Futurama Review: "A Clockwork Origin"

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I don't care if the Planet Express crew hasn't made a single delivery so far, this season is easily one of the strongest in Futurama's history, and that's impressive given its seven year hiatus.  This week's installment, decided to tackle the timeless evolution vs creationism debate.

Robo Dinosaurs

In typical Futurama style, the satire was thinly veiled behind its use of robots and other science fiction guises.  A giant-bearded robot in the sky?  That's preposterous!

We loved the A-plot of "A Clockwork Origin," from the slightly lengthy intro, to the fast-paced adventure on the planet, to great punchline at the end.  As much as we have grown to love Zoidberg, we could have skipped the B-plot in favor of lengthening some of the rushed scenes.

Either way, the episode was still loaded with laughs and able to lay its message on pretty thick.  As usual, there were also plenty of subtle jokes as well like referencing the Flying Spaghetti Monster and naming the school after one of our heroes, Wozniak.

Plus, I feel like there was a Prey reference thrown in there and any nod to Michael Crichton gets a bonus half star in my book, giving this episode one of our highest ratings of the season.  Our favorite Futurama quotes from the episode are after the jump.

Fry: Is this your only water source? It looks like Diet Doctor Pepper.
Professor: It's not that bad. It's just laden with toxic minerals. | permalink
Professor: All these trees are robotic. I can't believe how quickly they sprung up.
Bender: I can. robots do everything fast including evolving and believing how quickly things spring up. | permalink
Lawyer: Objection. In the absence of pants, defense's suspenders serve no purpose.
Judge: I'm going to allow them, for now. | permalink
Professor: Evolution is under attack in our schools? To the science mobile!
Leela: You mean the ship?
Professor: Yes, the scence mobile!
Leela: It's just htat you never called it that before. | permalink


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