90210 Round Table: "Meet the Parent"

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Welcome to this week's edition of 90210 Round Table!

The show aired another slow-moving episode yesterday, moving various characters and pieces into place for what we hope will be an explosive season finale.

But we're not done with "Meet the Parent" just yet. Below, our staff picks apart a handful of developments from the latest installment...

Teddy loves Silver. Do you care?
M.L. House: NO! These two have negative chemistry together and Teddy uttered the cheesiest, most cliched line ever before saying he had fallen for Silver. His tennis victory wasn't complete because she wasn't there? Gee, where have we heard that before?

Dr. Shepherd: Not even a tiny bit. Have these two even gotten to second base? It feels like they've received about six minutes of screen time and now the show expects us to melt because Teddy said the "L" word.

The Barnacle: Sure. Silver went through a lot at the end of last season. It's nice to see her happy and stable with a man - and I mean a man - who loves her.

90210 RT, Take 2

Does Ryan need an intervention?
M.L. House: No way! His scene with Adrianna and Navid on the pier was the funniest 90210 has been all season. Get this man more drugs, not fewer.

Dr. Shepherd: Not yet. Let the guy wallow in some alcohol for a bit, will ya? Think of how you'd react if someone such as Jen returned to your life.

The Barnacle: Forget an intervention. Here's what Ryan needs: a trip over to the Wilsons to get Deb on the rebound. Wouldn't these two make a great couple?

Should Liam dump Naomi?
M.L. House: Absolutely. She was more self-centered than ever this week. Looks like she's back to her bitchy ways and has no room in her life for anyone except herself.

Dr. Shepherd: Yes. He was just dating her for her money anyway, right? Just don't move on to Annie, please, dude. Take that boat and go for a sail. There must be someone out there for you.

The Barnacle: Yes. Think of how much money he'd save if he dated Annie. He'd never need to buy her a meal.

Are you on Team Deb or Team Harry?
M.L. House: Harry all the way. Yes, he may have been a bit neglectful recently, but there's NEVER any excuse for kissing another man when you're married.

Dr. Shepherd: Team Deb. She's been honest. That's what matters. It was only a kiss and remember: it takes TWO people to break up a marriage. She'd never stray if she felt love from Harry.

The Barnacle: Team Deb. At least she isn't abandoning her family. Good riddance, Rob Estes!

Meeting the Parent

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Teddy is gay ( he really is ) Liam asked Annie to marry him twice...,Silver is with Navid, Dix had to get checked for HIV because he was sleeping with a older woman who ended up having HIV. Adriana sends silver into a bipolar rage by switching out her medicine because they were fighting over Navid, Does not end well for Adriana. To top everything off Naomi is head over heals for a Geek !!! yes it's true, Geek is the new chic.


i really like it


I hate teddy/silver seriously silver was my fav last season and now she's with teddy she's just boring to watch ivy/dixon are really cute and really grow up for me silver/dixon I hope it will be not the last of them bc they were AWESOME And my fav couple on the show


i agree with anonymous too


The 90210 writers better get it together people are really starting to lose interest and the ratings keep on falling. 90210
- 1.429 million viewers
- 1.0/2 HH
- 0.7/2 A18-49
- 0.9/3 A18-34
- 1.2/4 W18-34


I didnt like this episode, They had ivy in dixons room and they had a chance for maybe some humor in that scene, i thought she was going to knock something off a table or something, but nothing. and i just dont like Dixon so Dixon and Ivy togehter are a no, i did like Teddy and Silver tho. they are better suited for each other. and i thought the writers had agreed to stop writing arcs for the parents. love Annie!


Agree with Sarah, I see Naomi as consistent. I wish they would stop messing with Liam and Naomi!


I disagree with anonymous. If there is ONE character that has been written with consistency, its NAOMI. People are constantly complaining how she's nice sometimes and bitchy otherwise...the thing is THAT is how she is. She's nice only to selective people and otherwise is collosal bitch.
And yesterdays episode was a classic example. Yes, she cares about Liam a lot BUT when she has her own problem, she won't give thought to other peoples problems. Also, Debbie and Harry and their marital 'problems' are SO stupid. Obviously the writers are doing this just because Rob Estes is leaving but come on, they're getting a divorce because of a kiss? They needed to show something like an affair between deb and her yoga teacher or something for their divorce to be more believable. oh and i LOVE Dixon and Ivy.
Silver and Teddy? not so much.


Shenae has many expressions: botox boy I mean trevor is the one without any expresion.


teddy loves silver... considering trevor donovan's age i'd say they are like babe and sugar daddy... boring....
but more puke is lannie or aniam or whatever that is.. its a puke fest! shenaie grime cant act so why dont they just kill annie...
always on team harry coz he'z hot!
liam should dump naomi...
also i hate it when ade ties her hair in a high bun ... she doesnt look nice

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