Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peeks: Who is Crushing on Aria?

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This week's episode of Pretty Little Liars left us with plenty of questions, many of which we tackle in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table.

How many of these inquiries will be resolved on Tuesday's new installment, "The Homecoming Hangover?" We'll have to tune in and find out - but the following clips do provide a few tidbits. To wit:

  • Emily is alive - and sexually confused.
  • Someone other than Ezra crushes on Aria.
  • Alex gives Spencer another chance, under certain conditions.

Get an early look at scenes from the episode now and discuss them with fellow fans in our PLL forum.

[video url="" title="Emily and Hanna"] [/video]

[video url="" title="The Homecoming Hangover Clip"] [/video]

[video url="" title="A Date Do-Over"] [/video]

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I don't like Sean either. They do end up hooking up in the books, but don't worry, Ezra definately isn't gone yet (: I never liked Sean, not even in the books.


No please, I don't like Sean by no means! Maybe in the books he's different but nor the actor who plays him i like ç__ç Aria must stay with Ezra forever! They're better, the best couple of PLL!


Who ever cast Sean - FAIL! Not a single thing about this guy so far has brought me to care about him. Is he supposed to good looking? Popular? Fun? Funny? I don't get it. So far he is an average looking goober with no personality. I can't see a girl like Hanna being into a guy like that at all. Maybe he's different in the books. IDK. Thoughts?


i am also agreeing love aria and ezra together.


I agree with all the people who said Aria needs to stay with Ezra.. No ways!! Hanna won't be her friend if she knew that Sean is flirting with Aria (if he is).. I hope the flowers are just for thanking her for being with him at the homecoming ball while Hanna was gone. But just as a friend


lots a tension will go


LOL @ Aria's face when she reads the card.
I want Wren back too! Bugger of Alex!


Sean ??!!!! No way, A is behind this...Aria belongs to Ezra and vice versas


Ugh it would just be weird if Sean and Aria hooked up. He's just so.... not her type. And I want Ezra!


Sean is stupid like hell. He is all about being Mr. right and all but he is in a relationship with a girl (Hannah) he doesn't even seem to care. I'm not talking about him not wanting to have sex, but rather his behaviour with Hannah in general. How can he send flowers to Aria when she is Hannah's friend? I hope it's because he is being polite and nothing else. But there was no need for the flowers.


Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Aria: I spent a whole day running on a hamster wheel for you.
Hanna: Well I faced her, for all of us!

He's been going through girls in this school like they're Kleenex.

Aria (on Noel)