Private Practice Review: "Eyes Wide Open"

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The saga of Kayla the surrogate continued on Private Practice last night, with an interesting, personal new wrinkle thrown in: Dr. Amelia Shepherd. Yes, as in that Shepherd.

The McSister, if you will, is a promising young neurosurgeon who is part of a team asked to help Kayla. Man, Addison just can't get away from these people from her past!

Our episode recap has all the details on Thursday new's Private Practice. Below, TV Fanatic reviews and gives you its official rundown on the events of "Eyes Wide Open" ...

If Kayla's condition wasn't dire enough when we left her in last week's "Pulling the Plug," it's getting more intense now. Fortunately, Amelia Shepherd is a force of nature.

Her boss, the renowned Dr. Ginsberg, says she can’t help the patient, but Amelia offers a new option of hope. Dr. Ginsberg fires Amelia on the spot, but she still fights on.

Definitely a little bit of Derek in this upstart, isn't there? Bring on the obligatory Grey's Anatomy crossover when we see them interact! Okay, tangent over. Moving on ...

Addison and Pete on PP

Pete says he's moved on and is happy with Addison ... but is he?

Addison and Vanessa are against the surgery, but Charlotte signs off on it so it's a go. This sets off major tension between and Amelia and Addison, some of it rooted in their history.

When Addison tries to guilt her out of the surgery, Amelia accuses her of settling in her personal life (cold) and with her patients (colder)! Usually unflappable, Addison is thrown off.

After a blood clot puts all three babies in distress, Addison has to get them out and after some CPR, all is well. Sam then gives Amelia an awesome pep talk to carry her through.

Tough love is what she needed and Sam delivered. Bravo, Dr. Bennett. As a result, little McDreamy proved once and for all that big brother isn't the only brain surgeon on the block.

Proved it to us, anyway. Addison lectures her again, this time about getting lucky after pushing what was by all accounts a risky move. Amelia steadfastly stands her ground, though.

An interesting side development to all of this? Vanessa wondering why Sam didn't get her back in the OR. He's totally in love with Addison still. He said it all by saying nothing!

Follow the jump for our take on the rest of the night's drama ...

Sheldon bails on a sex ed seminar that Charlotte asks Cooper to take his place at. It's either going to go very well or very badly, given the strong personalities and history there.

It turns out to be the former. An elderly man named Oscar asks for help with pain he has during intimacy - which they learn is from prostate cancer. He opts against treatment.

Oscar worries about being less of a man, which Cooper can relate to, telling him how he pushed away a woman he loved because he felt he was being emasculated. A mistake.

This convinces Oscar to get treatment after all, and Charlotte is grateful. Cooper apologizes for being a jackass, and while fences are not mended fully, it's leaning that direction.

Fife admits to Pete he slept with Naomi and told her about William. Addison has something else on her mind when it comes to opening up to Pete: His “I love you" last week.

The one meant for Violet in his subconscious.

Pete says he will always love Violet, but that doesn't mean he doesn’t love her and he is happy now. So it's all good, right? Right ... until Violet comes to the door! Oh. Dear.

From the look on her face, she came to see Pete ... until she sees Addison, then says with a markedly different tone, “I want to see Lucas.” Where do you think this will lead?

Are you excited Violet is back? Did you like Amelia Shepherd? What did you think of Thursday night's Private Practice in general? Comment away below!


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Charlotte Cooper and Sheldon are my favorite characters on the show right now. At least things are starting to look brighter for Chopper.


@MissKitten i know. alex and addison never seemed forced, they just seemed natural, and truely in love, but scared of it aswell, and thats why she told him to go get ava at christina and burkes wedding. she just wanted him to be happy. her and pete do seemed forced. they never used to. in season 1 i wanted pete&addison together and violet&cooper together, but when violet&pete and cooper&charlotte got together, it felt right. and now that pete&addison are back together, it feels wrong, like her life is moving backwards instead of forwards. anyway - can anybody tell me when the next episode is on!? i can't find anything anywhere to tell me. well, i found one site which said the 22nd of April. is this true!? and why?! i don't like how they keep missing weeks out! is it cos of everything that's been happening to the actors. I.E. Tim Daly's mother passing away, and Amy Brenneman being ill?!


Charlotte and Cooper are carrying the show for me. I also love Sheldon.They are the best part of the show!




@ bekki Alex coming over would really work for me, cause Addie/Alex were one of my big ships on Grey's and since ViP is my big ship on PrP it really works! I wouldn't hate seeing Addie and Sam finally giving it a go, either. But Addie and Pete are just WRONG!!!


To go completely off topic, I want the disembodied voice of the elevator back, she was cool, everytime I watch an episode I wait for her to pipe up and say something, especially since everyone wants to speak to Sheldon on the elevator, you could have her chime in with her opinion, I loved it when Addie thought she was going nuts. Sam and Addie have a great bond of friendship, and bringing more into it will just wreck that friendship. I like Addie and Pete together, I thought they should have been together all along, I love watching the backdoor pilot, when Addie leaves Seattle to visit Noami and Pete gives Addie such a steamy hot kiss, there was attraction between them back then before they became friends. If no one wants Addie with Sam or Pete give Addie McSteamy or someone on par as McSteamy, Addison is hot and she deserves a man just as hot as she is. I would like Naomi and Sam to hook up, Naomi still has feelings for Sam, because she freaked when she thought Addie and Sam had become a couple, and you wouldn't freak like that if your feelings didn't run deeper. Naomi loves Sam and she just won't admit it, she should just leave Fife and William to get on with there lives and get nasty with Sam. They would make lovely hot scenes together, maybe give Maya a baby brother or sister, I can see Sam and Naomi getting remarried they love each other very much, they always look out for each other. And I love how Cooper and Charlotte are finally getting along again. Baby steps.


Sending praises to Violet and Pete!
FINALLY!!!! So happy to have Amy Brenneman back.


@Corazon : AGREED XD alex and addison were my fav relationship pairing on greys. they were sooo perfect. i don't know why the writers screwed it up. she deserved to be happy :@ i don't see why they are wasting time by "giving false hope" to addison. pete and violet belong together. he was waiting - and addison screwed that up. i love addison and all, but not atm, when it comes to this situation.


@ bekki: Oh, I totally want Alex to come to LA, rescue Addison from the mess that is her life and live with her happily ever after. lol They had amazing chemistry and their relationship was so different from all the others on Grey's. It seemed so much more mature. (Until the writer screwed that up...)
But obviously there's only like a 1% chance of them ever being together. ;) I can just repeat myself: I hope they don't waste my time with Addison/Pete for much longer. There's no passion there at all, never has been. They totally pale in comparison to any other Addison pairing.


I think that pete and addison should break up... sam stay with vanessa (or get with amelia - i think they'd be a cute couple) pete and violet get back together - lucas needs his real mum, who is there for him, not just a "mum" who is there because she can't have her own kids. i think alex should be in the next cross-over and get back with addison. i loved them two together. they just seemed right. they're chemistry has been there all along, and she clearly loved him, and strongly as she told him to go get "ava" besides, it was because of him that she went to la, and met pete, and she was upset when she first saw him, so now she has this image of him being her saviour from bad relationships i love charlotte&coop, but i think that charlottes relationship with sheldon is really good, i never used to like him but now i kinda do - but then coop has to get with someone - vanessa?! as she's already part of the show i love naomi and fife - i don't like her with william. it just seems - wrong :| and dell needs someone - i always though him and violet were cute together, if you take away the age difference, and they've always been there for each other, and tell each other pretty much violets rape etc. but maybe they could just become like BEST friends. and have more dell/violet interaction - that'd be amahzing... haha...just thought i'd mention it XD

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