Holly "Definitely Coming Back" to The Office Next Season

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Michael Scott may be exiting The Office after next season, but he's gonna have an enjoyable time while he's still there.

Producer (and star) Mindy Kaling has confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Amy Ryan will play a prominent role on seasons even, reprising her beloved character of Holly Flax, Michael's one true love.

“We set her return up in the finale, so it would be the biggest [cop-out] of all time if we didn’t [follow through] on it,” said Kaling. “She’s definitely coming back.”

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Kaling also thinks Dwight should eventually replace Michael as branch manager. Do you agree?

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Gareth (Dwight's BBC analog) took over in England; Dwight definitely has the only character currently on screen that could take over and carry the show. I am not convinced that they couldn't write in a new character, but there is definitely no one who could just replace Michael Scott. Assuming, of course, Will Ferrel is not game to do a whole season.


I would like to see Will Arnet or David Allen Greer replace Michael.


can't wait for amy ryan to return as holly. michael and holly had a great connection, she was awesome. it'll be a great way for steve to exit the show at the end of this season. as for dwight replacing him as regional manager. i'd take that too. no one else, meaning a replacement actor, could pull off taking unnecessary meetings in the conference room. they shouldn't bring in an extra actor to replace carell.


I think kelsey grammar would be a good replacement for michael.

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