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Abby is one of our favorite NCIS characters. We're holding out hope for an Abby-McGee hookup at some point!

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The the creators of NCIS. Please do not change this masterpiece of a show. I love the cohesive relationship of each agent. I would love to see more attention centered on Abby and McGee. The episode where McGee shoots a undercover cop had some poignent moments. McGee spoke from his heart about taking an innocent man's life. I hope that the Two Faced episode does not mean that Barret is going to be a permanent fixture on NCIS. She has a sense of entitlement that clashes with the Gibbs team. Is there a 2nd part to the Two Faced episode? NCIS RULES!

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NCIS Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

This was no boating accident.


Tony: Davy Jones. Used to sing with The Monkees.
Ziva: Real monkeys?"
Tony: I envy your brain sometimes.