Human Target Season Finale Review: "Christopher Chance"

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This is the episode that explains it all and makes us like Christopher Chance a little more.  On "Christopher Chance", we learn what turned this assassin into the man he is today.  He did it all for a lady he hardly knew, one that managed to steal his heart within a 48 hour period. 

The episode even ends in a cliff hanger, with a missing Winston.  Will Chance be able to save his friend and business partner?  We surely hope so! 

Let’s begin with the beautiful Katherine, an innocent woman that Chance was hired to kill.  Poor thing stumbles on a dying man, and because he mumbles a few meaningless words to her, makes her the target of a hit man.  Thankfully they sent in Chance, who decides to leave his criminal past behind and become a man of value.  A man that eventually will risk his life to save others.

Return of Former Boss

Katherine was the significant catalyst that facilitated Chance’s change.  Too bad she wasn’t able to survive, and was blown to pieces by the evil Baptiste.  We couldn’t see her actually on the boat before it exploded, and we are thinking that maybe she might not have been on it.  What an excellent twist that would turn out to be!  Do you think Katherine might still be alive today, hiding out?  Maybe she’ll show up in the future, who knows!

We also learned that Guerrero and Chance have a long history.  They were both employed by Chance’s evil boss.  Good to see that Guerrero also decided to dedicate his life to saving others.  We hope to learn more about what caused his change of heart as well.

The season finale ends with our beloved Winston being kidnapped by the men after a lost book.  We know Chance will do anything to save strangers, let alone someone he truly cares about.  We have faith that Winston will be saved by our hero as soon as the next season begins. 

At first we were skeptics of Human Target, but now we can honestly say we are becoming fans.  It took us the entire first season to make connections with the characters, but alas true connections were made.  This finale left us surprised and looking forward to the next season.

Until then, here are a few of our favorite Human Target quotes:
Winston: Man, you see me here drinking at 2:30 in the afternoon; you really want to antagonize me about my name? What the hell's the matter with you, you got a death wish or something?
Chance: Not that I'm aware of. | permalink
Winston: Yeah, I've got a name that sounds like a girl's name. I also carry a 45, I got a history of disciplinary problems, and this aint my first drink today. So, you got another comment?
Chance: You can call me Connie. | permalink
Katherine: I guess my next question is why do you want to be alone in a room with me?
Chance: To kill you. | permalink


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Have not seen anything about a second season. Really looking forward to a second season. It is a great program. Great story line. More reasonable than most.


I loved the finale and am 100% sure that Amy Acker or "Katherine" will be making another appearence. Am I the only one thinking that she might not be the good person that Chance thinks she is? I just get the feeling that there is more to her themeets the eye. And I really want Emma Barnes to come back next season.


I love this show as well. I always watch it on Hulu the day after. I noticed that she wasn't on the boat either, so i'm pretty sure she is alive. and I'm sure they'll get Winston back.


This show has slowly, steadily become one of my favorite things to watch on TV. Yes, it has taken an entire season to the who/where/why that was necessary to really connect the audience to Christopher Chance, Guerrero and Winston ... but now I'm completely hooked. I don't think Katherine was on the boat (ala USA's White Collar. Lots of "is she dead?/isn't she dead?" after big things go boom with pretty women on board). This show better get a second season!


I LOVE this show and I loved the backstory...I hope this gets renewed

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