Futurama Season Seven Premiere Review

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Wow that Hypnotoad must have worked, because last night's Futurama premiere made it feel like the show never left us.  The show literally had us laughing out loud the entire time and we can't remember a show that's done that, since well, Futurama was it originally aired.

Fry's Afro

The four straight-to-DVD Futurama movies were certainly entertaining, but definitely dragged on and were nowhere near the quality of the show on the air. "Rebirth" proved Futurama was back where belonged: in half-hour format on Earth's Comedy Central shipping channel.

While the show's plot and story-telling device was a little weak, the non-stop laughs more than compensated.  Plus no other show can pull off the inexplicability that is Futurama, then basically admit it to the audience.

I'm glad the Professor was able to bring everyone back from his Adult-harvested stem cells and that Fox was able to reach a deal with the cast, because it's so good to have the Planet Express crew back every week.

Our favorite Futurama quotes from the impressive return after the jump.

Fry: Professor, my Fry-fro's all frizzy.
Farnsworth: Okay?
Fry: That's all. Oh, also, I'm covered in severe burns.
Farnsworth: So, what of it?
Fry: Well...why is...those things?
Farnsworth: You mean you don't remember?
Fry: Nope, nothing. It's like when I passed out in college except nobody drew magic marker penises on my forehead | permalink
Zapp Brannigan: Fire all weapons and open a hailing frequency for my victory yodel. | permalink
Professor:Then we plunged into a massive worm hole, never to be seen again...
Bender: Yeah we're back!
Hermes: Sweet coincidence of Port Au Prince, we're back at Earth!
Proffesor: Of course, that was the panama worm hole, earth's central channel for shipping.
Dr. Zoidberg: How humourous.
Professor: It's sort of a Comedy Central shipping channel and now we're on it.
Amy: I get it! | permalink
Professor: Dr. Zoidberg, can you note the time and declare the patient officially dead?
Dr. Zoidberg: Can I? That's my speciality! | permalink
Fry: I'm a robot too?
Dr. Zoidberg: Ah ha! That explains this growth on your drive shaft. | permalink


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