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Serious topics were dealt with this week. For example...

  • Oscar told Dixon that Ivy was a virgin, a fact she had lied to him about it. To explain a few of her issues, Ivy took Dixon to her father's house, which is only 10 minutes away. He has a new family an never contacts her. We later learn that Laurel somehow ruined Oscar's father's life and he has a vendetta against that family.
  • A record executive called Adrianna out for stealing Javier's song. He has a recording of that male singer from six months ago, which is a problem because Adrianna sung it at Javier's funeral and the video went viral.
  • Annie got an unusual offer from the head of her internship and her husband: for $20,000, could they use her eggs to have a baby?
  • Teddy woke up in a hung over stupid, in a hotel room, with a note on a bottle of champagne thanking him for last night. He then tried to win Silver over with a nice message in a video yearbook, and it appeared to work... only when Teddy was gonna go see her, he was stopped by some dude who said he won't tell anyone they hooked up.
  • Silver continued to get close to Mr. Cannon, ending up in his home, watching the same video Naomi watched before she got raped. Cannon even tried to drug her tea, but Silver remembered something Naomi said and realized Cannon had showed this movie to her, too. She quickly got out of there... and ended up at Naomi's place, where she had overdosed on pills.
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90210 Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

The other day I got to toast a bagel for David Mamet. I love it here.


I agree to a "show me how much you can grovel" dinner.


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Song 123 Stop The Postelles
Song Down to Infinity Too Young to Love
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