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Donna: I just love that your family crest has an Evergreen and Reindeer on it.
Morgan and Greg: [at the same time] it's perfect for Christmas.
Donna: Did anyone ever tell you two, that you're really cute together?

Donna: You don't see Gynecology as a pure science do you Mr. Russell?
DB: Now, I wouldn't say that. It is after all systematic pursuit of knowledge. Seeking an understanding of who we are and where we can from. That sounds like science to me. Well, maybe not pure.

Doug: Is that paint transfer?
Hodges: Indeed.
Doug: Don't you have a machine that you need to go put that in?
Hodges: Say no more, three's a crowd.

I'm confused about a lot of things right now. But you and me, our relationship that is the only thing in my life that makes sense.


Our tourist is our killer.


DB: Like John Malkovich in "In the Line of Fire"
Hodges: I love you. I mean respect.

David: Jocelyn was pregnant. Not with a baby, but definitely with a bundles of joy.
Greg: He was smuggling drugs.
Dr. Robbins: And like him, not all the products survived.

Ecklie: The Mayan's were right; the world's coming to an end next month.
Brass: We should all be so lucky.

Looks like someone else got punk'ed tonight. But this is no joke.

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