The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Let the Right One In"

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

While our staff is worried about Stefan and his new eating disorder, we've managed to keep ourselves composed enough to answer a few questions about "Let the Right One In."

What did you think of the episode? What do you think about the issues raised below? Leave a comment. Let us know...

More disturbing scene: Stefan getting tortured, Stefan sucking Elena's blood or Damon snapping that lady's neck?
M.L. House: I knew it was coming, but I've still gotta go with the blood sucking. The look on Elena's face was a combination of orgasmic pleasure and outright disgust. She may need to give Sookie Stackhouse a call. Dating a vampire just got a lot more complicated.

LJ Gibbs: Stefan getting tortured. Those scenes were almost too graphic, and made even more haunting by the fact that Frederic may be the creepiest life form ever. He makes Damon and his mass-murderous, neck-snapping tendencies seem downright tame. The sucking of blood, while also grotesque, is not something I'm shocked by on a show called The Vampire Diaries.

The Barnacle: Stefan's torture scene. It was disturbing how turned on my girlfriend got at the sight of his abs.

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What will be the fallout from the discovery of Vicki's body?
M.L. House: Matt's mom is definitely gonna fall off the wagon. Way, way off the wagon - and hopefully right into Damon's bed again. Those two are hot together.

LJ Gibbs: Jeremy resorts to whining a lot, and/or heroin use.

The Barnacle: A major political cover-up. Mayor Lockwood will have to keep the way Vicki died a secret, which should give us a fun look into yet another aspect of Mystic Falls: its elected officials.

Do you miss Bonnie?
M.L. House: Wait, witch character is she again? (Sorry.)

LJ Gibbs: Who?

The Barnacle: Like the deserts miss the rain. We already have vampires and, by the look of next week's preview, a werewolf. We need some more witch action in town!

Alaric and Damon as partners in vampire crime: Like it or love it?
M.L. House: Absolutely love it. I'm always a sucker for enemies that are forced to work together, especially when one of them turned the other's wife into a vampire. Awkward alert!

LJ Gibbs: Love it. What a fun alliance this was to watch. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of these two on the same side. I especially enjoyed Damon's casual rehashing of Alaric's failed attempt to kill him, followed by his non-death. These things happen when you're a vampire or a trying to murder one.

The Barnacle: I don't understand it. Why would Alaric EVER trust Damon? He should be torturing Damon instead, in order to learn more about Isobel's fate.

Do you trust Harper?
M.L. House: Yes. Stefan himself is proof that not all vampires are evil.

LJ Gibbs: I don't know if trust is the right word, since we're talking about a bloodthirsty vampire, and you saw what happened to the most moral of them all last night. But he seems pretty nice.

The Barnacle: No. I predict he's just luring the Salvatores into a false sense of comfort and then, when they least expect it, he'll attack.


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I believe the most disturbing scene was Mayor Lockwood (chauvinist oink award there) hitting on Pearl right in front of Tyler. What's up with this dude's parents anyway? (Remember Mrs. Cougar Lockwood fixed the raffle to win Damon.) Tyler wolfing out with fit nicely into their animal matrix. I hope he has a taste for pork, cause daddy-o gotta go. BTW...the dynamic duo of Alaric and Damon could square off with the axis of evil twins, Stefan and Tyler. Bad boys, bad boys...whatcha gonna do...bad boys. On second


I need 2 c nxt weeks episode!damon gives her a rose likem in the book! oh and damon snapping said persons nec wasnt tht creepy it was..expected and somewht hot


ummmmm yea we need us some more Bonnie love!!hottest female on the show and witch seen to date.
Love Pearl and her daughter they're so gorgeous...
Daman is mine forever
and the show has not once let me down..every episode can be watched over and over and over and over...


HELL yeah I miss Bonnie. She's the best character on the show next to Damon. I mean come on! When in the world will she be back?!


Stefan getting tortured was awesome it showed his body. Wfft.
I think Harper is a good vampire who just wants to be normal but never will just like Stefan. I think Harper will become good friends with Stefan and he'll help Damon, Elena and Alaric help Stefan.
And for those who don't know Bonnie, then you obviously don't watch The Vampire Diaries.
Stefan and Elena forever


Stefan's torture scene. It was disturbing how turned on my girlfriend got at the sight of his abs.
hahaha .. Almost fall off my chair!!! His abs are really a controversy XD and WTF! how can you don't know who Bonnie is??? Have you being watching the show at all??? She is one of the best character in the story, I hope she's back soon and with a interesting story!!!!


Stefan sucking Elena's wrist was a little bit akward. Almost soft porn haha. She seemed to be enjoying it a little bit too much, more than their sex scenes.


I don't know if I trust Harper, but as for the werewolf thing, everyone whose read the books knows that Tyler's a wicked werewolf who sides with the bad vampires. Like Klaus. But if you haven't read the books, you won't know what I'm talking about.


well u dont see the werewolf in the promo but in the books tyler is a werewolf and it showed the full moon and tyler in the promo


werewolf?? where in that promo did you find that??

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