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Gossip Girl Round Table: "Last Tango, Then Paris"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Gossip Girl Round Table, where our illustrious panel reflects on the events of the shocking third season finale, "Last Tango, Then Paris."

Below, DANdy, Gossip Guy and Mister Meester offer their take on Monday night's top lines, dubious moments, OMG twists, and what's to come next season ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?

DANdy: Cyrus' plea to Dorota while pushing: "Not enough!!!" We needed some light-hearted Cyrus moments in an otherwise dark episode.

Gossip Guy: Definitely Dan genuinely asking if Vanessa was Serena's friend. At this point, nobody can keep up with incestuous relationships within this group.

Mister Meester: Blair laying the smackdown on Serena: "First of all, S., you didn't go to school this year and you haven't had a real job in months, so life is kind of like summer for you." LOL. Thank goodness someone else notices these things!

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2. So, last night ... OMG or WTF?!

DANdy: Georgina's random return and pregnancy? WTF. Chuck bedding Jenny? OMG. Dan pining after Serena again? Eh. Chuck getting shot? OMFG. Jenny being shipped away? Sucka! So, to recap: WTFOMGEhOMFGSucka!

Gossip Guy: A little bit of both with OMFG.

Mister Meester: OMG in a good way ... mostly. The Chuck and Jenny hookup was obviously pure pain to watch, but that was the whole point. Serena and Nate's breakup was painful in a different way, in that it seemed illogical and hastened. But wow. Just wow. Talk about shocking developments - ones I didn't see coming and should open up a whole new season of stories to tell.

3. Hardest to believe: The entire cast witnessing Dorota's delivery, Blair not texting Chuck at 6:59 to say she'd be late, or no one mistaking Serena for an '80s hooker?

DANdy: The lack of a Blair text. I know all logic goes out the window when ogling a newborn, but come on. Blair texts in her sleep, pretty sure she would have dropped Chuck a "OMG, Ds h2o broke. Will b l8."

Gossip Guy: Obviously Blair was trying to be as true to the 1957 classic as possible... before there were cell phones. And Serena could actually be a '80s hooker at this point and I wouldn't be shocked. More just curious what she'd cost for tonight. Kidding. Unless she really is. Then call me. Uh I guess that leaves pretty much the most ridiculous use of a supporting character since V first got promoted to series regular. Yeah, that's right, all V insults are back on.

Mister Meester: Blair could have called or written Chuck, but chalk her lack of communication up to a flair for the dramatic. The hospital rendezvous point for the whole gang, though? I realize they sometimes need to manufacture ways to tie their separate lives together at times, but why would the Humphreys and VDWs be there for the birth of the child of the Waldorfs' hired help?

The End of J's

Gone ... but for how long?

4. Who will return to New York first, Vanessa or Jenny?

DANdy: It's a trick question! Jenny is remaining in New York! Where do you think Hudson is?!? You can't fool me, Round Table!

Gossip Guy: This may just be wishful thinking, but I'm hoping V will never return.  Therefore? J will win by default.

Mister Meester: Because there is no standing death threat in play should she return, you have to assume Vanessa. Anywhere in Florida's Palm Beach, Broward or Miami-Dade counties, on the other hand? Stay away, V. If you ever set foot there, Gossip Guy will know.

5. Is Dan really Georgina's baby daddy?

DANdy: No, Gossip Guy actually knocked her up. Sorry to out you, bro.

Gossip Guy: Well the timing definitely works, but there's no way Georgina can tell the truth about anything. I'm guessing this baby bump is faker than Julia Louis-Dreyfus' on Arrested Development.

Mister Meester: I love the utter lack of credibility that accompanies Georgina Sparks. Anything she does or says you assume is a scheme or lie. That said, it'd almost be more shocking if Dan DID put a baby in that. So yes. His boys can swim ... but how will he wriggle out?

6. Chuck obviously doesn't die (breathe, people), but given his newest obstacle, how will he and Blair cross paths next?

DANdy: In some sort of of heavenly vision Chuck has. I don't see him waking up from a coma any time soon.

Gossip Guy: Well clearly their paths will cross in Europe. With no known surviving parents and having slept with his ex-step mother's step daughter, he'll probably be short on emergency contacts. I'm guessing they'll move on to call Blair pretty quickly.

Mister Meester: Chuck will recover from his non-fatal gunshot wound and learn that Blair is in Paris. He will hunt her down and propose at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Wishful thinking? Absolutely. But don't think it won't cross his mind - or he won't at least show up.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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It was the worth final I ever saw. Too much drama, Too big drama. So not real. Just one thing, the producers HAVE to read the books. Just te be inspired. Books are so much better. For me, the only good season of GG was the first.


I never imagined B would text him, cause that would've totally ruined the mood. What I find a little strange is that she only arrived there like 10 minutes after Chuck left, but when she went to see him right afterwards he had had the time to do Lil' J. I mean, it would be totally believeable if Chuck just f*cked her, but they also had a few drinks beforehand... there is no way it took them less than 45 minutes alltogether, and B would've made it there much earlier!


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night? I really liked it when Nate wasn't all good when S told him about her trying to figure things out,It's not it's me right,Well it is you Serena! Loved that. 2. So, last night ... OMG or WTF?! D being the father of g's baby : WTF. Chuck actually sleeping with jenny : OMG,S broking-up with nate-saw that comming from the last ep. and Chuck getting shot-OMFFFFFG ,3. Hardest to believe: The entire cast witnessing Dorota's delivery, Blair not texting Chuck at 6:59
to say she'd be late, or no one mistaking Serena for an '80s hooker? in every show there are moments where because of someone they put the entire cast together so not so strange ,B not texting chuck was pretty weird for me,causse...i mean she was in a hurry,but c'mon she knew she was really late,she could text for a second,And the Serena thing well she awlays looks like a hooker :d 4. Who will return to New York first, Vanessa or Jenny? Vanessa,She will return being a badass,:D i'm interested in how will the Serena thing turns out because V is D's BFF in season 1 it was akward,and they weren't dating and now.. Cuz i'm sure Dan will tell V that she wants to be with S and besides they said jenny will return in November. Is Dan really Georgina's baby daddy? I don't think so,but maybe he is,this will stir things up a bit


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?
Blair's insight about "signs" was the best. I also loved her comparison between an old lover and old clothes. 2. So, last night ... OMG or WTF?!
Dan pinning after Serena = WTF?!
Chenny hook up = OMG/WTF?!
Georgina's pregnant return = WTF?!
Jenny being shipped away = About time!!
Chuck getting shot = OMFFG!!!!!!!!
Nate stepping up to Serena and having a 3some = OMFFG!!!!! 3. Hardest to believe: The entire cast witnessing Dorota's delivery, Blair not texting Chuck at 6:59 to say she'd be late, or no one mistaking Serena for an '80s hooker? Meh... none, really. What's the problem with all the cast being at Dorota's delivery? In a way or another they all had some kind of interaction with her.
The Waldorfs = Needless to say.
The Humphreys = Well, Dan was accidentally involved and loves babies. Rufus probably was there for Vanya and maybe had nothing better to do and Jenny went there looking for her family.
The VDW = Serena is Blair's best friend, kinda grew up with her and lived at the Waldorfs for a while, so of course she would be there. The baby is Vanya's as well so of course Lily would be there. Same thing for Eric.
Archibald = Probably went there to be with Serena. Blair not texting is also not that hard to belive because she was the whole time thinking about not going. And she probably get caught up in the moment and the idea didn't occur to her. And Serena, well, that's the UES, doesn't a lot of girls dress like her? The hardest for me to belive was the actual birth scene. We could barely see the doctor, there was no nurses around, too much people in the room and her legs were covered. 4. Who will return to New York first, Vanessa or Jenny?
For my disgust, it will probably be Vanessa. Jenny is said to be back in the middle of the season. Also, I think Vanessa's job is supposed to be a 3 months long thing? That's about how long the summer is. Maybe she will be back to NY but without much appearances since her only linkage to the group is now broken. 5. Is Dan really Georgina's baby daddy?
Not at all. If Georgie's really pregnant is with some russian mob fellow. 6. Chuck obviously doesn't die (breathe, people), but given his newest obstacle, how will he and Blair cross paths next?
I think Chuck will lose his memory and end up in Paris somehow where Serena and Blair will see him.


I hate how they are making Chuck look like the worst person ever, UGH. Yes, CJ sex is horrible and gross, but he didnt force Jenny or anything, it was her choice. Why she is a victim and Chuck a villan? Why are they doing this to Chuck. GG isnt fun anymore. Im tired of the writers always throwing Chuck's character under a bus.


omg omg omg. poor chuck! poor blair! serena and nate breaking up i so saw that coming. i think he needs to act like chuck was in season 1 and 2...that bad boy! jenny screw her so glad she's gone. when she cried on there i laughed. it is sad about the whole virginity thing, but that was her own fault. chuck is a man he's not going to turn down sex especially when he just got his heart broken. chuck isn't going to die! that would ruin GG. and i agree nate needs a better story line. so does serena i didn't like her much this season. her and dan need to be back together. blair and chuck need to get married. nate needs to be a player. vanessa well i dont really care about her.and jenny can never come back. but overall i loved the finale. left everyone hanging! can't wait for the next season!




OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! here's an interview from mondag with leighton meester. What does she say at the end? permanent end???!!!!
and she sort of looks upset or disliking when she says it... sorry to disapointe you but I don't think chuck's gonna survive.


I hate Jenny. She's acting all innocent. But I don't hate Taylor Momsen, just her GG character ;)


Does anyone else feel a little annoyed (more then a little) at what Dan said about the whole Jenny fiasco (Chuk and her) all beginning and ending with Chuck, and punching Chuck. Come on it takes two to tango, Chuck was drunk and depressed, and Jenny is a major slurry!!! Actually VERY MUCH annoyed. I hated how they made it seem like Chuck was this horrible almost-rapist who took advantage of a innocent little girl. Jenny was never forced to do anything. She knew where she was getting herself into. She knew exactly. Chuck was a perfect gentleman to her. He even asked if she was sure about it which to me means that he was basically doing it for her.
Of course I wish that had never happened. But Chuck is Chuck like he was drunk and heartbroken. It would be very hard for him to refuse having sex with a virgin (a lot of guys are turned on by this) who was basically asking for it.