David McCallum Returning For NCIS Season 8

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Reports have indicated that a number of NCIS cast members are not currently signed on to return for Season Eight next fall, but don't count David McCallum among them.

"I'm sure some of the others are negotiating, but he's not affected by it," says Abe Hoch, manager of the legendary and popular actor who plays medical examiner Ducky.

"He falls into the Mark Harmon-Rocky Carroll category. He's signed on for additional seasons. He's excited to be coming back to the show and can't wait to see everybody."

The status of Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray and Pauley Perrette is unclear.

Of negotiations to renew McCallum's deal that brought the original cast member back for 2010-11, Hoch says, "Certainly it went well for us, and he's happy to be back."

McCallum, who first gamed fame as Russian-born secret agent Illya Kuryakin, in the '60s series The Man from U.N.C.L.E., is showing no signs of slowing down at age 76.

Dr. Duck

We're glad Ducky will be back ... chats with corpses and all.

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In the new episodes the voioce of Sean Murray sounds a little different. Is it a little different or am I hearing things? Soundes a little gruff or as if he had a case if lorengitis, getting better, or ?


i love anthony dinozo his so hooooot !


i love anthony dinozo please dinozo come back ur so funny, i also like abby and zeva so stay i only like mc gee because its funny when he gets back actually all the cast should come back because its not gonna be the same with out youse


NCIS is the best. more season please


I love ncis it is the best show on tv at the moment Is there any chance that there will be a ninth series.


Please don"t take NCIS off tv. I would realy like for them to keep on working as a groupe and solve crimes. I think they work good toghter as a teem. I wish that yous deside to keep them on for always. when NCIS is not on tv I just can"t find anything on tv.I realy would like for yous not to take them off the tv show. I realy Like watching NCIS.It doesn"t matter if they are reruns.I will watch them anyway. because it is a great show and I watch it all the time every day when it is on I haven"t missed a Episode since they came on. I love the show very much.


I really miss NCIS a lot. When will be season 8 be aired in Malaysia?


I love NCIS!!! Cant wait till season 8 comes out!!! SO hope Tony and Ziva get together cause they would make a great couple lol :)


NCIS will not be the same without the same cast. I love NCIS its the best TV show ever, i would love for it to be the same with the same cast.


will Jimmy palmer be in the start credits?? i mean he has been there for 6 seasons!!!

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