True Blood Review: Revenge, Reconciliation and Lots of Sex

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With about five minutes remaining in last night's True Blood, I was ready to write it off as a slow episode, not poor by any means, but focusing on the emotional ramifications of the last few weeks.

Then, Eric killed Talbot. And Jessica happily gorged herself on a werewolf. And Sookie tussled violently with Debbie before banging the living heck out of Bill.

Or the unliving heck, really. It's safe to officially say: there's no such thing as a slow episode of True Blood.

When all was said, done and bloody, "Night on the Sun" featured even more sex than the typical installment (Talbot/Eric, Lafayette/Jesus, Jason/Crystal, Bill/Sookie) and helped bring a few characters and developments together. The stage is clearly being set for the season finale, as Crystal's world has now intersected with Sam's, and Eric has taken his first step of revenge against Russell and the werewolves.

But how will he take a few more? Russell will be on the war path against him now, and this 3,000-year old king (and his silver spurs) can't be stopped easily.

Shotgunned Stackhouse

My only complaint about the episode, and season in general, is that my interest in the Sookie/Bill/Eric/Russell storyline is so strong, it makes everything else feel like filler. I'm curious what the heck Crystal is, but Jason's dim-witted hero complex has run its course a bit.

Nothing about Sam and his family is particularly intriguing, and I'm especially sick of Tara crying in every scene. For her sake, I sincerely hope Rutina Wesley is paid by the tear.

Conversely, I can never get enough Jessica. My fear that she would actually be killed off during the climactic battle turned into excitement when she followed Bill's advice and came out on top of that werewolf - literally! - happily gnawing away at his flesh.

Other questions/observations about the episode:
  • Is Debbie a Shifter?
  • Will we see Alcide again this season?
  • "Hi Jesus. I've gotta go pee." Lafayette's mom cracks us up.
  • Speaking of Lafayette, are we meant to understand he actually has a unique strong power? Or was Jesus just referring to the overall force of his personality?
  • Welcome to Merlotte's, Holly. Are you sure no other establishment is hiring? You may be underestimating the dangers associated with this place.

What did you think of "Night on the Sun?" We've listed a few of our favorite True Blood quotes from it below:

Bill [to Russell]: Are you a coward, or are you just lazy? | permalink
Russell: Poor Talbot. Are your diamond slippers chafing? | permalink
Alcide: You can read minds and shoot light out of your fingers. Who am I to tell you what's best for you? | permalink
Arlene: That's Tara. She's all bark and, well, she bites, too. | permalink
Jason: You got no right being in my head. That's... trespassing. | permalink
Debbie: She's a c**t.
Russell: But she's a special c**t. | permalink


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Alcide has been signed as a regular on the show,, they announced that during Comic-con....
As for Tara,, I agree....she has lost the essence of the Tara I love from the first season....she cries tooooo muccchhh..... My favorite quote was when Lafayette told Jesus: " When I was 5, she told me I could breathe underwater. My little ass almost drowned." hahaha that was hilariouss


My guess is, Arlene thinks Rene is the father because when her and Terry started to do the dirty birdy they were possessed by Mary Ann. They don't realize they have been doing the deed for as long as they actually have. That is my guess.


Franklin is alive, kinda wish Sookie and Alcide did something, after all Bill and Lorana did.
Jason needs to get a life, how many weeks is he going to use " I'm a cop".
Eric was great in this episode, but then again he always is.
I will miss Talbot, he was very easy on the eyes.
Lastly, where the hell did Rene come from?


For those who are wondering if Franklin is dead...didn't you catch next weeks previews?


I think Franklin is still around because usually when a vamp is fully killed their bloody remains explode all over the place. And his body was still there, but if u look at his face it;s bashed in but u can still see it....I think Lafayettes mother has intuition that we need to look out for ..for lafayette. even jesus said it. but lafayette may have some powers that he doesnt know about that maybe his mother never told him....jason is definitely starting to work a nerve...and sam's family drama seems to be so irrelevant at anything. its boring to me. but maybe his brother will stir up something ..who knows. and as for bill and sookie..i knew they werent done completely. think it will be an on and off again kind of thing....and Eric is ready for it


I'm sorry but I'm a little shocked that no one has mentioned that Arlene's baby is Rene's! I was a bit blown away by this. Did we know this before and I was just to busy oggling Eric to notice?

Jacki whitford

This was a great episode. I truly thought Eric was going to have sex with Russell and drive a wedge between him and Talbot. Color me stunned. Franklin cannot be dead because he did not dissolve into a mess of bloody goo. Sookie made that point clear to Tara and Alcide when she was rescuing Bill from Lorena's bloody remains. I love Lafayette (glad they did not kill him off), and I love Jessica as a baby vampire just learning the ropes. She is a quick learner and is going to be a powerful vampire. Alan Ball said in an MTV interview that there were people in Bon Temps who had powers they did not know about. So I think Lafayette, his mom and Jesus have some enhanced senses or powers. Watch Inside the Episode on HBO.COM. The women who wrote and directed it give insight into all the women in the show and their perspectives - especially about Sookie on top at the end of the episode. I love the books and the show for different reasons, and I am extremely happy with the direction both have taken. I hate for mid September to roll around because then you have to wait until next year for the Season 3 DVDs and for Season 4 to start.


I don't think Franklin is dead. When vampires die they explode into blood and guts and franklin didn't do that. He just laid on the bed with his skull crushed in


And I agree: the Sookie/Bill/Eric/Russell storyline is so strong, it makes everything else feel like filler: I don't even care about what else is going on- I am liking Arlene/Terry and Jessica/Hoyt storyline though.
-Jason is really getting on my nerves this season
-I hope Sam's family goes away!


I must have missed when Talbot said that!! I have a creepy feeling Franklin will creep back into Tara's life lol

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