Warehouse 13 Review: "Mild Mannered"

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This week’s episode, "Mild Mannered," literally played to the comic geek in me.

My compliments to the writing staff for all the little nods to the comic book world, including an artifact named after Jack Kirby (the co-creator of X-Men, along with many other famous comics). For those with a quick eye, you will also have seen Wonder Woman’s lasso, Thor’s hammer, and Green Arrow’s bow in the warehouse when they stored the trunks from Sheldon in the warehouse.

This episode also explored some new ground, with Myka and Pete trying to make Leena’s Bed and Breakfast feel more like home. This was not something we saw much of last season and it really helps round out the characters a bit more and gives us a stronger attachment to them.

Heroes in Trouble

I am sad that with both Jewel Staite and Sean Maher guest staring on the show they did not work in even one good Firefly or Serenity reference. Given all the pop cultural references from comics, including going to a gaming store, you would think they could have given a little nod to the show that gave these two their start.

That complaint aside, it was great to see both of them on the show. They still have such great chemistry together. I though Loretta was a great “Lois Lane” for Sheldon’s “Iron Shadow” and I am very glad it had a happy ending with them being together.

We also got to see Leena and Claudia make up and Artie get to say goodbye to the man that was his partner, James MacPherson. As I mentioned last week, MacPherson was a great villain for the show, replete with a lot of depth and history. I am still very sad that he was killed off so easily.

Getting to see Artie explore his true feelings for James and seeing him miss the man that was his partner before he went rogue was very touching. It reminded me that MacPherson didn’t believe he was evil, he believed he was in the right and was doing what he needed to. 

H.G. Wells has some very big shoes to fill as the nemesis of the warehouse!

I hope that the writing continues to be this good, with a mix of heart, a little intrigue, and a lot of great action!  What did you think of this episode? Did you catch all the little references? Were you glad that Claudia and Leena made up?

Browse through a few Warehouse 13 quotes from it as you comment away!


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Eric, Great article on this topic...What is it going to take to break COMEX? I oendwr if we can get legislatures to push to get the COMEX audited. I mean if the Federal Reserve ends up getting audited via Ron Paul's effort, then I think that no agency is immune from the auditors. Where is the regulation? Is it too much to ask for an investor to get the truth?


Actually, there *was* a Firefly reference. It's very subtle and you have to be quick to catch it.


Does anyone know who the comic book clerk is? Seen him in other stuff but can't place a name. He's the one hitting on Myka when they first get to the store.


I wish they'd take Leena off. :/ She's giving off all these weird, mixed signals and vibes. And it's making the show focus on her and not the awesome duo.


I really would've loved it if they could have just made Leena evil. I guess I never warmed up to her in season 1, hence why her headaches seem overdramatic instead of interesting. At least that plotline is engaging Mrs. Frederic more...


i for one was glad that leena and claudia made up, but what the heck is up with leena? i am very interested to see where the writers are going with this!

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Artie: What?!
Pete: Cranky is kind of your natural state of being isn't it?
Artie: What Pleeeease?!

Leena: Now that is something I never expected to see.
Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah, she must have found an artifact that makes her act like a girl.
Myka: mmmuaahh (makes face).