Private Practice Review: "Eyes Wide Open"

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The saga of Kayla the surrogate continued on Private Practice last night, with an interesting, personal new wrinkle thrown in: Dr. Amelia Shepherd. Yes, as in that Shepherd.

The McSister, if you will, is a promising young neurosurgeon who is part of a team asked to help Kayla. Man, Addison just can't get away from these people from her past!

Our episode recap has all the details on Thursday new's Private Practice. Below, TV Fanatic reviews and gives you its official rundown on the events of "Eyes Wide Open" ...

If Kayla's condition wasn't dire enough when we left her in last week's "Pulling the Plug," it's getting more intense now. Fortunately, Amelia Shepherd is a force of nature.

Her boss, the renowned Dr. Ginsberg, says she can’t help the patient, but Amelia offers a new option of hope. Dr. Ginsberg fires Amelia on the spot, but she still fights on.

Definitely a little bit of Derek in this upstart, isn't there? Bring on the obligatory Grey's Anatomy crossover when we see them interact! Okay, tangent over. Moving on ...

Addison and Pete on PP

Pete says he's moved on and is happy with Addison ... but is he?

Addison and Vanessa are against the surgery, but Charlotte signs off on it so it's a go. This sets off major tension between and Amelia and Addison, some of it rooted in their history.

When Addison tries to guilt her out of the surgery, Amelia accuses her of settling in her personal life (cold) and with her patients (colder)! Usually unflappable, Addison is thrown off.

After a blood clot puts all three babies in distress, Addison has to get them out and after some CPR, all is well. Sam then gives Amelia an awesome pep talk to carry her through.

Tough love is what she needed and Sam delivered. Bravo, Dr. Bennett. As a result, little McDreamy proved once and for all that big brother isn't the only brain surgeon on the block.

Proved it to us, anyway. Addison lectures her again, this time about getting lucky after pushing what was by all accounts a risky move. Amelia steadfastly stands her ground, though.

An interesting side development to all of this? Vanessa wondering why Sam didn't get her back in the OR. He's totally in love with Addison still. He said it all by saying nothing!

Follow the jump for our take on the rest of the night's drama ...

Sheldon bails on a sex ed seminar that Charlotte asks Cooper to take his place at. It's either going to go very well or very badly, given the strong personalities and history there.

It turns out to be the former. An elderly man named Oscar asks for help with pain he has during intimacy - which they learn is from prostate cancer. He opts against treatment.

Oscar worries about being less of a man, which Cooper can relate to, telling him how he pushed away a woman he loved because he felt he was being emasculated. A mistake.

This convinces Oscar to get treatment after all, and Charlotte is grateful. Cooper apologizes for being a jackass, and while fences are not mended fully, it's leaning that direction.

Fife admits to Pete he slept with Naomi and told her about William. Addison has something else on her mind when it comes to opening up to Pete: His “I love you" last week.

The one meant for Violet in his subconscious.

Pete says he will always love Violet, but that doesn't mean he doesn’t love her and he is happy now. So it's all good, right? Right ... until Violet comes to the door! Oh. Dear.

From the look on her face, she came to see Pete ... until she sees Addison, then says with a markedly different tone, “I want to see Lucas.” Where do you think this will lead?

Are you excited Violet is back? Did you like Amelia Shepherd? What did you think of Thursday night's Private Practice in general? Comment away below!


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I adore Addison, with all my heart. It kills me she just can't be happy. Every single person either of the shows have teamed her with the other guy loves someone else more: Derek, Mark, and now Pete. Clearly Violet came for Pete but changed the direction of her whimsical visit to Lucas. Everyone needs to stop berating Addison and Pete's decisions to be together. They are doing the adult thing and moving on to other options when in real life it wouldn't have worked out. I doubt any of you would actually try and play the "but we're in love card" with your best friend either. I just really want Addison to be happy. I want her with Sam, but at what cost. I want more Addison/Vanessa drama first though, they bounce off of each other so well. The competitiveness of their professional lives has become so personal. Definately enjoyed Amelia, hopefully she'll be around for a little bit. Definately one of the best episodes this season. Very racey!


You know what's really sad? And kind of funny? This whole time, Addison has been competing against Violet...and Violet hasn't even been there. Imagine how it's going to be now that Violet is back. Whoo hoooo! Finally, all of us Violet and Pete fans may finally get that payoff we've been waiting for! Plus, in the rare case that Violet's presence weren't enough, the second she starts dating someone else, Pete will flip. I think Addison is about to be very crushed. Which will be painful to see, but she should have seen it coming. Love Violet and Pete!


Violet and Pete are the only reason I watch Private Practice.


Pete and Violet!!!!! I love the way he looks at Violet. He loves her so much. Violet has Pete's heart, you can tell. Well, not to mention he's said how much he loves Violet. But they're so good together. I love watching them. Glad to see them in scenes together again. Also glad that she wants to be in her son's life again. Oh well for Addison...true story, she should have picked Sam. She could have been happy. Why would she pick someone who is hopelessly in love with another woman? Oh yeah, to fill that void of motherhood. Ridiculous. Pete and Violet better be together before season three ends. I do not want to wait for it in season four!


I was so happy to see Violet come back! She is ready to be a mom, finally! Hopefully she's ready to be with Pete too. That is long over due. Pete and Violet are so good together. Addison is about to be crushed. But I have to say, I don't feel bad for her. She knew it would happen eventually. I mean really? What was she thinking? That she would be Lucas's new mom? Right...she'll never be his mom. Violet is! So yay for Vi coming back! Now I just hope she and Pete will be back together before the season ends.


Addison is screwed. Pete loves Violet, always has. He has told that to Addison dozens of times. Seriously, my God, this Pete/Addison thing is pathetic and kind of annoying. It's totally forced, and I agree, painful to watch. Thankfully Violet is back! she and Pete need to be together. And they will be. Plus, they are Lucas's parents. Major bond. They're a family, soon to reunite. Addison should have picked Sam.


I'm getting tired of the many Violet is gonna (try to) destroy P/A comments. If P/A were meant to be, it wouldn't matter what Vi said or did. I don't think they are meant to be, I think little Shep was right in the fact that P/A are settling for each other. I don't think P/A are doing the adult thing here. Addie is using Lucas as one of the reasons she should stay with Pete, she said as much to Amelia. She decided to play mommy to a child that isn't hers despite believing Pete loves Violet more than her. The adult decision would be to separate the family life from the relationship, find out if the relationship is going anywhere serious before getting involved with the kid beyond the level a friend of the family would. They didn't do that. Addie took an active motherly role for Lucas, you can see that with how she's the one running off to meet the nanny (even though her bringing him with her to the hospital is more disruptive than Pete bringing him to the office where he's subbing for Naomi), she's the one holding the baby monitor when they are together and the first to get up when Lucas is crying, despite being the one who's entertaining guests... Last episode her taking care of Lucas was done the way any good friend would, she saw that Pete was sick and decided to give him a break from his responsibility so that he could get better, this week she's overstepping, bonding with Lucas as a caregiver and the whole time having in mind that Pete mumbled "I love you, Violet" to her. She's attaching herself to Lucas and letting him attach to her, despite feeling insecure about her relationship with his father, that really, really is not doing the adult thing.


One more explanation. She hasn't destroyed the thing betweend P/A yet, but I'm afraid that will happen. I totally agree with whatever, it's an adult thing and I think it's good that they're trying to be happy.


I've watched this episode twice and I realized that I missjudged Pete's behavior - I thought he was happy that Violet came back, but now I know that he was shocked and mad at her because she kind of destroyed the thing between Pete and Addison.


thankkk youu misskitten(:

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