Michael Weatherly Signs Deal to Return to NCIS

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After a protracted and somewhat contentious negotiation period, Michael Weatherly has finally signed a new, multi-year deal to return to NCIS for its eighth season.

Entertainment Weekly confirms that Weatherly, who plays wise-cracking Tony DiNozzo, will be back for Season 8 and beyond, keeping the cast almost wholly intact.

Sean Murray is the only cast member without a new contract. Pauley Perrette, Rocky Carroll, and David McCallum all reached new deals to return in recent months.

Mark Harmon and Cote de Pablo already had deals in place for Season 8. Harmon, Weatherly, Perrette and McCallum have appeared on all 162 episodes of the show.

Once Murray signs a new contract, which he is expected to, the complete NCIS cast will be signed for multiple seasons, great news for fans of TV's best-rated drama.

NCIS! Federal Agent!

A free agent no more, Michael Weatherly will star on NCIS for the foreseeable future.

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ncis is the best program for entertainment, the cast brings out the best in each other. please more head slapping


with out the whole cast it would not be a ncis for me if you take out 1 member the show would never be the same


It would have ruined NCIS for me without Tony.


I'm glad you are all back together. I still watch all the old ones.
Why all the hold up on renewing the contract, is it the money, hours working, What. I'm just curious.


Tony is back! Now we just need McGee. The show just wouldn't be the same w/o dinozzo. hopefully in season 8 there will be lots of tiva!


Now McGee must really sign too!


So happy Michael Weatherly returning! he my favorite on the show pluse I am big tiva fan so I am glad he statying. The show not the same without him and the hole cast !


I also agree! I can't even imagine the show without Tony! There would be no more hilarious DiNozzo/Mcgee banter, and no more Tiva tension! Speaking of that, hopefully in season 8, there will be more Tiva


Its all about the chemistry, one missing ingredient and the formula wont work.

Steve marsi

It's great that the whole cast is back (assuming Sean signs, which I think he will), you don't often see a group like this still hitting its stride after so many seasons!

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