90210 Review: More Boring Relationship "Drama"

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90210 may have set a new record this week.

I complain on an almost episode basis that the show whips through relationships at lightning speed, breaking up characters and getting them together so quickly that viewers scarcely have time to actually grow attached to any pairing.

Consider the latest, extreme example from "Age of Inheritance." Annie and Liam officially went on their first date... ended their relationship... and Annie started a fling with a guy she just met... ALL IN ONE HOUR! Is creating such contrived tension between characters really the only storyline source writers have?

Ivy in Anger

I might react differently if the basis for problems between various boyfriends and girlfriends were compelling. But think about what drove a wedge between significant others this week:

  • Ivy is mad at Dixon because a girl took a body shot off him. Really?!? Is this second grade, or the year 1937? Ivy, the same carefree girl who gladly hooked up with Liam in his basement for awhile, no strings attached, is upset due to a harmless incident with a stranger? This is Beverly Hills, right? Doesn't everyone have racy Facebook photos?
  • Liam took Annie out for a romantic evening... on a random boat that isn't his?!? Talk about the writers concocting an obstacle out of their rear ends. This was just silly and flat out unbelievable, in the worst possible sense.
  • Suddenly Silver is flirting up a storm with Mr. Cannon?!? If the show wants to paint Cannon as a shady bad guy, that's fine. But Silver is a smart gal. There's simply no way she'd act so inappropriately around a teacher, telling him how "great" he was over and over.

Sigh. I really wanna be on board for season three of this show. But it's proving that it doesn't know what it is. 90210 must go the racy route, adult route and give us storylines such as Naomi's rape; or it must give in and essentially admit it's an innocent version of a primetime soap, intended for middle school students.

Unfortunately, it's chosen to try and walk some line in between those two options. And it's failing miserably at them both. You can't give viewers as heavy a topic as rape on one hand... and then expect us to get worked up or care at all about some meaningless body shot or boat-sitting incident on the other. Select a path and stick with it, 90210.

I'm speaking to the series in general and certainly to the relationships themselves, which hit unrealistic, shallow bumps every weekly in an effort to create drama.

Rant over. Review now open to readers. Am I being too harsh? What did you think of the episode? Sound off now and/or in our 90210 forum!


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Woahh backoff for two seconds. I dont remember anyone thats incharge of reviewing here saying they have degree in script writing, if you hate the show so much then dont cover it. Because posting such horrible reviews makes you look stupid, remember this is high school and while you may not remember what its like...relationships go by quickly. Name how many people you remember from high school that started a relationship in 10th grade (when we first met these characters) and it lasted. Honestly, think first. Reguardless of Ivy being carefree if she likes Dixon that doesnt mean she'd be chill with him having girls drinking things off his chest, thats not kosher no matter what kind of dating status you are.
This site is ridic. Get some new people to review these shows.


i was so confused at the end of this episode. like first of all why did silver cut all her hair off. second is annie's new boo liam's brother? like that plot is totally confusing. also if the random stranger in the last episode noticed Naomi was different then how come her closest friends havent noticed and why did her best friend not even blink twice when she told her she was raped. also in the scenes to the next episode why does it matter if ade is singing javier's song nobody but her knows that he was cutting her out of the tour and that he didnt give her the song book as a gift. plus what else are they going to do with all of javier's old songs? cant wait for these questions to be answered


OH MY GOD LEAVE 90210 ALONE u people are sooooooooooooo negative towards it but every other show is apparently great just STOP


they should have bring liam and ivy back, even as a friends...liam flying solo always! what happen to the surf team? it wasn't a bad episode its just alright! but i agree with the writers speeding up everything...they wont never listen any way! p.s i dont think analyn can Handel a rape victim am just saying...
and i hate the whole liam and annie thing Blah blah blah


I want Annie and Liam!


I can't understand why Liam charcater changed so much ( Stupid writrs). I mean he used to be pretty much like a bad boy, very wild and independant. Now he is sooo judgmental, obssesed about a sincere relathionthip ( blah blah blah..). Come on,he had to ask Naomi's permission to date Annie, REALLY?! He used to be the boy who was hard to get, hard to know and now he can't let go of Annie and is always after her. Please give the man a descent storyline!
Plus Annie still have the less interesting storyline in the world. Hopefully Naomi's character still rocks. The best line of the episode defintly goes to her : It's my birthday, i'm awsome, i inherited a fortune and i don't really know who u are" or something like that; LMFAO


Watched the first episode, didn't see that one. I guess I'm not gonna waste my time...


Love that scene where Mr. Cannon actually recreated that scenario last season with Naomi, but this time with Silver. Good thing Naomi got there in time. And yep, to ML House you a little too harsh. And looking beyond what you think are constant hook-ups, break-ups and make-ups...there's already some sort of character development going on with characters such as Annie, etc. For one, like what Phadelic said, Annie wants to make it right this time, trying to start a normal relationship. After finding out that Liam wasn't completely honest ("No lying and hiding"). If he was honest enough to tell her that he actually had nowhere to go, Annie would have understand and yet he didn't. The good that come out of it: Lannie's first LQ :)


I think you guys are being a harsh. I am a huge fan or the original 90210. They have always had break ups and make ups, f*ck ups and sl*t ups! That is their drama.
I wanna see what happens to Silver while she is hanging out with slime ball Mr. Cannon. You are right in saying she is a smart girl but Mr. Cannon is a creature from beyond. He is a womanizer and rapist. He was practically sniffing Silvers panties when she left! Taking her scarf and re-watching her video over and over. I can't wait for him to go to jail or for Teddy and Dixon to beat the crap out of him!
I feel that Annalynne is doing a crazy hot job playing a rape victim. I really feel for her and feel her frustration to return to normalcy. I'm glad she is over Liam. Her birthday party was so Naomi!
Dixon and Ivy is bananas! Between her mom sleeping with Oscar and Oscar trying to get Dixon out of the picture I don't know what to think. I just know that Oscar will feel it in the end. Freaking Weirdo!
As for Annie and Liam I never liked them together. At least Annie isn't so stupid any more. She stands up for herself and just doesn't bend over and take it as she did in the last 2 seasons.
I'm glad the writers have left Naveed and Adriana alone. They have been through so much drama it's good to have someone just be.


LOL your right! i didnt even realize it but i guess your right, it WAS too much. there have only been 2 episodes and each couple have already broken up and gotten back together a million times. too much to take man. i hope they dont lose their touch, its sucha great show. season 2 was AWESOME.
and man....poor naomi...i'm just interested in whats gonna happen to her, thats why i'm still watching. i hope they handle it well and find a REAL solution

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