90210 Review: "Multiple Choices"

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Looks like someone at 90210 reads TV Fanatic.

A few days after we complained that everyone was too nice and storylines too tame, "Multiple Choices" introduced viewers to new, serious situations, all of which were anchored by devious characters.

There were definite problems with the episode, and we'll get to those shortly, but among the developments that have us anxious for next week and already have more at stake for the show's key players than most dilemmas this season:

Jen is back! She's married again to her ex and owns the Beverly Hills Beach Club. Not sure if we'd have chosen Los Angeles as the one place in the world to reside if given the choice, as Jen claims she was by her husband, but I'm thrilled she's returned. A true bitch, Jen has the potential to create problems for Naomi, Liam, Ryan... pretty much everyone.

But do we even believe her story? You never know with the elder Clark sister.

Reunited Family

Harry's job is in danger. Kudos to the show for finding a believable way to push Rob Estes' Harry out the door. The actor is exiting after this season and 90210 did a solid job of tying Dixon's gambling addiction into a problem for his dad, as Harry lied about evidence that would connect his son to the break-in at school.

Combined with his marriage falling apart, it will make sense when Harry leaves next month. Also: props to the show for bringing back Mark. As we said before, the core students are far too kind and forgiving of one another. Very nice to see new characters making their (evil) presence felt.

Return of the bad boy. We also complained that Liam had gone soft - but not when it comes to his step-father. Inspired by his ex-con of a birth father's idea, Liam stole valuable coins from his unfaithful pretend parent and seems anxious to do more.

Like Jen, it must be asked: Do we trust Liam's real dad? My answer is quick, easy and even written in capital letters: NO!

On another note, Deb told Harry she kissed her Yoga instructor two months ago, which caused me to furrow my brow. It's been that long?!? How much time goes by on a 90210 season? The show is VERY poor at depicting such important information.

For example: how long have Silver and Teddy been dating? Many months? If so, it's a major stretch to think Silver would first be learning about Teddy's dedication to tennis and feelings about college just a couple days before the SATs.

These two have never really gotten on track, which is an overall problem for 90210: it doesn't do nuance. With the exception of Adrianna and Navid last season, no pairing has been built up well... or simply made sense as a couple. Ask yourself: have you ever felt any spark between Silver and Teddy? Does their potential break-up make you remotely sad?

Silver vs. Teddy

90210 doesn't deliver believable relationships, another issue I've complained about in the past. When Naomi, Annie, Adrianna and Silver made up in the hallway this week and Naomi cheesily cried "Hug!" it didn't feel earned. These four aren't best friends. They weren't even in a major fight. Why must their relationship be as a tight clique or as total enemies? Nuance, 90210! Nuance.

Two final complaints:

  1. Someone must tell AnnaLynne McCord and Shenae Grimes to relax. They over-act in every scene. It can be painful to watch.
  2. Last new episode, Annie was having nightmares about Jasper and her accident. This episode? Nothing. That storylines continue to unfold inconsistently and to put it mildly, HORRIBLY.

Still, I liked this episode a lot and am excited by various developments as we head into the season finale. What did you think? Below, we've listed a few 90210 quotes from the hour:

Dixon: I'm really sorry.
Harry: Me too. I thought you were better than this. | permalink
Silver: The fight was all my fault. Which also happens to be a served, place in the wrong side of the court. | permalink
Deb: I stopped that kiss because it was the right thing to do, not because I wanted to. | permalink
Liam: At least your family just started sucking. Mine sucked since I was seven. | permalink
Naomi: I am the perverter. I perverted justice. | permalink
Naomi: How am I supposed to build an outfit around fluorescent orange? | permalink


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I loved Shenae and always will. You guys are such haters!!


It's funny how the previous episode left me excited for the remainder of the season while this episode left me wondering why I even watch this show. I cannot stand how the writers are clearly trying to make Annie and Liam next season's lead couple. If Liam wasn't handsome, would anyone seriously like his character? Dixon and Ivy have a lot of potential as a couple, but it appears that the writers would rather focus on his stupid gambling addiction. It's hard to get attached to Silver and Teddy when all they seem to do is argue. Their relationship really hasn't gotten on track, and it might never do so. Worst of all, I'm now hearing that this whole hit-and-run storyline won't be resolved until next season.


This episode was nothing special - the writers brought up some new, more relatively interesting plotlines but they're screwing up all the others. Liam/Annie - such a desperate and forced pairing. Either Liam doesn't know what love is if it hit him smack bang in the face or he just can't make up his damn mind. You don't tell a girl you love her and then the next day go off jumping in fountains and getting all love-sick eyes with another girl. I mean, seriously dude. What happened? Stealing coins does not earn back his bad boy status. JS The show is deteriorating. I used to be excited and eager for Tuesdays, now I just don't know what to look forward to. I'm clinging desperately to the last likeable remnants of Naomi, seeing as I've lost complete respect for Liam. I don't know what would make the show better. In fact, I'm not sure if even Jen and Mark combined can save it - if it can be saved, now.


where is jessica lowndes (adrianna) in this episode


M.L.House your so inconsistent, you said that overall you liked the episode but didnt really give it any credit in the review!
I liked:
-annie's "ex" causing trouble, and putting dixon in the most embarassing situation he has ever been on, which may make his character interesting FINALLY
-annie and liam, I didnt feel it was forced because hanging out as pals was concluding into Liam charming Annie because he still likes her a bit(episode 1.21 anyone?)
-Debbie's role in this episode, which was the most relevant she has been in two years, she didnt justify what she did, she explained it, and she did it so well that it seems her husband is the one wo made a mistake
-Jen's return, there couldnt be worst timing than this for naomi, plus she totally screwed her up once more, ruining her SAT performance, and i feel like there is so much unfinished business they need to scream about
I disliked
-annie's forgiveness: the girl kicked you out of her party, made everyone hate you and sent naked pictures of you, and what do you do? hug her in the hallway? A naomi-silver-adriana hug would make sense because they have been hanging out for almost two years, but annie is just back in the gang
-silver and adriana rejecting naomi: COME ON, silver almost killed Ryan with a bottle, adriana lied to everyone about her sobriety, how do they get to judge her? plus since when are they so close? they were never real friends to begin with
-How Liam doesnt doubt for a second about his father's intentions and about the stories he tells him, man get a hint already, he is bad news
-the fountain scene, what was that about????annie would never do that, and liam would never watch her with tender eyes, he'd be so embarassed
-Ivy not dumping dixon's ass, she deserves so much better
-the whole silver/teddy thingy, when i saw him screaming trying to stop her, i was expecting something huge, not that his father didnt know his girlfriend, plus there was no need to show silver so mad since she's forgiving him next week already


honestly liam and annie were so forced i mean just last ep he told naomi he loved her and now he doesnt?? wtf i could tell that annie liked i just wasnt expecting it from liam wow


Debbie is such a bitch and whore!!!!!


This episode was awful! I agree that the Annie/Liam feels forced. All of a sudden Liam doesn't like Naomi anymore after being so into her?
Everything was so unbelievable and surreal. It timewarped the show into something totally different than last episode. Awful writing!


whatev haters.. i liked it...lol and i love annie and liam together!


I loved this episode, Annie/Liam are great. This site is so anti shenae grimes. The writing is pretty bad in most spots which makes the actors look bad. The continuity really is a problem for all of the plot lines but I was so happy that there was no ryan or laurel this week.

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