House Review: Welcome Back, Cameron!

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Cameron is totally knocked up. That's our bold prediction this week, as we teased that a character on a popular one-hour drama will be revealed as pregnant before the season is over.

Based on Chase and Cameron's spontaneous sex, along with the rumor that Jennifer Morrison will recur next season on House, our money is on an awkward divorce getting a whole lot more awkward over the next few months.

As for everything else that happened on "Lockdown?" It felt contrived. How fortunate for the storylines that certain characters were stuck in rooms together, following the disappearance of a baby and subsequent hospital lockdown.

For example, Taub and Foreman bond over heavy doses of Vicodin. Really?!? This came out of nowhere. Foreman just happened to have a bottle of the drug, and they both legitimately thought that taking a bunch of pills would make them understand House more. It felt like a stretch.

So did the idea that Foreman would suddenly wish to delete something from his file that took place over a decade ago. Still, this situation at least allowed Omar Epps to play Foreman with a bit of a personality. For someone that's been on the show for so long, Foreman is rarely a focus and his character has changed very little over the years.

Chase, in Thought
Return of Cameron

Meanwhile, Wilson may be our favorite character on TV. Everything Robert Sean Leonard does is funny, and we laughed out loud at his failed attempt to steal a dollar from the cash register.

But the character is often written like he's a moron. Did he really need to be told that he's living his life according to House? That friendship has never stopped Wilson from dating in the past, even when House disproves (remember Amber?).

Granted, House is more fragile now, at least that's how Wilson justifies the catering to his BFF. But is he, really? That's an issue we often take with the show. It can't seem to decide how to portray the new and supposedly improve House. He didn't seem like a changed, nice man when he first encountered the dying Patient of the Week, did he? House seemed unusually cold, for no legitimate reason.

This eventually changed, of course, and we must recognize the incredible performance of David Strathairn. Hugh Laurie, who directed this episode, wanted Strathairn to play the role from the very beginning and it's easy to see why.

This actor can cry with the best of them, bringing a softness and a sympathy to most characters he plays.

We also learned that House may be having more problems from his Vicodin kicking than previously known. Look for this to come back up by season's end. Will it play a role on the finale, along with the pregnancy we've decided Cameron will announce?

You tell us. Are we on the right track with that theory? Did you feel as if this episode was as forced as we did? We do at least give the show credit for mixing up its usual formula.

Below, we've listed a bunch of House quotes from "Lockdown."

Foreman: We both have a lot of regrets.
Taub: You should be proud of yours. Your life is trending upwards. | permalink
Patient [to House]: I'm gonna be dead in a few hours. You're secret is safe with me. Unless you're keeping it from yourself. | permalink
Thirteen: Dare. But no nudity.
Wilson: Yes, nudity. I want you to show your breasts to Taub. | permalink
House: I take one in 20 cases. A lot of people I turn down end up dying. It's really a good argument for there being more than one me, if you think about it. | permalink
Patient: You're Dr. House, aren't you?
House: Oh... God! Don't tell me we used to date. | permalink


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It's a SHOW. Stop overanalyzing and enjoy.


I agree that the episode was contrived. Even the Cameron/Chase scenes were, although less so than Foreman and Taub getting high on a drug that doesn't produce a high, Cuddy as The Great Detective, and Wilson, who can fool the master, House himself, getting fooled by Thirteen. Chase pressured Cameron into a marriage she said she wasn't ready for, killed a man, pushed Cameron away and then refused to leave with her to make their marriage work. And he can't figure out what he did to end the marriage? Sadly, neither can the writer because everything is Cameron's fault. In season 2, Foreman was adamant that he didn't want to know why House was the way he was and he couldn't care less. But suddenly now he wants to find out so he takes Vicodin? Why doesn't he just give himself in infarct while he's at it? Cameron getting pregnant would be the worst kind of soap opera writing so unfortunately I think you're right. She works best in medical stories but it's been more than a year (season 5's Big Baby) since she's been allowed to be a doctor rather than Chase's plot contrivance. Cameron and Wilson are my favorite characters but I'd rather see Cameron gone for good away from the bad writing for her character than back pregnant.


Lockdown was a good and well-done show. behined the light-hearted plot we see some great character development and was a nice break from the normal house show. house turned all soft and mushy at the end which was wierd because he has become more 'human' this season but he still is house. p.s. I would have had house blackmailing his way out of the mental hospital and being good old house this season if I was in charge. but they broke his sarcastic spirit he has gotten a little bit back but not enough!!!


Funny episode. I especially liked Wilson and Thirteen. Thirteen, for once, really seemed like Olivia Wilde in real life (and I like her real-life personality much more than Thirteen's character). I was glad to see Cameron back, but I wanted to see her and House talking to each other. And I really hope Cameron isn't pregnant. That would just be boring.


I thought the Straitharn character was a stand-in for House's biological father. House is allowed to grieve, and maybe correct a mistake his father made by not calling him. As for Chase and Cameron, it was completely contrived, as how are they going to get Cameron preggers with Chase's baby without the lockdown? And like all House episodes recently, the title comes from a song (Both Sides Now, Remorse), in this case, I think Love Lockdown by Kanye West completely speaks to the Cameron/Chase marriage.


The episode was pretty good. Foreman and Taub getting high was actually pretty funny. Wilson and Thirteen were quite funny too. Contrived? Meh.


I thought that this was one of the best episodes of House in a long time! And I agree with kElevrA's statement that every episode of House is contrived...I also LOVED the direction of this episode. Kudos to Hugh Laurie. ps. @ kElevrA we have heard Remi's first name in past episodes but never so directly.

Matt richenthal

@rp: Regarding your oddly bitter "Everyone else on the planet..." line: ratings for House have dropped considerably this season. I challenge you to find a single TV critic that thinks the last couple seasons has been as well done as the past. Secondly, can you really not understand the difference between a well-written, logical episode.. and one that forces its characters into contrived situations? By your logic, a season doesn't need to be written with any kind of planning or rationale attached to it. The writers can just come up with anything, at any time, and chalk it up up "willing suspension of disbelief."
Hey, maybe Foreman can win the lottery next week and aliens can abduct Chase. Why not, right? It's just a question of fans suspending disbelief!


It's called "willing suspension of disbelief," dummy. What are we tuning in for, to watch characters do things that are completely expected? Why not just watch someone examining their belly button for two hours? By your standards, that would be entertainment. Is it better to make the characters do everything they're expected to do or risk being labled "contrived?" I vote with everyone else on the planet except you.

Matt richenthal

The most contrived storyline, which I took issue with, was the Taub/Foreman interaction. Just the fact that the latter happened to have a vial of Vicodin, just happened to be in the basement at that moment to shred a 12-year old piece of his file, and then they both randomly chose to take a down a few pills.

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Thirteen: What now?
Wilson: Truth or dare?
Thirteen: No! You don't wanna mess with me.

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