Private Practice Review: "In the Name of Love"

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People do crazy things "In the Name of Love," but to what extremes will the Private Practice doctors take it? Last night's penultimate episode certainly gave us plenty to think about.

Maya's back - and very pregnant. Her midwife, Dell, has gotten into UCLA Medical School, though he isn't sure he can afford it. Will he be leaving us in the season finale next week?

That may be the case in one way or another, but more on that later. At the onset, he's not telling anyone other than Maya about UCLA, because it's up in the air, like so much else.

This week's obligatory, borderline implausible (or at least extremely unlikely) Private Practice pregnancy storyline involves a pregnant girl who gets admitted along with her dad.

Who Sam and Addison learn isn't actually her dad.

Doctor Montgomery

It turns out he kidnapped her 15 years ago and she loves him because that's all she's ever known. How do you even react to these scenarios if you're Addison and Sam?

After a (flirty!) surgery, the tandem tells the girl that everything's fine with her and her baby, and they're reuniting her with the biological parents she doesn't remember.

Then the call comes from Dell, and a sneaking suspicion all is not well.

Maya has decided to have the baby at the hospital and wants Addison to deliver, so they go to meet Dell. At the ER, an ambulance arrives with a driver from a car crash.

Sam's services are required to operate ASAP, so Addison's left to meet the chopper with the "people from the other car." The light bulb went off right then and there.

Dell walks out, arm in a sling. Maya's much worse off, on a stretcher.

This is shaping up to be another pregnancy/birth-related cliffhanger, although unlike Violet's dramatic story line last season, we doubt it will involve the baby being stolen.

Will Maya make it, though - and will the baby? We know that somebody dies in the season finale, but it's said to be a primary cast member. This is all very intriguing.

Elsewhere, Cooper wants to be friends Violet again.

Because, you know, they used to be friends, and have a history together. But also so he can tell her he slept with Charlotte and get some advice on that front. Oh, Coop.

Meanwhile, Sheldon, who realized his own love for Charlotte, mans up and asks her out. She accepts. Finally, Cooper gets through to Violet, who gives him some advice:

Go after Charlotte NOW if he wants her. He does.

While she's on a date with Sheldon. Here we have a love triangle involving Sheldon, also a familiar theme from last season. How do you think this one will end for the guy?

Finally, William, struggling with his ALS, is back in L.A., and Naomi wants Fife to conduct an experimental medical trial on him, which Fife is predictably not keen on doing.

Pete accuses Fife of not doing it because he loves Naomi, which is probably a fair assumption, although in the end, Fife agrees to do it ... because he loves Naomi. What?

Yup, he'll do anything to make her happy, even help save the life of a man in essence competing with him for her affections. You gotta give Fife major props on this one.

What did you think of last night's episode?

Next week is the season finale, and there's plenty to think about. How do you think the complicated events of the third season will play out? Comment below!


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People it wasn't george...that person on the stretcher was NOT anyone important! What makes you guys think that, it doesn't look like anyone, and they have enough to focus on with Dell and Maya and her baby....It was not anyone significant..Sam would of noticed if it was, and Sam says "this is the person that hit my daughter"....Im with Kristen, Dell's going to die, and the person on the stretcher was just someone who hit them...


It was George the Kidnapper!!! He was too chubby to be Sheldon, Cooper, or even the husband of cranky lady!


Also no where in the preview does anyone say anything about that guy being the one who kidnapped that girl...Sam says "this is the guy that hit my daughter"...thats all. if I'm mistaken please point out where it says that..


No Shonda said it would be an "original cast member" and he was included in the list of people...its going to be dell...hes been it in since the pilot. Plus i'm Pretty sure i've seen on a few websites thats its been confirmed that he is NOT coming back next season.


I think it might be Dell... but I'm really hoping it's Naomi. I hate that character so much, and she's really started to lose relevance with her craziness.


hello people!!! Shonda said that it was a regular person that was going to die. Dell has barely been in this season, so it can't be him since he isn't really a regular. I dont really care who it is as long as its not pete. Anyone else can die except pete, i dont care. BTW where can u see the new preview for the end of a beautiful friendship? I want to see it! Haven't seen it yet.


From the preview I think that the Sam-controversy part of the spoiler is that he learns while working on the guy from the first ambulance that Maya's life is in danger and that it was his patient who hit her (maybe he's drunk?), and will be ethically challenged to go back to the surgery. I think that the comments about Dell are probably right on. The writers went with the easy/tabloid story on the pregnant girl with kidnapper dad (c'mon, copping off Jaycee Dugard? crass), so I think they'll keep with the theme of shock-me-shock-me. *eye roll*


The guy on the stretcher was the guy who kidnapped the girl! Sam even says it in a Preview! Come on people


I wrote at the beginning of this thread tht I am willing to bet all my money that Dell is the one that dies. Yes Maya is the one o the stretcher but someone earlier asked who the person was in the ambulance, I don't believe that it was anyone significant...Surely Sam would of noticed if it was someone he knew. More then likely Dell is going to be suffering from Internal Bleeding, like in season 2 of Grey's the lady who died on Alex's watch. He won't even realize he's hurt because he won't be in any pain, and everyone will be focused on Maya. Its pretty predictable, especially since Dell has barely been in this season.
And then was magically back for Vi's trial, and to deliver Maya's baby..I'll be surprised if it goes another way... But then again it's Shonda, soo anything goes! But that is what my money has been leaning on since the minute I saw Dell walk out of the helicopter


The guy on the stretcher is taller and has a bald top head. So not Sheldon. Lol. And where did Charlotte come into the mix?! O.o I believe it's Dell.

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