The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "Which Way Did She Go"

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This episode marked Bristol Palin’s big acting debut. And it consisted of one minute of horrible banter. 

Let’s get this whole New York subplot out of the way.  Amy calls her parents at 4 a.m. nervous because she has no idea how to get anywhere.  Her mom tells her “New Yorkers are really friendly and they’re used to people being lost.”  This was my favorite quote from this episode because I’m from New York and the people here are NOT friendly.

Instead of attending her orientation Amy goes around Manhattan with a map which makes her look like an idiot, but whatever.  There was a nice little photo slideshow to MGMT Kids, which is a great song, I’ll give the show that.  The next day, Bristol (who used her real name) comes to find Amy and drops the bomb that this gifted music program is really for teen mom musicians. 

The wind has been sucked out of Amy’s sails.

Bristol on Secret Life

Back in Cali, these geeks are spreading rumors that Amy’s pregnant again and that’s why she left school.  I really have no comment because it’s like there’s nothing else to gossip about at their school except for who might and might not be pregnant.  At least Amy’s friends are attempting to be useful. 

And of course that weird kid with the lisp shows up and randomly starts spouting out statistics about teen pregnancy.  That was real sly, ABC Family.

Onto the newest pregnancy, Adrian has decided she wants to get an abortion.  Not surprised, but knowing creator Brenda Hampton and having read spoilers, I’m sure she won’t go through with it.  We get it, this show is pro-life.  And honestly that’s fine but then don’t call it The Secret Life of the American Teenager when you’re only writing script from ONE viewpoint.

Teenagers in the US have many different viewpoints and different lives.  This show is completely misrepresenting the youth of today and teenagers need something more realistic to watch.

Back to the show, Grace you’re beyond annoying.  Jack and Tom would’ve been tripping face if they really ate pot brownies.  At no point would Jack have been clearheaded enough to say “Oh no Tom!!! I think these are marijuana brownies!!”  OMG!! As for Tom, is Tammy really pregnant?  They totally glossed over that storyline.  

Onto my favorite topic: Ricky and Ashley.  They kissed, FINALLY! This is the most action they’ve ever showed us on this show.  These two know they are playing with fire.  Ricky initially resisted her, but he quickly caved and it was ON. I don’t hate this couple, I mean yes it’s creepy because it’s his kid’s aunt, but somehow I still find their chemistry to be interesting.

So what have we learned from this episode?  Well, Ben is a really nice guy and has been supportive.  The Juergens parents have become nymphomaniacs.  Bristol Palin sucks.  Lastly, everyone loves to gossip. 

But remember, just because you’re gossiping doesn’t mean you need to involve yourself in other people’s business. Cough, cough, Grace, cough.


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hahah ''self-loathing'', i was going to comment on this highly unrealistic show but i gotta say you pretty much summarized all I had in mind. I don't know why i'm still watching this crap... maybe because summer holidays give me a lot of free time that i think necessary to waste..anyway for some reason i also can't seem to be able to stop and please don't blame the poor little swiss girl that i am if some sentences up there don't really make sense..ain't my fault if english isn't my first language ;)


Ben is a nice guy? Are you KIDDING me? Ben is a self-absorbed jerkface, as are most of the characters on the show. He was all ready to marry Amy and play house with a kid that wasn't his, but he just couldn't WAIT for Adrian to abort the baby that actually IS his. I guess the kid only matters if you care about the mom. Certainly explains the child abuse statistics in this nation, eh? I'm so disappointed in the path the writers have given Adrian. She went from being the only teen girl who was smart and proactively taking responsibility for her body and her behavior to becoming a stupid promiscuous sex-as-a-weapon slut to another victim of Brenda's least-likely-to-happen-in-the-real-world-pregnancy scenarios. This show eats my brain.


fyi: if you are 18 years of age and under & have an abortion your chances of developing the deadliest form of breast cancer increases.


all girls that get knocked up should NOT have babies - abortion should also be represented on what Should be called - THE NOT SO SECRET LIFE OF A TEENAGER


I can't stop watching this show. No matter how hard I try, I can't! Okay, so I say Amy + Ricky= amazing couple! Ashley + Ricky = ew. I know this is going to sound mean but Ashley's lips are HUGE! I hope Adrian doesn't go through with the abortion.


ok in the beginnning i liked this show but now not so much. i mean its missing something yea know. and yes grace is getting on my nerves alot! hopefully this show will get more intersting or im not going to watch it anymore!


Its so sad that Ashley is Amy's sister because Ricky and Ashley wld make suchhh a cute couple and possibly make for an actual interesting storyline on the show!!!


No offense but ricky and ashley= no. The fact that he has a kid with Amy makes them kind of wrong in my mind. But every one has dif opinions


Tammy is not pregnant. Obviously you missed the last episode when Tom showed up at Adrian's house and asked her to marry him. He thinks Adrian is his girlfriend and the one he plans to marry, not Tammy.


I think the Tammy thing was just a joke.

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