Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "The Homecoming Hangover"

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No way Toby is dead... right?

No way Hanna could be making worse decisions these days... right?

We tackle these questions and more in the latest edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table, all of which pertain to "The Homecoming Hangover."

Is Toby dead?
M.L. House: No... but someone has to die soon. For all the stalking and eerie messages A has left, nothing of significance has actually befallen any characters yet. The show needs to raise the stakes in order to raise the drama.

Mrs. Northman: Never read the books, but from the looks of Emily's fall last week, it's doubtful. I still find him uber creepy in a weird, hot way.

The Barnacle: I'll say yes. The show can't conclude two straight episode with cliffhangers based on character deaths and pay off neither, can it?

PLL RT old - depreciated -

Which relationship are you more excited over: Spencer and Alex, or Emily and Maya?
M.L. House: I'm more excited about a root canal next week than anything involving Emily and Maya. But while Diego Boneta is a horrible actor, that salsa scene was sort of hot. I'll go with Slex.

Mrs. Northman: Neither. But I suppose Spencer and Alex - only because there could be a possible love triangle with the whole Wren situation.

The Barnacle: I'm a male. Emily and Maya are two females. Do you really need to ask this question?

Is this the end for Aria's parents?
M.L. House: No. Her father has so many more words of wisdom to pass along.

Mrs. Northman: I don't think so! These two pretty much bring the drama from the adult aspect and I really do believe Aria's mom will forgive her father - eventually. After a couple more episodes of back and forth fight, of course.

The Barnacle: No. Every primetime soap opera needs at least one stable, two-parent household. Byron and Ella are like Jim and Cindy Walsh on the original 90210. Give them time. They'll work it out.

More bone-headed decision by Hanna: Tossing away the file, or staying with Sean?
M.L. House: Sean, clearly. Who doesn't find that turkey video hilarious?!? Lucas is sweet, caring and can actually relate well to the insecure girl inside of Hanna. She should totally hit that!

Mrs. Northman: That's a tough call. Something about Hanna just screams idiot for me. I suppose tossing away the file is worse because tossing the file in the river is not getting rid of it. Hello ladies - ever hear of burning evidence that works against you???

The Barnacle: While viewers may not believe Toby is the killer, the girls had good reasons to buy that story... and then they threw the evidence away. That takes the dumb cake over any relationship saga.

Sean and His Crush

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@ M.L House , what Wren situation?
As much as i hope that Wren will come back.
Everyone on the show is pretending he never existed. GRTZ!


Hanna did plan on throwing it in the river if she walked that far with the file. She could've done it without going to that specific place. I certainly don't consider Aria the stupid one in that group.
I can't stand Emily with Maya. Personally I'm sad to see Ezra leave. I think they were the best couple on the show. I doubt Toby is dead.


A is obviously Lucas, so Hanna isn't stupid.


@M.L. House I would choose the neither option if it was offered, because I don't think she is being bone-headed for staying with Sean. Actually I believe she's just now figuring out that Sean and her aren't compatible. When she was looking at the photo of her and Sean she says, "I thought I'd be happier." Then when she is with Sean she plays a video for him, and he says it's dumb... in my opinion she started to realize they don't really work.


yeah but she still has some feelings for him, they're no good together but she'll understand it.


you guys should make a caption contest for this site too like gossip girl and vampire diaries!

Matt richenthal

@Jenny: So I assume you'd take the Sean answer in that question? :)


Hanna did not toss the file she planned on burning it. Aria was the real dumb one who just decided to toss it in the river. Hanna couldn't take it back to her job, because security was now paying very close attention to the file cabinet now that the file was stolen. She wanted it out of her life, because she didn't want to get any in more trouble. That's understandable to me.


@M.L. House, well I guess it was Hanna's plan to toss the file, but I hardly think it makes her "stupid". I know what you meant, but IMO she just couldn't live with the burden of it, which is comprehensible. It wasn't a smart move, but in those circumstances, nor was Spencer's idea to turn it to the police (thinking as PLL is a TV show of course).Anyway, didn't mean to sound rude :)

Matt richenthal

@hum: Literally? That's true. But it was all Hanna's idea. Aria just took the final step. She never would have even thought of it if not for Aria.

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