The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Isobel"

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Is Isobel a villain or, in her own way, a hero?

Does Damon really love Elena?

Who will die on next week's season finale?

We tackle all this "Isobel" related questions and more in this week's edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table. We encourage readers to sound off on the topics below...

On a scale of 1-10, how evil is Isobel?
M.L. House: 7.5. I believe that she has Elena's best interests in mind, but she's uninformed. How can an absentee mother know what's best for her daughter? Just stay out of it, Isobel. You lost the right to have a say in Elena's life as soon as you gave her up for adoption.

LJ Gibbs: 9. I can only speak as a human being - and in order to remain a vampire, Isobel has been feeding on my kind. We even saw this week what she did to those two poor slaves (teaching them French, the horror!). Isobel may have regard for her daughter, but she has no regard for human life.

The Barnacle: 5. We've only seen things from the perspective of Elena and the Salvatores. But for an outsider, especially one with ties to Elena (such as, you know, squeezing her through her birth canal), I can't fault Isobel too much for doing what she thinks is right.

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Is Damon actually in love with Elena?
M.L. House: Of course. Did he ever deny it?

LJ Gibbs: Yes. Damon knows it, Stefan knows it, but it seems like Elena realized it for the first time last night. Based on their recent interactions, she may have to think long and hard about whether or not she reciprocates these feelings.

The Barnacle: No. It's still all about Katherine for him. That's all he sees when he looks at Elena. Heck, I'd "love" my own aunt if she resembled Megan Fox.

How much does Bonnie suck?
M.L. House: Not as much as you might think. As I said in my first answer, she is only looking out for the best interests of Elena and the other residents of Mystic Falls. Just think about it: Can you really say the town woudldn't be safer without vampires around?

LJ Gibbs: A LOT. No one is saying she had to reverse the spell. Just explain your reasons why you won't do it and leave it at that. Don't lie to your BFF and set up a scenario where you might help kill her boyfriend. Not cool, B.

The Barnacle: She doesn't suck at all. In fact, that's her motive for wanting to do away with vampires: so no one in Mystic Falls can suck anymore.

Who will die on the season finale?
M.L. House: John. But Elena won't learn he's her father until after his death, causing her to get angry at Stefan and run into the arms of Damon.

LJ Gibbs: Bonnie. She'll come to regret the lie detailed above and sacrifice herself in order to save Stefan's life.

The Barnacle: Matt. It has to be someone close to Elena, for full emotional shock, and no way can it be Stefan or Damon. Matt is nice, but definitely expendable.

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i looooooooooooooooooooooove stefan sooooooooooooooooo much and i always will!!! stefan and elena forever. dont let damon get inbetween
them! they are sooooooooo hot together and they make a fabulous and beautiful couple!!!!!!!!


Firstly, Isobel is completely selfish and heartless and epic. She is a true vampire. I give her a 10. she will probably thank me too. And secondly, Damon is just as emotionally a wreck as his brother, so he can be many things. I think it shifts between love for Elena and probably only nostalgia for demented Katherine. Lastly, Jeremy will most probably die because he is a useless expendable character. I hope Bonnie dies a cruel and gruesome death soon, but she won't this season.
My bet is that Isobel kills Bonnie in the mere feature for
betraying Elena although Isobel got what she wanted.
Loyalty is more important than an invention.


1. I think Isobel is like a 6. At first, I thought she was really, really mean but then she shows compassion and love for her daughter at the end. She's just trying to do what's best for her only child-even though she displays her love in weird ways. 2. Yes and no. I think Damon loves her but is not IN love with her. He deeply cares for her but he knows that he will be hurting her and, like Stefan said, "repeating history". He knows that he can't do anything to fully come out and say "I love you" to Elena because (as the clip showed), Elena says that they are just friends. 3. I think Bonnie sucks A LOT. She's turning against her BEST FRIEND even though she really doesn't like her best friend's BOYFRIEND. GOSH. Don't mix them up! She's taking all the pain from her gram's death on these Salvatore brothers and especially Elena. 4. I really think Jer will die in the finale but reemerge as a vampire who really, really hates Elena and will attempt to kill her (but Damon and Stefan will be there to save her!)


1. I agree with The Barnacle! 2. I agree with The Barnacle again! 3. Bonnie doesn't suck! She's pretty awesome, and she has every right to act the way she's acting. 4. I agree with M.L. House! It wouldn't come as a surprise if that happened, though I really don't want Damon and Elena together! Sidenote: I really liked Pearl! Really sad that she died.


On a scale of 1-10, how evil is Isobel?
I think she is a bitch , so evil and selfish !!
Is Damon actually in love with Elena?
i think he is .
but he deny it b/c he thinks Elena loves Stefan so much and he doesn't have
a chance ! cause Elena sees him only as her friend .
but i still have hopes that Elena & Damon will end up together, they are just
perfect for each other and Stefan is too boring ! How much does Bonnie suck?
a lot !!!!
she could say to Elena that she don't want to help her but instead she choose to lie to her . now the Salvatore brothers could die :(
and that sucks !!! Who will die on the season finale?
I hope I'm wrong but unfortunately i think Jeremy is going to die and thats why Anna was screaming in the "Founders day " vid . or maybe he will die and become a vampire . I cant wit until Thursday !!!


Did anyone else love how True Blood this episode seemed to be? Isobel just seems like she walked off the set of TB and straight onto VD. She HAS to come back next season and casue some trouble between Jenna and Alaric.
I'm thinking that maybe Jeremy should die, I like Caroline, Matt and Bonnie, you need someone to oppose the vamps! I hope Jenna and Alaric don't die! John will probably die too, but that is expected. I wouldn't mind if Jeremy became a vampire and we spent the next season exploring this further. I want the werewolve thing to happen already and also for Caroline to find out about Vampires and start dating one of the Salvatore brothers, wouldn't she and Stefan be hilarious together?


is damon in love with elena?
ok. i have to admit delena is growing on me and i think that stefan relises this. after the way isobel was talking about how katherine had both brothers and the way they were interacting while POOR STEFAN WAS IN THE ROOM!! thats kinda cold elena.. im not sure who i like better with elena.. think that its stefan cos damon loves elena for katherine...


I love that Damon refered to Katherine as a "little bitch" and I think he really is in love with Elena. :)


1. At least an 8. I hate Isobel with a passion. Glad that she's gone & was so happy when Damon chokeslamemd that biatch. 2. I think it's definatly going in that direction. He cares about her in spite of himself. She's the opposite of Katherine personality wise but he still really cares about her. He may have loved Katherine, or at least the idea of her; but I believe that he may end up caring about Elena more then he did Katherine-& that's saying a lot. People see Damon as this monster, but he is capable of caring & he deeply cares for Elena, even though he hasn't had anything romantic/sexual happen with her. 3. Very much much that I hope she gets killed off next week. But, sadly, since she's the only witch, she'll probably be around a long time. 4. My bets are on Caroline, Matt, or someone else. I'm not even gonig to think Alaric, because I love him & his scenes with Damon (which are pure gold) too much to even think of his character being axed off.


1.- 7. Totally selfish, why she is in the way between Stefan-Elena?
2.- I think he's still in love with Katherine but Elena really understand him & she's his only friend so, yes it's a possibility.
3.- I was betrayed by one of my BFF, & IT REALLY SUCKS so HELL YEAH Bonnie sucks.
4.- Elena & she will be turned or Jer & he will be turned, or John maybe. I don't think that the Salvatore's die.

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