Pretty Little Liars Review: "Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone"

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Frustratingly, last week’s Pretty Little Liars cliffhanger about Toby’s fate is left unanswered, and this week’s "Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone" played fast and loose with the reveals.

While it seemed like Jenna was going to reveal something monumental or damaging to the girls at the memorial, it is actually Jason, Ali’s brother, who give us the most head-scratching information.

Regardless, this seemed more like a set-up for future surprises, so there needed to be a little more exposition than action to put the characters into their proper places.

Aria’s separation from both her mother and Ezra has given her the opportunity to act like a teenager again. Not saddled by the responsibility of keeping her father’s secret or having a boyfriend she can only see covertly, Aria tries to move on with Noel, a former crush.

Unwanted Memorial Guest

The night may not have been a huge success, but she does seem open to Noel’s slow courtship.

Emily’s decision to move her relationship with Maya into the open seems like a healthy choice, but she hits the gas a little too quickly. Making out in the darkened theater is far from the discreet Emily who panicked over the lost party photos.

This complete change in her attitude is refreshing, but somewhat reckless. I wonder what her father will think about his openly gay daughter when he returns from Afghanistan, or even her mother for that matter.

Hanna is growing into a much more responsible and thoughtful person. Her flashback revealed how much she wanted to stand up for people like Lucas when Ali was the Queen Bee, just like last week’s argument with Mona over Alex. Selling her handbags to help with the finances is definitely a sign that Hanna won’t be shoplifting sunglasses any more. Her friendship with Lucas definitely makes her more likable, and one can only hope that she will see him as more than a friendly computer geek.

Spencer’s character has been interestingly suspicious from the start of the show. She was the one who discovered that Ali was missing and went looking for her alone, and she has been the most adamant about keeping their secrets. When Jenna tells her that Ali was afraid of her, you almost believe that it might be true.

However, with Jason’s revelation that Ali was trying to pin the “Jenna Thing” on Spencer, it’s clear that Allison was the master manipulator.  Why was Ali trying to push her brother’s attention onto Spencer? It seems like there was more animosity between the two during Ali’s last days than previously suspected.

Most importantly, Jenna’s speech is actually fairly nice. She admired Ali’s strength and speaks warmly about her. What were the girls so worried about? Oh right, they accidentally blinded her.

Even though Toby is still missing, his character was mentioned as part of some major developments in the Allison’s murder case.  The detective claimed, under pressure from Jason, Toby, or someone using Toby’s cell phone, made a call to Ali on the night she disappeared and she answered. Where is Toby to explain this?? The police searched Toby’s locker, but we’ll have to wait and see if anything of interest was found.

Instead of answering the Toby question, another mysterious character blows into town. Melissa’s Ian shows up at the memorial. What role will he play in the upcoming episodes?

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Some people really make me laugh.
u think ur such a good critics to be able to say who s a good actor and who isn t? i read it more and more often, like, Annie in 90210 is a bad actress...why did she get the part then? u think ur so much better to pick up actors than people who s job it is? really get over yourselves!


just because we dont like maya and emily and maya doesnt mean were homophobes, they dont fit.. all that side mya and emily are....blah. for us "homophobes" the show producers should at least eased this type of relationship on us. i have no prob with lesbos its just maya and emily dont fit. i would rather them be friends then develope feelings for each toehr, then like by the end of the season kiss and go out next season. But since we are "homophobes", u probaly dont want to read this. This isnt 90210 I TOO AGREE WITH THIS


just because we dont like maya and emily and maya doesnt mean were homophobes, they dont fit.. all that side mya and emily are....blah. for us "homophobes" the show producers should at least eased thistype of relationship on us. i have no prob with lesbos its just maya and memily dont fit. i would rather them be friends then develope feelings for each toehr, then like by the end of the season kiss and go out next season. But since we are homophobes, u probaly dont want to read this.


all the acting is pretty sub par....if i had to chose my favorite character by far is Hannah. and i really need to add all yall sound like a bunch of homophobes....just seems like you like toby b/c he's a boy and maya is a girl. i really don't care about emily or who she's with.


dont like maya. horrible actor. emily is the worst though. please take acting lessons. hannah is OK acting - her character is the best - seeing some true growth. spencer is awesome...she could deliver some great drama. lets see it. please get rid of the gay thing and bring toby back. not a good actor, but he and emliy make a great couple. no i want aria's parents to get back together and girl stop sulking or one of your friends is gonna slap you. i will.


well did any one mention the flash backs
eally if anyone payed attenoin
lucas's but is preet big and abnormal
plus Maya is a little too froced
nothing is really is going on with spencer
reaaly c'mon give her a dirty secert or somthing


Emily is my least favorite person on the show. If she weren't in an episode, I don't think I'd miss her. I don't find Maya charming at all. She's too forced. Everything about her whole storyline is too forced. And I don't think her acting should win any rewards.
Aria is my favorite. And I do hope that Ezra will return. While I do like them together I still want him to be a regular even if they aren't together. Maybe possibly they could break up but still be attracted to eachother and then when she graduates they could date openly.
Hannah is alright. Sometimes she can be a little comic relief. I'm also ok with Spencer.


I MISS Wren. I want him back more than anything!


Hanna: God i love this girl!! She outdo's herself every episode and continues to amze me. I have new-found respect for this girl as i watched her sell her personal belongings to help her mom with bills(selling that cute purse is a sacrifice indeed). And i am patiently waiting for the day when she dumps that loser/douche-bag sean and go to sweet,caring, geeky(its one in all of us dont judge) Lucas. I swear to bob when they first kiss and Let me love you by Mario isnt played, i will write a strongly worded letter to the show's producers. Aria: Ok she's starting to bore with all of this oh-my-teacher/boyfriend-is0-gone-and-ai-am-so depressed stuff. Honestly hon move on or shut the eff up with all of that shiznit. i cant wait for ezra to makes his long awaited appearance. And i pray to god they dont do that whole Dan/Serena circle relationship thing. Oh and i feel sorry about her parents, not an easy thing to go through. Emily: Every morning i get up and pray to god that maya wont be in another episode. I mean shes nice and all but...really. Does she have to be here. You know what? I think the Producers owe us a 3-some on the prom night episode(you all know its going to ROCK!!) for putting up with this BS. Spencer: Hehehe, man i love this chick(but i miss wren wahhh wahhh. She cracks me up everytime i try to find a reason to hate her, i come up empty handed. she is so delightful to watch and a great actress. Her standing up to alison would have been great to see, i mean really great to see,and it would be nice to see a girlfight(dang i miss high school). Would love for her to get rid of alex but ill tolerate him for the rest of the season, hes no maya after-all. Alison: Deserves a a** whoppin like for real. I mean seriously, she was a horrible friend and doesnt deserve a memorial or hell even a funeral. If they had put me on the pesdistool to talk about her, i wouldve not made it an happy evening, at all. I wouldve talked about her like a dog, in a calm-soothing voice. Ezra: I misss Youuuuuu. I miss Your smilleee(for the miley cyrus fans). Come back to me shawtyyyyy, cause your taking my heart awayyyy( For the Tyerese fans out there). You make me wanna looose the one im with and start a new relationship with youuuu, that whatyou dooooo ooh yeah( For the usher fans out there). You know that i could USE somebody. yeah( for the kings of leon fans out there). But Daaaarling, YOuuuu Are the only ex-ceptiooon( for the paramore fans out there.That pretty much says how i feel. Jenna: She has nice eyes would love for her to become a Georgina(gossip girl) or something. Or maybe do like alison and use everyones secrets against them. Ahh the bpower of mob mentality. Detective Douche-bag: see you guys later, i have nothing to say about him... at all. Im just gonna stop writing. i mean i not gonna let you guys hear what i have to say about him. my keyboard is locked. like really. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS HANNA'S MOM AND ARIA'S DAD ARE GOING TO GET TOGETHER, I SEEE IT IN THE FUTURE( HA!!! TAKE THAT SYVIA BROWN, JK JK). TOODLES PEEPS, CATCH YOU ON DA REBOUND HOMIES. OSTILA VISTA BABY(I TRIED OK, I TRIED). DUECES. WORST EP YET, I WOULD WRITE WHY, BUT 106 AND PARK, NAHH JUST KIDDING , ICARLY IS ON. NAW JUST YANKING YOUR CHAIN, FRIENDS IS ON.


The reason Troians (spencers) name is first is because her last name is Bellisario followed by ashley ( Hanna) Benson it goes in alphabetical order

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