Muse Watson (Mike Franks) to Return on NCIS Premiere

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Even the great ones need an assist once in awhile. Muse Watson will reprise his role as Mike Franks, Gibbs' mentor, on the season premiere of NCIS, according to Fancast.

Rocky Carroll (Vance) says that despite the events of May's season finale, everyone on the team “is still alive and well,” although “We’ve got a few old scores to settle.”

When we left NCIS, Paloma Reynosa had just entered the store where Jackson Gibbs (Ralph Waite), his dad, works. All indications are that Gibbs' father lives ... but how?

Enter Mike Franks. The Reynosa Cartel, after all, is one giant score to settle, and one that looms as a significant threat to Gibbs on both personal and professional levels.

In the penultimate episode of Season 7, "Patriot Down," Gibbs tried to contact Mike with a simple message: Rule 44. But Col. Bell and Pvt. Dean were not after Franks.

Here's a photo of the tandem in the Season 8 premiere, titled "Spider and the Fly." How do you think Gibbs' mentor will help him take down this formidable adversary?

Gibbs and Mike Franks

Gibbs, Franks and the rest of the NCIS team return September 21.

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NCIS is the Greatest show on TV... Keep upthe good work, Please?


I would love to see Mike Franks as a ghost in many episodes with Gibbs. Please bring him back because he really added to the best show on TV. When he speaks to Gibbs, what a scene. BRING HIM BACK.




The chemistry of this cast is what makes this show work! However, the ego of Shane Brennen is what's making the show begin to tank. I'm surprised his head fits throught the doorways at CBS. I've read interviews where he seems so snide and over-confident. Enough with the FLASHBACK sequences. Are you going through MENoupause Mr.Brennen? Those hot flashes must be a bitch.


Finally received the long-anticipated DVD set for Season 7.
Disc One with Episodes 1 through 4 alone is well worth the price of admission.


Writers, you gotta keep the chemistry with the charectors w/re to the funny stuff in the crew. They all play off everyone very well. Should be a cake walk to do that.Why do the networks keep playing the same old episodes every month? Need fresh MTR.... to stay interested. You guys are the best though. Irreplacable >> The whole cast and crew. Carry on team, and have fun doing it. From the biggest fan. J.R.C.


lets all hope that there will be more action in season 8


Glee is it that basic a ripoff of Big Time Rush what a horrible show I hope they bring in some more former law and Order actor and actress those are aways fun


Hope that Mexican story is done quick and we get back to the team episodes that NCIS is popular for. I'm at the point I'm going to change over to Glee (19 Emmy nominations).

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