Warehouse 13 Review: Season Two Premiere

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Warehouse 13 kicked off season two with “Time will Tell," an episode that did a fantastic job of picking up right where we left off.

Actually, so much so that I was almost disappointed how quickly it solved last season's cliff-hanger.  Don’t get me wrong: I am thrilled Artie survived! He really is the glue that holds the entire warehouse together.

I am further thrilled to see that Claudia is becoming a full-time character on the show. I think she is a perfect counter balance to Artie. While Artie has been with the warehouse so long that he knows nearly everything, Claudia is new and with her smarts sees everything with fresh eyes and really thinks outside the box.

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The weakest point in the story for me was the quick death of James MacPherson. Here was a man that avoided the team for the entire first season, going so far as stabbing Artie with a sword and nearly killing him - and he was brought down by H.G. Wells cutting the string on his necklace. 

Seriously, couldn’t you just pick up the broken string and tie it back around his neck? It landed right there on the floor. Heck, anyone who has broken a necklace knows you normally catch it before it gets to the ground.

On the flipside, I understand they wanted a new bad guy this season and really want to up the stakes with the mystery around H.G. Wells. To that end, I am already hooked! 

There are so many questions just from this one episode: Is she really bad? Why was she Bronzed? What do the items she took do? What was she was sketching at the café? Has she read Harry Potter yet? How old does she say she is on her license?

I also noticed a couple of odd tweaks to the show.

For example, the Escher Vault was a great way to work in a gimmick from the commercials into the show (funny thing is that usually works the other way around). They were clearly very proud of working it in, as Mrs. Frederic and Artie spent way longer than needed walking through the Escher.

Also, on the writing side, it seems Pete is to be more of a divining rod that he was last year. He had more “vibes” (both good and bad) in this episode then I think he had in the last four episodes of season one.

Overall, though, it was a really good episode. The season is off to a great start with an expanded regular cast (both Leena and Claudia are now listed in the opening credits). A hot new bad guy... err, gal. And what appears to be a bigger budget.  My only request to SyFy is that if you are going to make a show like this you only air in the summer, give us more than 12 episodes!  Having to wait 40 weeks to watch the show again was a crime!

What did you think of the season premiere? Do you like H.G. Wells as the villain? Were you sad that MacPherson died? Sound off now and check out a few Warehouse 13 quotes from the hour below:

Artie: Claudia, go easy we have all been through a lot
Claudia: Worst case of identity theft ever! | permalink
Myka: H.G. Wells is actually a woman, I am going to have to process this.
Pete: Make it fast would ya? | permalink
Myka: Pete, Artie says that H.G Wells is actually........
Pete: (With a gun at his neck) A woman, a really hot woman, maybe good with a gun.
Myka: He left out the gun part. | permalink
Myka: So do all your dates work out this way?
Pete: On a scale of 1 to 10 I am giving this one a 7. | permalink


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In one of the last most scenes of "Buried", the profile of one female stars, had her upper lip looking like some sort of cartoon fish mouth, that or a seriously prolapsed anus. When will this idiotic craze of injecting glute fat into the face ever stop? Everytime I see these disfigured women, I can't help but think of the usefulness of hemorrhoid creme.


Have the first few posters forgot the 'fiction' in the science fiction tag?...I am delighted this genre is back on tv. I like all the characters at don't want to miss an episode...LONG LIVE WAREHOUSE 13!!!


I don't agree with the comments that this was offensive to Wells, it was actually kind of nice. And don't forget this is fiction and drags in strange fictional claims about a wide variety of historical personages; that's the whole premise of the show. Wells in particular was a eugenicist and socialist whose ideas on population control and government directly influenced the rise of National Socialism and their own eugenics policy in pre WWII Germany. I don't see that as a noble or admirable contribution to mankind, his stories aside. The take on Wells in W13 is far more flattering than the real life Wells, who was something of a monster.


I must agree about this unforgivable insult to HG Wells. This was one of my favorite shows, too. Every episode since that has irritated me for one reason or another; I flinch every time a new character appears in case she's Julie Verne, the evil twin sister who actually wrote his books, or Roberta Heinlein, etc. I don't like this show anymore; one more appearance by "HG Wells" and I will stop watching it. Is there a petition we can sign to get this thing off the air, or force them to apologize?


I was horrified and it has created quite a quandry because all my instincts now tell me to abandon this programme as punishment for daring to spit on the legacy of Wells in such an offensive manner but I have loved this programme before this repellent move. H.G. Wells is sacrosanct. It was possible to add HIM to any number of stories without altering who HE was. It wasn't clever, it was abominably rude. All other uses of historical figures have honoured them. This was not honouring Wells. The Escher room was not enough to balance this ... this... this treason against Science Fiction royalty. An apology is required.


I thought that this episode was AMAZING! I for one cannot wait until the next episode hits.
Plus...I did not see H.G. Wells being a woman coming at all...total twist! and a good one at that! It is going to be amazing to see where they take the show!!!

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Myka: Pete, Artie says that H.G Wells is actually........
Pete: (With a gun at his neck) A woman, a really hot woman, maybe good with a gun.
Myka: He left out the gun part.

Myka: So do all your dates work out this way?
Pete: On a scale of 1 to 10 I am giving this one a 7.