Liz Vassey: Not Returning to CSI

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A regular on CSI since 2005, Liz Vassey will not be returning to the CBS hit.

According to a show insider, the series has chosen not to renew this actress' contract for another year, meaning viewers have seen the last of Wendy.

“The show is going in a different creative direction in its 11th season,” this source told Entertainment Weekly.

Liz Vassey on CSI

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I am assuming you are letting Liz go due to salary, but I won't be surprised if you see your ratings take a bit of a dive. Audiences really were getting into the Wendy/Hodges romance and will be disappointed to not see it get played out. You finally sign her as a regular after 5 seasons and only give her one season as a regular cast member? You have a lot of disappointed viewers and I for one would love to see her come back even if it's just as "the recurring role" member. Come on CBS, get it together! I miss JJ on Criminal Minds too, and then you start a new one, Suspect Behavior, and let go unbelievable talent like Liz Vassey and bring in Janine Garafalo? Bad move...make it right, CBS!


I am so disappointed that Liz Vassey is leaving. I loved Wendy/Hodges relationship. It was just heating up. I dont understand why they would build up a relationship like that and then just let it not happen, she just kissed him last season. Makes no sense. I just hope they let Wendy/Hodges have a nice goodbye.


I love how CBS is getting rid of a lot of female actors. Not even random characters, but really important and loved characters!


What the HECK?!?! Wedges (Wendy+Hodges) JUST took off and LIZ LEAVES?!?! C'Mon, Liz!!! Plllleeeeeeeeeeeeease don't??? How do you explain your leave on the show?! You were...recruited by another lab?! Argh...


WTF CBS?! I love how they are basically getting rid of everyone good. REALLY? Wendy is amazing. I'm super pissed about this :/
Wendy and Hodges were finally getting somewhere. The show is going in a different creative direction in its 11th season That's a super lame excuse for getting rid of her! How the hell is her not being on the show going in a creative direction? BULL.


I am very disappointed in CBS in not allowing Wendy a chance to grow into a field team member OR to allow her and Hodges to finally find true romance. Sad, very sad for those of us who have loved Wendy/Hodges episodes..

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