90210 Review: Things Get Serious...

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Thank you, 90210!

A week after I complained about how mundane and boring the supposed drama on this primetime soap opera had become, "2021 Vision" took the focus away from petty relationship issues and gave us storylines with legitimate consequences.

Annie at Work

First, Oscar is more than just a horny teenager all of a sudden. He's a man with an agenda that is even shadier than simply trying to break up Ivy and Dixon. He wants to ruin the former's life, and he seems like the kind of guy capable of going to any length to accomplish this task.

Then, we have Annie and her internship boss. Is it utterly ridiculous that a couple would choose the eggs of a high school student its known for a few days in order to bear a child? Yes, almost as ridiculous as the notion that Shenae Grimes has a good body (sorry, but I don't find skeletons attractive).

Still, give this development props because it took me completely by surprise. I expected the couple to ask Annie to star in some play, not help them bring a baby into the world. When a plot twist truly takes you by surprise, you've gotta at least give it some credit for originality.

Conversely, I wish the show had not ruined the Teddy storyline over the summer. In a desperate plea for headlines, producers talked openly about the plan to make this character gay, making everything surrounding his character totally predictable. I don't buy it as anything but a ratings stunt, but I'm more perturbed by the fact that it was given away months ago.

What's the point of watching a TV show when the writers simply tell us what's gonna happen?

But let's conclude this review on a couple positive notes:

  1. 90210 has made Mr. Cannon sufficiently creepy. The scene between him and Silver, as he waited for her to drink her laced tea and she flashed back to Naomi quoting his movie, was tense and well done. I could have done without the 769th overdose in primetime history, but this plot is moving along well. I'm glad it's being treated with the proper amount of gravitas.
  2. I'm also glad someone is on to Adrianna. It was silly of her to think no one would have been award Javier wrote that song and I envision some sort of blackmailing to result from her thievery.

Overall, I applaud 90210 for avoiding lame issues such as body shots in a bar. From Ivy opening up about her father, to the mere idea of students talking about their lives in 10 years, there was a focus on weighty topics this week. Were you as happy as I was to watch them develop?


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Okey now I'm pissed of! Why the fu*k do you call Shenae a skeleton? She is not that thin and I do think she's got a great body. I'm much thinner then her and I do not look like s skeleton.
Ans you're personal opinion about what attractive really do not belong in a professional review!


@ Iloveed - they showed her talking to some guy in jail at the end. He's supposed to be plotting against Serena & Lily


This episode really had me on the edge.
-Mr. Cannon is the creepiest SOB ever, I didn't think they could have a character creepier than Jasper. I'm glad Silver wised up and left.
-I hope that Naomi is ok, because I am a fan of her character and her dynamic with Silver. -I loved Liam's line about how in 10 years teddy will get fat, that made me lol -Annie's boss and husband were creepy at first, kinda awkward to ask someone you just met practically for their eggs, but 20 thousand is good money, I don't think she's going to actually have to get pregnant they just want her eggs. -I personally like Teddy and Silver as a couple, I'm sad that they will be done with, but maybe they can still have a great friendship and maybe like Adrianna's short lesbian phase, it will be short-lived. - I don't care for Ivy/Dixon/Oscar SL, but Oscar is getting intriging now, and I actually felt something for Ivy this week. -Adrianna, why did you sing Javier's song.. I knew the uncle was going to know that wasn't her song... I wonder what Laurel will think of her now. Overall a great episode, next weeks looks fun with the Auction, kinda like OTH Boy Toy auction.. poor Navid, no one wants him!!


@AdoreAtRisk: GG wirtes told Juliet's secret, really?! Please tell me ;-) or at least, tell me where I could read about i!t! I am to curious to wait:-))


This episode was awesome! It totally brought the drama! I don't agree with what AdoreAtRisk said about Annie getting bad storylines. Spoilers have revealed that the Wilsons will be facing money dramas (being a one parent/income family living in Beverly Hills) so I can see her upcoming dilemma. She's going to consider selling her eggs for the $20,000 to help her mother out. I am looking forward to how this is gonna develop. I think the writers and producers have learnt their lesson about stringing out storylines for way too long as well. I was worried they were going to keep the whole "Silver not believing Naomi" thing going for most of the season so I'm glad this has been settled. Now they can take down Mr Cannon together. And I like the way they launched the Teddy/gay storyline. We haven't seen much of him but I like this Ian character (the one he hooked up with). Bring on more 90210!!!




OHHH see the thing with me and the Teddy issue is that I didn't hear/read about the writers revealing future Teddy " The Big Blonde Gay" so it was a lot better for me than you just on that one character's story alone. (On that note- WTF is up with writers giving away future plot lines. Its like they don't want us to watch anymore...hm... GG did it too by revealing info re: Juliet, Obviously I'm not b!tch so I wont say).
I didn't see anything coming other than the Adriana blackmailing pickle. DER
Annie once again got the shit end of the stick when it came to new plot lines but yes I was also surprised. I was thinking... they thought she was their daughter or like yourself, offer a role in a play... maybe overseas or something ridiculous like that because ridiculous and Annie go one & one in the 90210 stories.
Naomi did WAY better than I thought she would as well. I wasn't impressed by the opening direction they were taking her character. I figured she was just going to become a major hoe bag or something. But the transitions are going by very well.
Silver FTW btw! High applause because she actually got out of the house the second she had a weird vibe/thought. Good girl! If more girls listened to their instincts more...well you know. Anyways Canon - you'll get yours buddy. Just you wait.


It's been a while since I last read a good review. :All Smiles:


dam it was good, was gritting my teeth the whole way through that silver and cannon scene, aswell as adrianna and javier's uncle


If YOU GUYS gave this a good review.. i cannot WAIT for the episode.. OMG

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