That would be Coast Guard Investigative Service, and Special Agent Abigail Borin (you can call her Abby, she says ... Gibbs won't) certainly shares traits with our fearless leader.

Abby and Gibbs in the Lab

This place is only big enough for one Abby.

Agent Borin (guest star Diane Neal) doesn't hesitate to mix things up, and while he bristled at sharing a case with CGIS, you could tell Gibbs was intrigued by her, to say the least.

Maybe it's because she's a redhead? And kind of an authority figure? Either way, their teamwork set off sparks, but not necessarily fractious ones. A fun, uneasy dynamic to watch.

It was Ducky who offered the major clue to Lt. Jensen's demise. Because his body was so ravaged by death (and the Atlantic Ocean), it took some time to realize it wasn't even him!

The corpse's liver disease not only didn't belong to Jensen, but it did belong to someone he knew - a surgeon financing the treasure hunt he was apparently on when he met his end.

Dr. Joseph Marvey loved sunken treasure and funding the expedition was his passion. Further autopsy evidence reveals the dead marine is actually Dr. Marvey ... so how did he die?!

The wife did it. We're still waiting for Tony's I told you so. Jensen seduced Audrey and conspired to steal her husband’s fortune, whacking the doctor and dressing him in his Navy suit.

Nice try, man. Maybe 25 years ago. In this age of DNA evidence and all the amazing things Ducky and Abby can find out postmortem, don't try to pull a fast one on NCIS. Hopeless.

There were, as always, quality character moments interspersed with the unraveling mystery. Abby was off her game due to a Cafe-Pow situation. It was bound to happen at some point.

As for Tony and Ziva, we're really beginning to think we may never learn what happened in Paris, and that's okay. We still enjoy the dynamic a lot. Maybe the uncertainty is partly why.

Perhaps awkward flirting is all they're up for. That and the occasional pirate flick.


  • Ducky and Sophie are over already? That's a shame.
  • Tony's Jaws quotes were classic, albeit predictable.
  • Wouldn't it be funny if they did a CGIS spinoff?


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I really like this NCIS than Seasons 1 and 2. It's more interesting and fun


@Geo: my wife found it! She is Gabrielle Miller. She was on a Canadian comedy we liked called "Corner Gas."


Abby is walking to Vance's office, when shes outside she overhears him talking on the phone, saying something like: Don't worry. I'll get him, and the rest of the team too. One by one, the main NCIS team will fall apart. End of episode 23. Episode 24 (the last one) will be something about Vance sending Tony, Ziva and McGee on a mission far away(L.A maybe (; ? ) And then, Gibbs is left at home. HE is shot at, and captured. It turns out, that Vance is a bad guy. Maybe he should have something to do with the murder of Shannon and Kelly. And he's been planning his revenge for all these years. Yes, not at all what we expect, but then again .. this is NCIS!


I really like the CGIS woman (:
I like her ALOT more than the laywer woman, is it too late to switch them around and use CGIS in the finale instead?
She makes MUCH more sence, I mean she IS a readhead (;
As for tony and ziva, loved the ending scene. I love how they throw small hints in whenever theres a few weeks between the episodes, like they keep giving us hope that there is something .. or there will be something or there was something, WHO KNOWS?!
But I agree with those who says that NCIS isn't the same anymore. Honestly I miss the old ziva! I had gotten used to the way she was, shes alot different now (of course, after what she went through!) But I really wanna know more about what happened!
Shane Brennan, I'll write you a season 7 finale RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW: Ziva in hunted by the memories of Somalia, and Tony is trying to get her to talk. Gibbs is at the graveyard, where he visits Shannon and Kelly's graves.


Good episode - another spin off with CGIS? Could be. By the way, who played Audrey Marvey? Can't find it on IMDB.


Hey Jenn, NCIS was never a procedural crime show. Bellisario always said right from the beginning that NCIS was about the characters. It frustrated him no end the way CBS promoted NCIS at the beginning as some sort of stuffy naval based procedural crime show. It took years for CBS to finally get the picture and change their method of advertising for NCIS. You'll hear MH say the same thing - this show is about the characters and the crime part can almost be secondary to the fun of watching these characters interact. If you want a dry procedural you'd better watch CSI - because you're never going to get that with NCIS.


These characters aren't well-written anymore. There's so much inconsistency and so much damage has been done to canon, that who even knows what characters we'll see each week when we tune in. And what is with the recent media push to convince us that the crime investigating should be secondary? It's a procedural crime show. It just used to be quirky and funny, and now it's all soapy.

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