Pretty Little Liars Immediate Reaction: Sound Off Now!

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Is Toby dead?

Titled "The Homecoming Hangover," this week's installment of Pretty Little Liars dealt with the ramification from last week's scandal-filled dance. It featured fighting, kissing and a possible death.

As always, we'll published a detailed review of the episode first thing tomorrow morning - but in the meantime, fans can discuss it in our Pretty Little Liars forum and browse through new quotes from the hour now.

They can also sound off below: What did you think of the episode?

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@DellGG : In wrens last episode (the one where he got drunk and broke in) after he kissed her and told her to stay, and she said she'd made enough mistakes. so he said "good night" and she replied "goodbye". the mistake was letting herself let that happen in the first place. and she didn't want to hurt her sister anymore but I definatly want Wren back. I really hate Alex. actor and character. he seems like a whiney brat, who wants to be spoilt and get everything he wants. I know spencer is sometimes like that, but at least she has some more depth! he's just - urgh!!! ooooh - I'm glad aria and ezra were having a break, but I think at the end, they should have had her walking away from his apartment, and him coming around the corner (as though he'd been hiding) and rushing through the door. we needed some fitzy!!! :) and doesn't hanna see how much of an idiot sean is? seriously? just go for lucas girl!!! and the whole sending flowers to aria thing was just plain weird. and him turning up to the photoshoot without proper pants on wasn't very nice. what did happen really to emily? she was going to talk to the others before telling the truth to the police. which means theres something we don't know. but what? and I really like toby, yehh, the writers have presented him completely wrong, but he's so much better than maya. they should just get rid of her...she has no real effect on the show, so why have her? and I really love holly marie combs, so I hope they have more interaction between her and the dad. I've missed her on charmed (and the others, obvs) so, I don't want it to be over just yet. and jenna being nice to emily all of a sudden is also weird.


IMO, Aria and Ezra seemed healthy, but boring. I didn't mind them, but never cared deeply for them, I'm starting to like Alex, still missing Wren, but hey Spencer has good taste!I really liked Toby, Maya isn't annoying EXCEPT when she'S all over Emily. I see no chemistry, sorry M/E shippers. Hanna and Lucas are cute, Sean is beginning to be a "bad guy" which could be interesting. I loved seeing Jenna all messed up over Toby. Maybe he wasn't molesting her, or there's way more ot this that we need to know!


I thought the lack of Fitz and Aria was a drag to this episode. Their relationship is the only one with chemistry. Hanna and Sean - No. Emily and Maya - hell no. Spencer and Alex - maybe a little but not like with Wren. And whatever happened to Hanna's mom? And the detective? And why on Earth would you throw something incriminating in a river when someone stalking you can just fish it out downstream? Hello!!!! They should have just burned the file and watched it burn all the way out. If Tobyy is dead then his whole existence on this show was lame unless his death is to serve as another vehicle for guilt for the PLL. Which is still lame. Also, bring back Meredith!


somone tell me he's not dead


plz who has read all da books. i luved the whole toby rhing


whatever happened with spencer and her sister's bf? they kissed and he just kind of went away... i'd like to see that wrapped up somehow. unless i missed their explanations...


I doubt Toby is dead. It might sound completely stupid, especially to those who have read the books (I've only read the first two) but... what if Ezra is the one that's dead? We know someone has to be, and the fact that no one had any idea where he was made me think....
Lol that's probably so completely wrong :)


Oh, yeah I really doubt Toby is dead. The writers are just trying to trick us.


I honestly loved the lack of Aria/Mr.Fitz scenes tonight. The writers were smart to give us a break from them, because it was getting a little repetitive and dull.




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