The Mentalist: Casting for Jane's Brother-in-Law

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The Mentalist premieres its third season on September 23.

Soon afterwards, viewers will be a new character, one with a close connection to Patrick Jane.

According to a CBS casting notice, the drama is seeking an actor to play Jan's brother-in-law. This individual is a con man and blames our favorite fake psychic for his sister's death - but he'll need to make things right when he stands accused of murder.

No word yet on when this episode will air. Got any suggestions for who should take on the role?

Jane, in Thought

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This could be interesting. Throwing a new charactor in the mix should open quite a few possibilities since I really enjoyed his foray into his past with Sophie Miller. What this person would bring is more angst for Patrick since apparently he is on trial for murder and carries animosity towards Patrick who is possibly his only way out of this dilemna. I can only encourage Mr Heller to get a firm grip on the next few episodes if he wants to go the full 5 years as planned. Lets not do another "Smith"

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