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The following developments took place this week:

- Ivy got mad at Dixon because a girl took body shots off him at a bar. We later learn that Oscar set this entire thing up in order to drive a wedge between Dixon and Ivy, who we also learn is a virgin.

- Annie gets permission from Naomi to date Liam, but they immediately break up when they try to hang out on a boat, only to get chased off it by the actual owner. Annie can't believe Liam broke the law in her presence and immediately leaves to meet Charlie at Naomi's 18th birthday party. He's a guy she met at a coffee shop.... who concludes the episode by meeting secretly with Liam and saying he wants to work things out because they are "brothers."

- Ryan is there for Jen when she's forced into bed rest. She signs his paternity papers in exchange for his assistance, which includes moving in with her.

- Silver gets mad at Teddy at Naomi's party because he lied about drinking. She therefore flees and ends up hanging with Mr. Cannon, editing his documentary. When Naomi, who got access to her trust fund on the episode, finds this out, she goes over the school and talks to Silver. She tells her that Mr. Cannon raped her, but Silver doesn't believe her. Her and Cannon are growing tight.

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90210 Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm 18 and I'm ready for this 17-year old kiddie crap to be behind me.


Suck it Jen! I am rich.