How to Make It in America Season Finale Review: "Never Say Die"

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"Never Say Die" wrapped up the first season of How to Make It in America.

We thought the writers did a pretty decent job at ending it, but we have to say some things were just a bit too predictable!

Ben, How To Make It In America

The whole situation with Ben and Cam getting their shirts back in the last possible second they could. Seriously? That would never happen in real life, but it did make for good TV. Especially when Cam blew up the Rasta Monsta truck. We still didn't get how blowing the truck up would help settle an insurance claim on damages, but whatever. Who doesn't like watching anything get blown up?

We were surprised how much we like Rachel now! It was great having her walk into her meeting with Eddie and Daren and basically end things with both of them and decide to take some soul searching time off. We have to give her props on that one!

Hopefully, Rachel will come back next season as some bohemian chick that helps design the Crisp line! We would so love to actually see the sparks happening between her and Ben - not just the awkward naked morning after scene.

Rene always seems to have something up his sleeves and as much as he is trying to not be the gansta persona that he has been known as, it always seems to come back in one way or another. Our favorite was when he b**ch slapped that guy. Making Cam blow up the truck also shows he is not a dumb a**.

Hopefully, Rene will stay out of trouble - we fear that next season his past will come to haunt him.

With not that many episodes to make a season, How to Make It in America did a pretty good job keeping us entertained all season long. This may not be one of our favorite shows HBO has put out, but we definitely feel that there is a lot of potential here.

What do you think of the season finale? Should HBO give this show another season or the ax? What would you change about this show? Leave your comments below and don't forget to rate this week's episode!

Until next season, we leave you with a few of our favorite How to Make It in America quotes after the jump!

Rene: It is what it is - if I go down, you go down. | permalink
David: The secret is not get rich quick - the secret is to get rich slow and appreciate it. | permalink
Rachel: Alright, good talk. | permalink
Ben: Do you have a passport Cam?
Cam: No not yet, but I will get one. Plus I know this dude who sells airline miles for cheap. | permalink
Rachel: Or maybe for the first time in a while, I am finally getting it. | permalink


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Loved the show just had a good vibe about it and like whaleberg said you did find yourself cheering the lads on hoping they succeed,cant wait for second series.


I'm not being funny, but this article is kind of weak... look to EW for tips, urgh. Ok so this episode was very good, a nice round up to what we've seen so far, but the writers were clever enough to leave the impending character obstacles that will definitley come our way. The cute indie chick Ben has started seeing, the truth will out - methinks she can play him at his game - but I hope he falls for hr, because she looks like an intriguing character. Luis Guizman - Raster Munster...ill fated venture probably has side effects... The fact that Cam is now involved ...tut tut tut...maybe his actions will jepordise CRISP and his friendship with Ben? Rachel - loved her at first, till she turned up drunk at Bens place, then dropped her shit all on Darren in quiet a humiliating way. Dont get me wrong Lake Bell's Rachel is awsome, she is laid back, cool, funny - but Rachel was a dick in this ep - no love for her. Like Camille said - it was nice to see an different side to Cam. up until this ep he was a becoming a token joker - i was beginning to think they weren't going to stretch the character any further than being the goofy latino street salesman. Now we see a darker, desperate far will he go? I have to say Ben - hmm, he's likable which makes it safe and easy for him to carry this through, but without a doubt his natural banter with Cam makes him less of a bore. For me - throughtout this series - I have to say I am loving Martha Plimpton - she's fantastic, in this and in The Good Wife. She still has that Goonies sharp wit and cynical humour. She has made me laugh in every episode she's been in. Same goes for Guizman - he's another actor who helps smooth the raw edges of this drama, and his cronies add subtle humourous elements too. The only thing is how long can they run this rags to riches story...the boys have to eventually get somewhere - and I DONT think it was wholly unrealistic or predictable that they got their t-shirts back! Its no surprise that it had something to do with Cam's Uncle, because he's a crook, so it was inevitable he was going to use Cam for his own gain/insurance...What would be predictable is if they prolonged the lost t-shirt story,- because as a result of getting them back something is going to go wrong. ...i just hop Rachel doesnt come back pregnant when Bens all loved up... I like the supporting actors, it would be nice to see how they all develop together - now the story has been established, and they know people are watching, they can start building on the great foundations laid by the protagonists. Am I the only one who longs for more than 30 minutes! why is US tv becoming so short?!?!? HBO (and Mark Wahlberg's choices) have yet to disappoint me - and this was a great start to a well executed show.


I liked this show a lot, though it took a few episodes to find its feet, but it's ended too soon to really establish itself, and the ending was slightly too pat, but I really hope it gets a second season. Is it too obvious to say "More Guzman, please?"


I thought they went in real hard with this finale. I was getting tired of Cam always being the wisecracking happy-go-lucky optimist kid every week, and this episode really helped flesh out the character. The great Victor Rasuk really showed his acting chops and we actually saw his character go through some things and grow. Not sure I can say that about BEn or Rachel, they seemed to spend the whole episode just tying a neat bow on things. Rachel REALLY fell out of my favor in this one, so un-classy! Ben has not evolved as a character. If this show comes back, it is all about the other characters (Eddie Kaye Thomas, Luis Guzman, Martha Plimpton, Kid Cudi) not the "star". Ben Greenberg can't act and it's dragging the show way down.

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