Warehouse 13 Review: "Around the Bend"

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Warehouse 13 tossed a unique twist at its viewers this week.

On "Around the Bend," a team member was affected by an artifact. I really enjoyed the angle that was taken with it. Up until the point that Myka went to see Kate, I really thought that Pete was on the track of a spy in the warehouse and he was totally sane.

In watching it a second time, I picked up on the photo that Myka looked at from the apartment window that did not show either of the two people Pete saw at the time. It was a nice, subtle, impressive touch.

I also think it helped that the writers weaved in just enough of Mr. Valda being himself (a total jerk) that we really wanted him to be the bad guy so that Pete would take him down. I like Mr. Valda as a protagonist for the team. Mark Sheppard brings a lot to the role, and the character has been very well used so far. 

Further, the irony of his first name being revealed as Benedict was not lost on me. My only real request is a bit more clarity on “The Regents." They have brought them up from time to time (more last season when Artie was suspected), but even in the opening “previously on” they never really get into what they do; some solid clarity on what they are suppose to be doing would be helpful.

Artie and Valda

Who else loved Pete getting his war-face on when he thought Valda had threatened Myka, Claudia, and Artie? I knew he would be protective but he surpassed my expectations. It was pretty interesting that his base fear is that his friends would be harmed and everything he was doing to stemmed from that fear.

On the flipside, I am also very scared of Pete when he goes bat-crap crazy. He and I share some similar traits. We both have a fondness for cookies, we both can act like big children, and we both have to touch or play with everything (ok, I never lick anything). So, it was a bit disturbing to see him totally “around the bend” (see what I did there) as I identify with the character so closely.  I am very glad that it was resolved in this one episode and he was back to the lovable Pete by the end.

On the topic of scary, I am not sure how I would feel about working some place that kept a list of ways to deal with me. While I understand the Warehouse is super-duper-secretive, the idea that there is a file on how to kill, dispose, or get rid of me would not let me sleep well at night. I do have to compliment Claudia on making the best of the situation with adding her own way she would like to go. What do you think she put down that would involve David Bowie?

My only complaint about this episode was the horribly under-use of the overly-advertised Tia Carrere. I love Carrere; she is a great actress and has done some fun parts. From Wayne’s World to True Lies, she has run the gambit of roles. As much as Syfy had been advertising her guest role on the show, I really thought she would be more involved in the case.

I think she had about eight to ten minutes of screen time through the entire episode. I am crossing my fingers that Agent Kate Logan will be back again with more of a presence.

What did you think of this episode? What do you think Claudia put down as her contingency plan that included David Bowie? Do you feel Tia Carrere was under used and should make a return visit? Review a few Warehouse 13 quotes from the installment below:

Valda: Well improvised Agent Nelson.
Artie: There is a madness to the method. | permalink
Artie: It's a museum, anything there could be an artifact. You can't let him touch anything.
Myka: Artie it's Pete, it's a win when he doesn't lick anything. | permalink
Kate: This isn't an elaborate plan just to see me is it?
Pete: You're hot, but not trash your place to get a date hot. | permalink


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@Warehousefan01, Thank you for the info from syfy.com on the Regents. Now I wish even more they would go into that kind of detail on the show. Sanctuary did it during season 2, you got to learn all about the Sanctuary network, so it would be cool to see Myka and Pete visit some of the retired warehouse locations and learn more about them. And yes, I didn't mention in my review, but I am THRILLED that H.G. Wells is finally turning back up.


as a huge fan of the show i am sad to say that i have to watch all of its episodes (not currently on dvd) online. so when syfy did there apparently BIG plug for the guest actress, it was a moot point for me. i did not hate her being in the AMAZING episode and i would liked to have seen a bit more, but with not being privy to any plugs for the actress herself, i thought the amount of time she was on screen was fine. Now @ViddWizard, you wanted to know more about the regents, and it so happens i was reading the other day on the syfy website about all the past warehouses and it is in the second warehouse in which the regents come into being.
Below is the summary of warehouse 2. The beginning of a golden age, Warehouse 2 flourished under the Ptolemic Rulers, acquiring many Egyptian artifacts, including the skin from the asp that killed Cleopatra. It was under these first rulers that the Warehouse established its own system of rule and control, and a group of people from all walks of life was appointed to oversee it - The Regents. The Regents were the first actual "agents" of the Warehouse, and its first collectors of artifacts. Its residence in Egypt lasted until the suicide of Cleopatra, and the conquest of Egypt by Caesar and Rome. Okay, now back to me again, warehousefan101,
the regents are mentioned again, but not until the summary of warehouse 8...i am pretty sure it is 8...anyway, after the creation of them, or rather their status' they really became the "overseers' of the actual warehouse itself and appointed other "agents" to do the collecting. after appointing new agents and even when they were the agents, it was really there call as to when the warehouse should be moved to next. they moved the warehouse to whatever place in the world held the most power at one time and they would stay there until such a time they should move yet again. I believe at one point, and i am pulling from the SyFy.coms website, that there was at one point in warehouse history that the regents considered moving it to germany. and the times/dates that it gives (the warehouse 13 page at syfy.com) is consistent to when they were gaining a lot of influence, however this was short lived. again from the dates given anyone who reads it and knows their history can, with no doubt, infer just who was in power (i.e hitler) okay so i have rambled on for quite a bit here so i will stop my comment with a final thought...or maybe a few of them... what do i think was on claudia's death list that involved bowie?
A: i have no clue and that is, to me, fun and exciting. although i would be more frightened why artie really has no problems with her little 'addtion'. i mean, he even couples it with, "I do know him" great epidsode, it kept me on the edge of my seat and i was sad when it ended because i really wanted to see some more!! Can't wait until next week!!! H.G. Wells is back and who knows what she may be up to? NOTE/Disclaimer: All info about the regents can be found on the warehouse 13 page at SyFy.com.

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Pete: So does this means we are friends now?
Mrs. Frederic: [Glares]
Pete: Right, see ya.

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