Sienna Guillory Joins Cast of CSI

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Over the past few weeks, numerous CSI favorites - Jorja Fox, George Eads and Marg Helgenberger most prominently - have renewed their contracts.

But we've got news on a new face coming on board the CBS drama: Sienna Guillory will portray a lab tech named Kacey Monohan.

“We have just started shooting and the atmosphere is electric,” the actress confirmed. “I suggest everyone holds on to their haircuts because my character is going to blow fans away, literally. She’s the team’s first full-time bomb tech and the action scenes will be explosive in every sense.”

Sienna Guillory

Guillory added:

“I jumped at the chance to work alongside producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Laurence [Fishburne, Dr Ray Langston] and the rest of the cast. It’s a dream come true and the only thing that will top this is if they decide to mould a new spin-off show around me. They’d have to call that CSI: Kettering, though, so it might be a stretch.”

CSI returns with new episodes on September 23.

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I disagree with this Brendan.Liz Vassey can only dream about being more beautiful and hotter than Sienna Guillory.I'm glad Sienna is one of the stars in the show.I cannot wait 2 see it ! GO Sienna ! ! ! After all u will always be the most BEAUTIFUL,TALENTED and FEMININE actress and my HEROINE !


I'm glad Sienna Guillory has joined the cast. I wish her luck.


I am not happy about this at all. We build the story around Hodges and Wendy, and we get into their relationship, and then they fire Wendy. Makes no sense. The writers probably think "Oh well if we add a hot new girl fans will flock to watch." I am sorry, but Liz Vassey (Wendy) is far hotter than this girl. Csi keeps this up, and I wont watch anymore.


I am mega happy with this wonderful news,Sienna Guillory deserves more than I am gonna follow this series again


Sienna Guillory is a real talented actress and respectful person who can make you laugh or cry from the deeps of your heart.


Sienna Guillory is The best actress in all ages of cinema and tv word Sienna Guillory is magnificent Actress Lord bless Her


Disappointing--fire Wendy (Liz Vazzey after making her a character fans liked) and hire this blonde? Is CSI being run by a bunch of old men looking for young playmates? How many bombs does Vegas have to require a full-time explosive lab tech? I have not even seen this girl and I'm hugely disappointed with her selection. They need to wrap up CSI and rename this show "THE RAY LANGSTON HOUR"--I won't be watching.

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