True Blood Review: "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues"

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Let me start by saying that as the guest reviewer filling in for M.L. House, I have some very big shoes to fill. I am a huge fan of both the show and Charlaine Harris, so I hope that I do him and (more importantly) our fans proud.

Tonight’s episode, "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues," took some very interesting twist and turns.

The most dramatic of these being another showing of how the production team is not pulling any punches on the gore this season. From Bill and Lorena’s “unique” style of love making to last night’s offering of Tara and Franklin, I am never sure what to expect visually.

There are not many TV series out there that really cause me to cringe, but so far this season I have done it twice. Bravo HBO!

Lafayette Pic

Baby vamp Jessica is growing up. Tonight was another brilliant example of why I love Jessica. Going from the biker that she killed in the first episode to the lady she nibbled on tonight and sent on her way we can see that Jessica is getting her powers under control nicely.

On the other hand, when Arlene cut her finger and her fangs popped out it reminded me of those awkward days during puberty when I would have a different type of “popping up.”

So she still has a little way to go.

Tara and Franklin will need counseling. Between the totally over the top scene of Tara biting into Franklin’s neck to the incredibly intense scene of her smashing his head in with a mace. If Franklin survives, they may need some couple’s counseling before they decided to tie the knot.

Lafayette does have a heart and it can be broke. I really feel for Lafayette. While we all know that he became a drug dealer (and V dealer) to help pay for his mother care, you can’t help but feel for him when Jesus found out and dropped him so coldly.

I thought Lafayette and Jesus were cute together, but I thought they might be too different to really work out. But, I don’t think we have seen the last of Jesus. He doesn’t seem like a guy that gives up that easily.

Eric has the best poker face ever. I will never play poker with Eric. The fact he has convinced Sookie, Bill, Russell, and Sophie Ann that he is loyal to Russell is a credit to his ability to lie. He now knows that. Russell was behind the death of his father, and as his warning to Sookie tonight clearly showed that there is a raging beast waiting to be unleashed when the time is right. I would not want to be Russell when that time comes.

Jason might make a decent cop yet. While the reason behind his behavior was motivated by jealousy, did anyone else catch that he was able to quote the law about lude behavior in public to the two kids? Honestly, I am rooting for him to get it together. I think he would be an interesting addition to the Sheriff’s Department. Granted he would most likely abuse his authority and sleep with half the county. But it would still be fun.

Sookie seems to forget she is mortal. Is it just me or has Sookie apparently totally forgotten she is a mice among lions? From her attitude to Russell to her threats to Lorena and even telling Eric off, she seems to be deluded into thinking they wouldn’t kill her if push came to shove. Personally, I would be just a touch more respectful to the lion if I was a mouse caught in the lion’s den. But, that’s just me.

Lorena is truly broken. If nothing else tonight we got to see Lorena’s psyche bare and naked a bit tonight. As predicted by Russell, she took her time and I think had as much of her own blood from crying as she did from Bill on her at the end. Bill’s astute and accurate comment on why she does what she does clearly cut her to the bone. I really have trouble trying to feel sorry for Lorena, but on the other hand she is clearly bat-crap crazy and needs to be put down like a rabid animal.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Sookie can keep her promise of killing Lorena? How long do you think Eric can restrain his rage? Comment below, we want to know what you think.

While this week did not offer as many memorable lines, please enjoy the following True Blood quotes ...

Eric: Please don't take this wrong way Sookie, but shut up. | permalink
Jessica: Just because my fangs popped out doesn't mean I am going to use them on you. | permalink
Arlene: Please don't eat me, I am pregnant. Oh that probably just made you want to eat me more. | permalink
Lafayette: Go tell your mama that two faggots whooped your ass! | permalink
Russell: Bill has been Lorena's drug of choice for centuries; it will be tough for her to break it. | permalink


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I think the song thats playing in the Lafayette and Jesus scene is Song: La Belle Et la Bad Boy Artist: Mc Solaar


The ribcage quote is obviously an homage to Joss and company, come on!! Also, TVFanatic--LUDE? really? I'll edit for you, if you'd like :P (LEWD) Also-we don't know if Sookie is mortal or not, do we? We're not even sure she's human, just now (people who have read the books, notwithstanding!) Lastly--Jesus/Kevin Alejandro. He is a lot less 'hot' in TB than in, say, SouthLAnd or Shark. Maybe it's the clothes, dunno...


What's the name of the song playing while Lafayette and Jesus makes out??


i think alcide busts in and either all three of them kill Lorena or the light from outside shines on her and she hides and they just run, idk.... i feel bad for lorena though, she truly loves bill, shes just a crazy bitch but she is truly heartbroken and i cant wait to see eric let loose on the king, i beleive he will get him after he saves pam, not sure though, we will see, i think sookie dies for a minute also, yknow and gets brought back by recesatation or whatever, but while shes dead for that one minute she goes "somewhere" and finds out what she is, an oracle or sumthing, idk, i need to read the damn books lol


Where is the Round Table ????


They totally stole that ribcage line from Buffy! Love true blood, but Buffy was my first love and I'm not sure I approve of the theft.


The "rib cage as a hat" line was originally in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in "Becoming Part 2". Not sure whether it was a homage or a coincidence!


How much longer do we have to wait for Eric and Sookie to hook up! This is really upsetting me lol I loved Lorena's quote: I would wear your ribcage like a hat! Sick, Twisted, loved it! This episode was ok, i really didn't think anything happened; nothing extraordinary; We learned about the King's agenda, I kind of wish things were moving a little bit faster, but we will see what happens


Haha, I love Lorena. She's one of my favorite ones. I loved all of Sookie's quotes of 'Shut the f**k up!'. They're hilarious. I love(d)Franklin. I hope he's not dead, he makes me laugh. Also, I like the Love connection between Jesus and Lafyette. It's something different for him. I hope Tara will finally get away. I thought for sure she was gonna get taken back to the house.


my fave quote was "go tell your mama that you got whooped by 2 faggots" oh and Lorena's ribcage hat quote was good too~ I wish I could sleep thru this whole week until Sunday Night at

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Just because my fangs popped out doesn't mean I am going to use them on you.


Please don't take this wrong way Sookie, but shut up.