Pauley Perrette Signs New Contract, Returning to NCIS

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Any fears that the NCIS gang may be disbanding after seven seasons together are slowly being assuaged. Late last week, Pauley Perrette signed a new contract to stay with the show.

The NCIS cast has been embroiled in an ongoing re-negotiation saga, as many stars' deals were set to expire after the just-completed Season 7. Now, only two remain unsigned.

With the news that Pauley Perrette signed a new, multi-year contract to keep her on NCIS for the foreseeable future, Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray are the only holdouts.

Miss Scuito

What Abby wants, Abby gets ... in this case, a new contract!

Perrette, Rocky Carroll, and David McCallum reached new contracts to return in recent months, whereas Mark Harmon and Cote de Pablo already had deals in place for next season.

As for Weatherly and Murray, they remain at the bargaining table, though they've indicated no real desire to leave, and EW cites a source saying that "both are close re-signing."

Cross your fingers that they do ...

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Well; It's no secret that I want Pauley as the love of my life;message from((NEXT))band,artist,singer,writer,guitar'ist,William Jay Hawkins,A.K.A.Billy Cash.....LOL to you Pauley;your It's hard to keep up with you,your so....busy and stuff.


She is the best on the show and I can't wait to see her so more.


I'm so relieved that Pauley signed on for more seasons of NCIS! I was getting worried there for awhile. Now we just Need Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray for it to be all sweet again! Please guys sign up WE NEED YOU!! Tuesday nights wont be the same without you guys on our screen!


Glad that some of the cast have resigned.
But I can't imagine NCIS without Sean Murray and Michael Weatherly.
I'll show my age by saying David McCallum was my first schoolgirl crush when he was in The Man From Uncle


so glad pauley has re was she who first caught my interest, together with David Mcc
allum, who has been a favourite of mine since the days he played in the Man From UNcle,
there showing my age.keep together!!


I watch the show because of the the crew I wonder how it will be without them. Guys, we will like for you to sign the contract please I want to see all of you again on the show...


Pauley Perrette was just in Australia and what a really nice lady. She was so gracious, kind and open to everyone. So glad she has signed a new contract. Way to go CBS and Pauley


CBS should for a change spend money where its needed. The money is needed to keep this NCIS team together. Listen to the fans of the show and check the ratings not only in USA but world wide. Cant imagine not having any of the team not in the show. But both Sean and Michael should also remember to not belive in your own press to much and forget where you came from. Love this show, Love this cast and Love the story writters.


I love this team including Vance. CBS, you gave too much money to that rehab Sheen.


Your right, i love the gang the way it is. Whoever picked up this TEAM, knew what they were doing. Go Team NCIS

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