Entourage Season Finale Review: "Lose Yourself"

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"Look, you got what you wanted, I'm officially out of control." 

Vince's somewhat forced downward spiral finally hit rock bottom on the season finale of Entourage tonight and the reason for its painful season-long buildup finally made sense.

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It's a shame it took nine episodes to deliver this week's phenomenal "Lose Yourself."  After spending nine weeks watching Vince date the world's worst actress, we finally see why Sasha Grey was brought on screen.

Clearly for her butt in that cover shoot scene. Oh, or the fact she triggered Vince's bad ass fight during Eminem's party that would lead him to the hospital and possibly arrested for cocaine possession.  Sasha, your horrible acting has officially been forgiven... assuming you don't appear during the final season.

Drama proved once again why he's become our favorite character.  When we first met Johnny during season one, we couldn't stand the guy.  Now, we watch the show for him.  With Johnny's Bananas officially secured, Drama was able to move on to become a part of the main plot.

From his A&E style Intervention to getting his baby bro's back, Johnny secured himself as not just our favorite obnoxious comic relief, but as just an amazing character.  Oh and props to Vince for finally growing some balls and delivering his first truly amazing line: "i know you all need me, but I'll call you if I need any of you."

Just when you thought our Entourage review couldn't be any more positive, we're even going to applaud Mark Cuban.  Sure Turtle's Limo business gone Tequila storyline has been beyond annoying, but at least Cuban and Turtle's Wallstreet references had us cracking up.

It was great to see Terrence again and even better to see him outside the role of Ari's old boss and instead as Sloan's father.  Watching the man belittle the already tiny E as he basically called him a slacker and a moocher before asking him to sign a prenup was great.  Finally something exciting in the E storyline.  Hopefully we'll actually get to see him try to take down Murray and make something of himself during Entourage's mini final season.

Now on to Ari.  Wow.  Definitely never saw Mrs. Ari leaving him.  Certainly not because of his insults towards women.  Cheating?  Maybe.  But because his a misogynist?  Come on, that's Ari.  There's absolutely no way this woman didn't know this about him prior to marrying him.  So she's embarrassed.  Boohoo.  At least we'll welcome the drama and some change next year.

Now on to our cameo awards.  With so many shameless ones, we're going to have to give the Cameo of the Week to John Cleese just cause damn that dude's tall!  Worst cameo will be a shared between the pointless appearances by Drew Brees and Ryan Howard.  At least Aguilera and Eminem didn't feel so forced into the episode as their songs played.

Overall, we thought it was an stellar season finale with plenty of unanswered cliffhangers for next season.  I know, we just called an episode from this season's Entourage stellar.  Now we're curious, what did you all think?


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This was a shit, yet dark season. Vince's character actually showed some depth (unlike previous seasons where is seemed as though his only purpose was to provide an income for the others to be relevant). I have always felt Vince as a character came off a bit one dimensional, never truly showing a great emotional range. He alway's played the chilled (or high) but composed movie star. And though this proved that my thesis that, unlike his fictional persona, (bar mediean) Adrian Grenier cannot act. I have to admit this season was a bit disconcerting....for many reasons. Firstly: I cant stand Scott. He is a douche. Dont tell me "oh, hes there for comedic relief", He is a douche. He has no real purpose. Full stop. I dont think there is any more to say on this point. Wait, sorry, he is a douche. Secondly, Sasha Grey is f**n annoying. She cant act (maybe an A grade performance for a porn movie), and she barely looks good naked. Although she is 'pinned' as the catalyst for Vince's downward spiral, her mediocre, unemotional, limp (no pun intended) and melancholy performance makes it hard to even hate her, as it is difficult to even believe she is real. A drawn out and protracted story arc which should have been nipped in the bud (again, im sorry) Thirdly, the gold crisis. Ari is the type of person that you know you should hate, but can't help your self admiring. He is misogynistic, arrogant, egotistical and foul tempered - a feminists wet dream basically. And despite his miraculous ability to avoid fulfilling his life calling as a stroke candidate, you can't help but admire his devotion to his family. The character superbly juxtaposes megalomaniac boss with passionate and loving father, an unfathomable contrast and testament to the genius that is Jeremy Piven. Though he evidently takes his wife for granted, the hardest scene of the season was watching the crushed look on his face as she requests a break. A bit ironic since she has spent 7 seasons whoring herself to him every time he promises lunch at the ivy or a new car. But never the less, Ari's home life has always be the neutrality that grounded and humanized the alien force that is Ari Gold. Hopefully this break is resolved, and soon. Fourthly, E-lone. Oh no..... Terrence asked for a prenup. Its basically Sophie's choice all over again. If he sign's it he looks like a bitch, if he doesn't then he looks like a gold digger. Compared to a cocaine addiction, dating a porn star, having a failing career, the break down of your marriage and public slander, well now, E's dilemma is just preachy. E has always been safe, but this 'twist' was just so predictable its not funny. Oh no, and now he's planning a coup to take over his wife's god fathers business....how ever will this play out? Tension in his upcoming nuptials. Wow, really extended yourself writers? Fifth, Johnny. Oh Johnny. No one cares. You have spent 7 seasons with no career and it just hit you? Take a step back and keep riding on little bro's coat-tails. Oh and Johnny, yes your are right, Johnny Bannana's is fucking embarrassing. And turtle. No one cares. All in all.....odd.!


This season showed us that Adrian Greniere is an imposter as an actor. for years they have tried to hide that behind other characters. When they tried to revolve a series around the "Vince" character, he looked like a fifth grader in a school play trying to paly the part of a drug addled alcoholic.


A great ending to a sub-par season. I have been watching the show since day one, and I was very disappointed when i heard that next season would be shortened and this season was not that good. But a great finale was the way to keep me interested. Definetly excited for next season/ a possible movie.


I pray they don't bring Sasha back next year. I liked Vince's reaction to the porn star saying he saw Medellin. And I thought it was great that Vince got floored by Eminem. Great ending to a shitty season.


This show Jumped the Shark with that Pablo Escobar shit!


One of the better endings... I was disappointed that they left it as a cliffhangover... I would have preferred an hour finale, so we could know more about Vincent. He REALLY got beat up... Felt bad for drama, because he wanted to define Vincent...

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