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I've got a problem with Kurt.

I loved the episode "Theatricality." I was moved by Rachel and Shelby's reunion, I've already purchased their cover of "Poker Face," I laughed out loud at the Lady Gaga costumes, and I thought the Twilight/vampire references were hilarious and brilliant.

But let's talk about my problem with Kurt first.

He's a great character (played by a great actor), yet he was totally in the wrong last night. Yes, Finn crossed the line when he used the word "faggy," and I agreed with every word of Burt Hummel's speech regarding it. Still, take away that word and let's look at the fight that led up to it:

Finn was forced to adjust to a new family and a new living situation. He was sharing a room with someone attracted to him, which would be uncomfortable whether Kurt was gay, a girl or simply much older or younger than him. Finn had every right to be upset. So I wish the show had let Kurt realize the error of his ways for a change.

He's flamboyant and he's proud of being different and that's admirable. But Kurt is not always right. He's proud of being his own person, but he doesn't let others be who they are. His father is as understanding as can be, yet Kurt got mad because he took Finn to a baseball game. This week's episode concluded with Finn in a dress, coming to Kurt's rescue.

But why couldn't Finn be an athlete and a singer? Why couldn't he be someone absolutely accepting of Kurt and his lifestyle, yet want no part of it for himself? Sometimes, I wish the show would be less focused on standing up for the insecure minority and more focused on creating layered characters that break free from their stereotypes.

Simply put, Kurt owes Finn a major apology and I hope it comes next week.


But enough with my complaints (except this one: no Sue Sylvester?!?). I enjoyed this Lady Gaga-inspired hour thoroughly and here's why:

  • The outfits. Simply amazing.
  • Puck's serenation of Quinn and their baby was as moving as anything Glee has done. I was just like Quinn when it was over: speechless (but with fewer tears running down my cheek).
  • Tina to Will, regarding Figgins: "I think he thinks vampires are real." Will's response: "Me too." HA!
  • Also: Tina's mom thinks Kristen Stewart is a bitch.
  • The reunion between Rachel and Shelby was handled perfectly. It would be great if they met and instantly hit it off, but it would also be unrealistic. Instead, we get to see this relationship develop and, if we're treated to any more duets like "Poker Face," it will be an incredible journey.

What did you think of the episode? Enjoy the following Glee quotes from it:

Puck: While Jackie Daniels is a great name for a power boat or something, it's not great for a baby girl. | permalink
Kurt: What is your problem? It's just a moist towelette! | permalink
Finn: We live in Ohio, not New York... or some other city where people eat vegetables that aren't fried. | permalink
Brittany: You look terrible. I look awesome. | permalink
Rachel: When I was little and I was sad, my dads would bring me a glass of water. It got to a point where I didn't know if I was sad or thirsty. | permalink
Kurt: She changes her look faster than Britt changes sexual partners.
Brittany: It's true. | permalink
Tina: I know who I am and I'm not allowed to show it. It's like Communism. | permalink


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Look, the only thing that concerns me about this whole infamous, fag incident is how Carole could of reacted. Carole was probably upset, but I wander if she even grounded Finn for that. I think it wouldn't be fair that you are forced to move in and share a room with a guy who has feelings for you and then get grounded.


I personally felt bad for Kurt in this episode, he was honestly just trying to be Finn's friend. I think at this point he had given up on his crush and just wanted Finn as a brother. But I agree the writers handled this situation badly. They went out of their way to portray Kurt as creepy in the "sparkling cider" scene when they didn't need to. They would have gotten more sympathy for Kurt if they hadn't done that....that's all I'm saying... I still thought Burt's speach was mighty impressive and Finn deserved to hear it. Finn was lashing out at Kurt because of being bullied by the jocks, not just the moving in thing! No matter how miss-guided Kurt was, he still didn't deserve to hear those things from Finn. End of story.


I don't like Artie either. I think it's the actor that I can't seem to get more than the character. He's just not doing anything for me.


I Totally agree about Kurt owing Finn an apology! I couldn't believe their parents would expect Finn to be fine with sharing a room with small is that house anyway, 2 bedrooms??? Not only is Finn right, Kurt does have a crush on him, Finn is a teenager and what teenagers want to share a room?! The parents should've realized that and then the situation over the interior decor would've never happened. They totally made Finn look like a jerk to hammer home the anti-gay point and that's just wrong. Honestly, I'm getting really sick of Kurt and I'm starting to seriously disklike him. What's he whining about all the time, he's got a great understanding Dad and yet he pouts all the time. Enough with the Kurt storyline!! Give it a rest already. I don't like GAGA music but I loved the Kiss songs, they were awesome!!!!!! And Beth is one of my absolute favorite songs and Puck and the guys just did such a wonderful job of it, what a great moment. I've really grown to like the Quinn character. I give this ep an A, just so good. Just could we tone down the Kurt character for a while and let's meet Rachel's 2 Dads, it's weird we meet her missing Mom but we've never seen her Dad's.


This episode was ok. I'm over the themed thing really, but most of the songs were entertaining. I agree with another poster, enough with the homophobe comments! I personally find them offensive since, as has been explained over and over, the problem with the Kurt storyline is--and has never been--about his sexuality. I hope this storyline is done, I'm sick of the repetitive "Kurt is gay and needs constant reassurance from Dad". There are plenty of other characters to focus on! That said, there were some great moments in this episode and I'm looking forward to next week.


Alright, so many commenters have gotten this point across, but I feel the need to do it too, just because. This seems to be taken by some people that those showing compassion towards Finn in the situation are homophobic. No, just no. We aren't taking Finn's side because he's straight and we have an issue with Kurt being great. Kurt and Finn both happen to be two of my favorite characters, just because they have to much development to go through, and they have the potential to be great characters. While he is one of m favorites, Kurt was definitely in the wrong here. He manipulated his and Finn's parents to get together, for the sole purpose of trying to get with Finn. That would've been wrong whether Kurt was a gay male or a straight girl, because in the end, no matter your sexual orientation, manipulation is wrong. Imagine if you were a straight girl, and you found out you would have to share a room with a boy who's made it very clear that he has feelings for you, feelings he knows you don't return. That kind of situation made Finn tense and uncomfortable, as it would make anybody feel. I think Finn and Kurt could have been great friends had Kurt been interested in another boy, because then it wouldn't have created all of that sexual tension going on between them. I know Finn using the word "faggy" was really wrong and unacceptable, but just try putting yourself in Finn's situation. He had to move out of his childhood home, away from all of his memories, and into a house living where someone was attracted to him, and Finn didnt reciprocate those feeling. His mother didn't give any regard to his feelings, and actually participated in a celebration of what was making Finn so miserable. So, Finn took out all of his frustrations on Kurt because he was angry at a lot of things. Burt was right to yell and Finn for using the word "faggy", but he shouldn't have told Finn to get out of his house. I thought it was also completely unfair for him to just ASSUME Finn would know everything Burt learned as an adult, just because Finn had demonstrated some good qualities. He might be a good guy in the end, but Finn is still a confused, frustrated, unsure teenager who is also trying to figure things out. He, unlike Kurt, who once again didn't realize his own mistakes and victimized himself, showed how he felt bad about what he did. So i really wish people would stop calling the ones who think Kurt was in the wrong in this episode homophobic, because that's completely ridiculous. Other than that not-so-minor detail, the episode was amazing. I loved the outfits, Rachel and Shelby's duet of poker face was new and fresh, and their acting was incredible. Also, the twilight-vampire references were probably the best part of the whole episode:D


it`s probably becaue their both boys that their being put in the same room... also i don`t think kurt should tell burt about his part in things, regardless of how burts romance with mrs. hudson began, they do seem to really care about each other, and learning the truth about how they came together and the implications of staying together, would force them apart.


Hey Keith,
Really like what you wrote.
Awesome balanced view.
Cheers :-)


All I can say is that this was the worst episode yet. So many plot holes and unrealistic plot lines. Kids dressing like Lady Gaga for a whole week? Rachel's "Mom" made a whole dress for her in one afternoon? I know this is a campy show but come on, let's not lose all sense of reality. Finn's mom, Kurt and Bert decide to throw a surprise moving in party? What kind of mom who would go along with that? And what house kind of house do they live in? A 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house and 16 year old boys have to share a room. This was an obvious push for the gay agenda. I get it. Kurt is different. He is gay. Just don't rub our noses in it.
The duet with Rachela and her mom. OMG!!! SO AWFUL. Pokerface? Really? It's a techno dance tune taht will be forgotten in 5 years.
Speaking of forgotten in 5 years. Let's give Lady Gaga a little time before we canonized her. Is her music that unique? inspirational? theatrical? I will give her this. She has obviously studied the greats, Gene Simmons and Madonna. Those 2 have created a legacy with and without theatrics. Both ARE genius. Let's see how Lady Gaga stands the test of time.
I don't know whose label Lady Gaga is on but I wonder how much they paid for this episode as it was a 1 hour commercial.


Wow everyone has such conflicting views on the Burt-Kurt-Finn scene! I agree that Kurt was in the wrong just as Finn was, because he did try to get his dad and Finn's mom together simply so he could get closer to Finn. There were multiple times when Kurt was being manipulative, but I think in the end, he realized that it was never going to happen between him and Finn, and he just wanted to began a more platonic relationship. Its like when you have a crush on someone. You try to think of different ways to get together with them, until you realize you will never be in a relationship in that way with them, yet you remain friends, because its better than nothing. When Kurt redecorated the room, he really did try (even though it did not work out) to make the room suit him and Finn. When Finn let out all the frustration he was feeling from his mom and Burt's relationship and the football guys, he took it out on Kurt. Yes, he lost his temper, and yes, using the word "faggy" was very inappropriate and hurtful. As soon as Burt yelled at Finn, Finn knew what he said was wrong, he didn't mean it, and he apologized and defended Kurt later on. The words Finn used were hurtful to Kurt, and he had every right to be upset at the moment. But in the end, Kurt needs to respect Finn being straight just as much as Finn needs to respect Kurt being gay. Kurt cannot really undo what he did with the parents, but he needs to understand his plotting and manipulation was wrong too. As for Burt, he may be trying to be Finn's father figure right now, but Kurt is his son. Yes, Finn never directly called Kurt a "fag," but all he needed to hear was that word. He heard other people say hurtful things about Kurt, and he was just in shock that Finn, a guy he thought he knew well, and was Kurt's friend, would use that slur. He did not want explanations, but he just wanted to defend his son. Yes, Finn was treated like the sole enemy in this episode, but I don't think this story line is done. Kurt has to realize if he can't have Finn in a romantic relationship, he won't have him at all.

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