Sean Murray Returning to NCIS; Cast Fully Intact

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After a protracted negotiation period in which the status of several key actors was unclear, the final holdout has re-signed, keeping the NCIS cast wholly intact for years to come.

According to TV Guide, Sean Murray has signed a new contract for the upcoming eighth season of the hit CBS procedural, which ranked as TV's top scripted drama in 2009-2010.

Many of the actors all hit free agency recently and Murray, who plays Special Agent Timothy McGee, was the last remaining series regular without a new contract for Season 8.

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McGee and all his cohorts will be back this fall.

David McCallum, Rocky Carroll, Pauley Perrette and Michael Weatherly all agreed to terms this spring, while Mark Harmon and Cote de Pablo already had long-term deals in place.

As big fans of the show, we're happy that the cast and its terrific chemistry will not be altered. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, all of which are pretty awesome.

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Hate when tv shows change up characters, with that being said I really hope they don't change up any of the characters for a really long time. Who I would like to see more of, is the coast guard CIS agent and kate's sister.


I see a few people asked this question also. Whats going on with McGee, he is getting very thin in the face!!! Pray to God that he is alright!!


Shaun Murray is he sick, I notice his weight lost ?


I live in the UK and I love NCIS especially Tim Mcgee. I can't wait for season 9 to start over here. I just wish Tim would get a girlfriend and he would put DiNozzo in his place once in a while. I'm glad the whole team is coming back.


I have seen virtually all the NCIS shows and reruns. In Roanoke, VA it is on TV almost all day and evening on Sat. Please don't lose any more weight. You look terrific!!


Is Sean Murray (McGee) ok? He is so thin!


can someone please tell me why sean murray has lost so much weight????


can't wait for the new ncis, thank god for autumn when we get some decent programmes instead of the endless round of soaps and reality shows


i'll be dead without ALL of them back! so don't let me die! they are A-1 in my list...esp MARK harmon and abby, and ducky and mcgee and tony and ziva and the director and gibbs and gibbs and gibbs...awww.....


I had heard that NCIS was not returning to the airways. Is it staying on the air or is it soon to go away? I agree with other comments that it is one of the few shows worth watching.

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McGee: Gorney, need a towel or a fan over there?
Ned: You try navigating this gauntlet, Timmy boy. Feels like I just spent hours running through catacombs to kill a dragon-priest only to step outside and have another dragon riding right on my tail.
McGee: It's an obscure Skyrim reference boss that actually makes perfect sense.
Gibbs: Thank you elf-lord. What did you find, dragon-priest?

Bishop: His gun's gone, Tony.
Tony: Great. We're snowed in here with an airport filled with cranky passengers, a dead fake Air Marshall and his killer on the loose somewhere on the loose with a knife and a gun. Anybody else feel like they're playing Clue?