Private Practice Review: "Eyes Wide Open"

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The saga of Kayla the surrogate continued on Private Practice last night, with an interesting, personal new wrinkle thrown in: Dr. Amelia Shepherd. Yes, as in that Shepherd.

The McSister, if you will, is a promising young neurosurgeon who is part of a team asked to help Kayla. Man, Addison just can't get away from these people from her past!

Our episode recap has all the details on Thursday new's Private Practice. Below, TV Fanatic reviews and gives you its official rundown on the events of "Eyes Wide Open" ...

If Kayla's condition wasn't dire enough when we left her in last week's "Pulling the Plug," it's getting more intense now. Fortunately, Amelia Shepherd is a force of nature.

Her boss, the renowned Dr. Ginsberg, says she can’t help the patient, but Amelia offers a new option of hope. Dr. Ginsberg fires Amelia on the spot, but she still fights on.

Definitely a little bit of Derek in this upstart, isn't there? Bring on the obligatory Grey's Anatomy crossover when we see them interact! Okay, tangent over. Moving on ...

Addison and Pete on PP

Pete says he's moved on and is happy with Addison ... but is he?

Addison and Vanessa are against the surgery, but Charlotte signs off on it so it's a go. This sets off major tension between and Amelia and Addison, some of it rooted in their history.

When Addison tries to guilt her out of the surgery, Amelia accuses her of settling in her personal life (cold) and with her patients (colder)! Usually unflappable, Addison is thrown off.

After a blood clot puts all three babies in distress, Addison has to get them out and after some CPR, all is well. Sam then gives Amelia an awesome pep talk to carry her through.

Tough love is what she needed and Sam delivered. Bravo, Dr. Bennett. As a result, little McDreamy proved once and for all that big brother isn't the only brain surgeon on the block.

Proved it to us, anyway. Addison lectures her again, this time about getting lucky after pushing what was by all accounts a risky move. Amelia steadfastly stands her ground, though.

An interesting side development to all of this? Vanessa wondering why Sam didn't get her back in the OR. He's totally in love with Addison still. He said it all by saying nothing!

Follow the jump for our take on the rest of the night's drama ...

Sheldon bails on a sex ed seminar that Charlotte asks Cooper to take his place at. It's either going to go very well or very badly, given the strong personalities and history there.

It turns out to be the former. An elderly man named Oscar asks for help with pain he has during intimacy - which they learn is from prostate cancer. He opts against treatment.

Oscar worries about being less of a man, which Cooper can relate to, telling him how he pushed away a woman he loved because he felt he was being emasculated. A mistake.

This convinces Oscar to get treatment after all, and Charlotte is grateful. Cooper apologizes for being a jackass, and while fences are not mended fully, it's leaning that direction.

Fife admits to Pete he slept with Naomi and told her about William. Addison has something else on her mind when it comes to opening up to Pete: His “I love you" last week.

The one meant for Violet in his subconscious.

Pete says he will always love Violet, but that doesn't mean he doesn’t love her and he is happy now. So it's all good, right? Right ... until Violet comes to the door! Oh. Dear.

From the look on her face, she came to see Pete ... until she sees Addison, then says with a markedly different tone, “I want to see Lucas.” Where do you think this will lead?

Are you excited Violet is back? Did you like Amelia Shepherd? What did you think of Thursday night's Private Practice in general? Comment away below!


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I think that pete and addison should break up... sam stay with vanessa (or get with amelia - i think they'd be a cute couple) pete and violet get back together


How can anyone love Addison and want her with Pete?? She deserves better. Pete loves Violet, making Addison second best. She needs someone that loves only her. Pete loves Violet and always will, he's said it over and over again. He's made that quite clear. Besides, I have to admit, he and Violet make a very good and attractive couple. And they have that cute little baby!


Violet is back!!!!!!!!!! Violet and Pete are the best!!!! I only watch for them too! I wonder how surprised the writer's were when they found out how many Pete and Violet fans there are. I read somewhere that they said Violet/Pete are the MerDer of Private Practice.


I totally agree! Addison is the obstacle for Violet and Pete. An obstacle that I'm betting will jumped fast. Why would they go through this two year on/off relationship between Vi and Pete, plus have them have a baby, plus the history between them that they showed in the season premiere, if they weren't going to end up together? Doesn't make sense. Violet and Pete are just so good together. They both have so much inner turmoil! ha ha. Turmoil that they seem to work through when together. There is just something really strong between them, maybe it's the fact that Amy Brenneman and Tim Daly are so close in real life, that it really comes off in their performances. There is a lot of affection there, you can tell. A LONG time ago, I liked Addison and Pete too, but they lost me when they put Violet with Pete. I was stunned by how much I love Violet and Pete as couple. Incredible pairing! Now I can't wait to see those two try to be a family. But if she's still working through trauma, it could be painful to see too, but either way, she's back in Pete and Lucas's life and I'm so happy to see that! Let's hope Vi and Pete are together again soon! I can't stand the wait any more!


See, I think Addison is a test for Pete and Violet. Maybe once upon a time, Addie and Pete were the deal, but not any more. They really have no chemistry, they aren't good together, and I agree with the others, they seem forced. I used to love Addison and Pete, but when they put him with Violet, there was something there that he never had with Addison. He loves Violet, plus, they have a child. It will be Violet and Pete. I do agree that Pete may struggle with the fact that Violet walked away from everything, but I also think he'll be so happy to have her back that he will try again. She went through hell, more than once, and Pete is so understanding of that. I don't think he'll turn his back on Violet. Pete and Violet are the real deal, sorry, I don't think it's Addison. I think Addison is the bump in the road for Vi and Pete. But they'll get over it, they have a kid and are in love. I do feel bad for Addison, I think she is about to really be hurt. But, yeah, she should have seen it coming. It was a bad idea for her to get involved with Pete, because Pete's never loved anyone like Violet, and probably never will. I'm betting the writer's are now going to thrive on having Pete/Violet bond again, and writing the story for her being back in Pete and Lucas's lives. And writing about the conflicts Violet will probably still have, involving the trauma and trying to be a mom, and loving Pete. Plus, who is Addison going to turn to, to talk?...Sam. Even in the last episode Sam said, "You can talk to me." Betting that's foreshadowing! Besides, forget Naomi! Addie should be with Sam! Also, thank God Amy Brenneman is back! Love her!


This whole Violet mess is meant to really test Addison and Pete. And they probably wont pass with flying colours. Now that Violet is ready to be in Lucas' life (so I assume) Pete will have to choose between the nuclear family that he thought he wanted or this new relationship with piles of baggage that needs to be sorted through. Violet will most likely win this coming round. How else are the writers going to keep Addison tortured and confused? They'll mess with her for a while before Pete finally chooses Violet for "the good of his son". Addison and Sam will experiment being together (come on, they've put so much build-up into that relationship- there's no way the writers are just going to throw it away). Eventually, maybe not right away, they will reunite Addison and Pete. Their relationship has been in the show since the beginning. They trust each other, they are happy together and they have amazing sex. But the being happy is what will make the writers eventually settle Addison down with Pete. They don't have as much drama surrounding their relationship as any other coupling on PP.


I love how it's so easy for us to sit here and judge - to say that Addison is taking the easy way out, that she's not taking a risk, that she's settling. The truth is: she IS taking a risk and she is making a choice to try and be happy for a change. The musy "in love" thing isn't everything, as much as we'd like to believe it. Addison is willing to accept the fact that Pete isn't completely over Violet, the same way she's not completely over Sam. But they are both trying to move forwards with their lives because they both want to be happy. That takes courage. They are taking a risk with each other because at the end of the day - take Sam and Violet completely out of the picture - they could still not work out. These are two people who love and care about each other, who care about each other's happiness, and want to be happy themselves. It makes sense for them (at least, in my mind) for them to take a chance with each other because they do have the possibility of being happy with each other for a long time to come.


They're right - there's no reason for us to be afraid of Violet coming back to "tear" Addison and Pete apart because let's be honest, it's the writers that do it :) lol. That being said, I do see Pete now, questioning whether or not he wants to get together with Violet again - whether or not we take addison into account. He may still love Violet but I think he'll struggle with the way she walked out on everything, and that even if they did get back together, it would be a thorn stuck in their relationship for the long run.


I'm surprised to see that some people find Addison and Pete "forced". They seem so natural with each other - as friends, as people who truly care about each other, as lovers who may not be in that deep romantic love but they still love each other. While Pete and Violet are the ones "in love", they are the ones that seem forced (haha, at least imo). Violet has so many issues on her own. They bonded initially because of Violet's knowledge of Pete's past - which she knew about as his therapist. And the layers of how they started to "heal" each other are full of shards of glass, so much that take out psycho baby stealing lady, they would still have so many issues that could have torn them apart. I don't know. Addison aside, I just don't seem them as people together.


I am totally for Pete and Violet coming back together. I think that is the only thing that makes sense with the characters, just as they are:
Pete has always been a "gigolo", which couldn't develope bonds with any woman (two of them left the Practice, for example, he was married but didn't love his wife, he wanted Addison in the first season just for sexual reasons -which is fine too but it isn't the same thing. As he started something with Violet, he realized he could love again, he had feelings, deep feelings for someone, he wanted to start a family and so on... A man who hasn't lived love many times in life just can't be with a woman (Addie) just because it is easier. He wouldn't be honest with himself. And I really think he deserves, finally, to be happy (Have we seen him really happy in the series? Just a couple of minutes...).
As for Violet... OK, she is a mess. Has always been. I think Violet is the deepest character in the whole series. She has a lot of emotional issues to solve (and these went even worse when she was attacked), she already had this issues in season 2: she wanted to sleep with someone because she felt alone and empty. She slept with Sheldon and then, with Pete, and with Pete as the thing was getting serious, she began to be afraid, because (she said so), she doesn't known how to be happy and she has always thought that survive and having a beating heart was good enough and was already something to thank for. Then, she realized and decided that she had the right to be happy... and wanted to be happy with Pete! And then, she was attacked and all messed up once again. But, she has always been in some way "honest": she gave Pete the baby, not because she didn't want him, but because she didn't want to hurt him, that must have been painful! Nobody has really understood her (I like when she talks to Naomi as Naomi is having issues with Maya and Violet says that Naomi's problem and hers are not the same). Violet told Kate that she "was also someone else", so she recognized she wasn't good and, I think that all the things she has done were selfish, but in a good way, she has been selfish when she had to be selfish, just to be able to recover herself totally. I was SO disappointed when she slept with the Captain, but later on, I understood: she needed to feel that her body could still be loved, that someone could still appreciate being with her. That's why she said to Pete that things happen for one reason... If I go further, I would say that Pete didn't trust her, and that he didn't think that she was doing everything she could in order to move on and recover and reach Pete once again. are there going to be a family? do they love each other? Crisis aren't easy and it is not easy to move on... one year after all that she has lived (taking into account who she was and all the issues she already had) seems not so much time to me. Really life is hard and there are crisis which can take much more than a year to be overcame. So, just as end: I am totally FOR Pete and Violet, because it makes sense, and because she is the best character in the series: not at all perfect, but real. Addie should not choose the best and easiest option each time. She should risk the things she has in order to get the things she wants... I apologize for this too long comment I have posted and also for my English: I am Spanish and I know that my English is a little bit basic. Anyway... this third season is being great! Spanish greetings to all watchers, Pete/Violet supporters or not ;-)

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