Life Unexpected Season Finale Sneak Peeks: The Wedding Weekend!

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Next week, Life Unexpected airs its season finale. Please join us in making this plea to The CW:

Don't make it the series finale!

While many signs and rumors point to the show getting picked up for a 13-episode order this fall, nothing has been confirmed yet. Hopefully, everyone tunes in on Monday night and proves to the network that it has a hit on its hands.

And how could you miss "Love Unexpected" anyway?!? It's centered around Cate and Ryan's wedding day, which gets off to a rocky start in the following clip:

[video url="" title="Love Unexpected Clip"] [/video]

Baze also confronts her father on the episode. Watch how that unfolds below (and tune in Monday!!!).

[video url="" title="Wedding Weekend Clip"] [/video]

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I actually really like Cate and Ryan. They are so sweet together, and Ryan is amazing. She shouldn't marry Ryan though if she's having any doubts. But I am so a Ryan/Cate shipper.


I really hope that the whole Ryan/Cate thing doesn't work out marriage wise. I mean co-hosts thats totally fine, but marriage? Nope. He isn't the one for her, its Baze. :)


i couldn't agree more with the first part of your comment, nothing could keep me away, but as far as cate and ryan getting married, i hope not. and yes we definitely better get a season two... i will be so sad if it doens't come back :(


I wouldn't miss this episode for the world. "Love Unexpected" looks epic, and I really hope Cate & Ryan get married. We better get a season two!!!!

Life Unexpected Quotes

Hi Steve, who's you're friend?


Don't hate on milkshakes.