Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Reality Bites Me"

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Welcome to the first-ever Pretty Little Liars Round Table!

For those unfamiliar with this TV Fanatic tradition, our staff gathers every week after an episode of a particular show has aired. We analyze various aspects and developments from it and ask readers to chime in with their take.

Got it? Good! Let's go over "Reality Bites Me" in depth...

Choose a man for Spencer: Alex or Wren?
M.L. House: Wren. I really hope we haven't seen the last of this Brit because that storyline was just getting interesting and the show seemed to drop it this week. Spencer needs to become more of a bad girl soon. The paper and more snogging with Wren would be a good start.

LJ Gibbs: Alex. At least these two are going on a date and we'll get to see actual chemistry build up between them. She and Wren came out of nowhere.

The Barnacle: Whichever. I'm just glad it's a man. After that debacle with Maya, the show has proven it can't do lesbian relationships well.

PLL RT old - depreciated -

Is this really it for Aria and Ezra?
M.L. House: Yes. I wouldn't be surprised if A starts to stalk Ezra in some way, though, bringing him into the fold. But there's only so far the show can go with these two romantically and that seems to have run its course.

LJ Gibbs: No way. The danger of the attraction between this pair seems to be a major pull for both sides. Ezra may seem freaked out now about getting caught, but I bet this actually makes him want Aria more in the near future.

The Barnacle: I hope so. For a teacher/student relationship, this has been too normal and boring. I wanna see Ezra be all mean and scary again!

More lame development: How Hanna stumbled across Jenna's therapist, or the name Emily gave Toby's mix CD?
M.L. House: HA! It certainly is true that creativity is not Emily's strong suit. Toby's Mix CD? Really?!?

LJ Gibbs: I didn't even understand the Hanna discovery at first. I had to go back and rewind it. Are we sure that's Jenna's therapist? Was the doctor himself blind? Or just weird? It was all very poorly executed.

The Barnacle: What about the acting of Spencer's dad? Why is that not an option?

Okay, so who is A?
M.L. House: Ezra. We'll learn he had some sort of connection to Alison.

LJ Gibbs: Toby.

The Barnacle: A character we haven't met yet.

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Choose a man for Spencer: Alex or Wren?
Tyluv3: Definately Wren. I mean Alex is nice and all but as soon as everyone was starting to fall in love Wrencer, this new guy comes along and just breaks them up Ugh, even if he is Is this really it for Aria and Ezra?
Tyluv3 says: Aw H**l to the no! NOt by a long shot. They have pretty much began, if anything. Seriously the writers have so much to do with these two that can make them end up together in the end. Personally one of my favorite couples, plus the show will lose half of his fanbase if they get with. More lame development: How Hanna stumbled across Jenna's therapist, or the name Emily gave Toby's mix CD?
Tyluv3 Says: Definately Hanna's little... whatever it was..discovery. I swear the writers are really trying so hard on this Jenna's-the-killer concept. Its only not working, everyone knows the killer or A probaly wont be her. As for Emily, she's too original for us to not really care.(Though i did shed a tear when they showed next weeks preview,i really did like tobily) Okay, so who is A?
Tyluv3 Says: Probaly Mona, she had reason to be. These girls made fun of her, ignored her and to add insult to injury they her suppposedly best friend-Hanna.Get out the gloves,nancy! I dont think its toby, nor do i think he is the killer.


ah yes finaly a round table, oh and noone plz spoil the show for us, its really not fair

Matt richenthal

@bess... and others that have read the books: PLEASE do not spoil the show based on the stories from the books. It's not fair to viewers that want to watch with a fresh slate.


if youve read the books you know how complicated it is.
Its 2 people working together.


I think it's Mona...


i think A could be "HANNA" because most of the time she backs out to do something and could be a part of it in someway..but we could be wrong and it might be "TOBY" then...have to see


ah, good!
i've been waiting for a round-table session since ep 1

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