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1. "my fairy godmother is my credit card" - Blair and "Cinderella doesn't google her prince charming" - Serena

2. I prefer season 2...mainly bcoz of the plenty of Chair hot scenes!

3. nope! thought I kinda wish he is, and Dan would marry Georgina, and make Vanessa out of the show

4. it will be one of the best scenes on TV and I'm sure I'm gonna be replaying that over and over again...even maybe 10 years from now :)

5. I hope not!!! cos I want GG to be someone who we've known all along....someone inside the circle & unpredictable...not some guest star who suddenly appeared out of nowhere!


@ margie96
there were also pictures of Blaur and Chuck at last years club opening, eighties theme and all. If she is a stalker she's stalking on ALL of them.
It's the best justification I can find of Chuck ever kissing anyone besides a random skank and Blair so yes I agree. That has to be why he kissed her- he's alienated everybody and he's afraid no one is ever going to love him again. He also very much was the kid that just wanted love. Haha about getting us to *like* V. As if!
1. My favorite quote was Dan's- don't even Say *exhausted*
when he was talking to Nate because his expression was just so subtly and momentarily frustrated and scary so suddenly it was barely noticable. Great acting from lonelyboy! And I loved Serena's "we make our own fairytales-" wait is she acting
again? She hasn't done that since- since- never mind.
2. The best premier was by far the first- *nothing* can beat Chuck in his scarf at the back of limo drinking and Blair and Nate laughing with him and Serena and Chuck's struggle and Blair's meltdown with Nate- etc etc. Also a time when Vanessa didn't exist and Jenny wasn't a racoon.
3. That would be too obvious- so who knows.
4. When Chair reunite Chuck will forget Eva ever existed- look at Blair as though he wants to make out with her there and then and Blair will say something sarcastic about his horribly bland clothes and he'll say something witty albiet softly in reply and she'll look like she wants to make out to but won't and one of them will walk away while the other looks on longingly. In one word: magic. Of course.
5. Ya know I think she just might be GG because it's so random for done stalker to be keeping tabs on These specific teenagers- what are the odds? Or maybe she's someone who *works* for GG. That would explosn everything.
And of course GG *is* a crazy stalker. I mean devoting your whole life morning noon and night, twenty four seven for the past seven years to making a bunch of rich Tweens more famous then Julia Roberts? Essentially, she has to be a little unbalanced and Katie Cassidy just might be the deal.
Of course that also means the series might be....gasp....nearing it's close.....



On the board there was photos of Nate and Jenny too, for example, the fashion show where Nate kiss Jenny and all goes public... I think it was the episode "There's Might Be Blood"...

So i think is all about Nate, or at least Serena, Nate and Jenny...




HoHan is nothing more than A WHORE SKANK who…opps ! Wrong post !


1. I agree with Gossip Guy's comment, especially the quote about believing anything that came out out Georgina's "Geor-gina". 2. I agree with Gossip Guy again. I think we got more of a feel for the Hamptons of Season 2 than we got a feel for Paris here. 3. No! Dan and Rufus are IDIOTS to believe the results of a Paternity Test that was done without Dan's knowledge or consent! How is that even possible?! Usually there is a third party that collects the samples (blood or swabs of the inside of the cheek) from the participants. 4. Blair will fall for the "New" Chuck just in time for him to revert back to his old ways and break her heart all over again. Can we say Season 4 finale? 5. She's definately a Pauper/Stalker and that would fit in with being 'Gossip Girl' motivation-wise. Bonus Question: Did Elenor & Cyrus really adopt a baby or was the baby (in the background of the phone message) actually Dorota & Vanya's?


1. I love all the quotes, especially Blair "my fairy godmother is my credit card"
2. I loved all the season premiers! I loved this one. The transition from Paris to New York.
3. Its not Dan's baby. But I'm thinking Rufus and Lily may adopt him.
4. Anything with Chuck and Blair is EPIC! I agree with some one ealier; Chuck and Blair FOREVER, just not right now.
5. She's not GOSSIP GIRL, just some crazy psycho that wants to be apart the non judging breakfast club!


1. Have to agree w/Gossip Guy on this one
2. Hell no! S1 was epic and the most true to form (book) that Gossip Girl has ever been. S2 was also pretty good. Then S4. I'm not going to lie and even act like I watched the S3 premiere.
3. If the baby was Dan's, then Georgina wouldn't have to falsify the results- duh. Idk what she's up to, but she can't just leave her spawn w/Dan.
4. I don't know and honestly don't care @ this point. They bore me.
5. No, but she is a crazy stalker. idk if she's more obsessed with Nate or Serena.




FYI, when Georgina was speaking Russian, she said "I'll take care of it." And her accent was terrible.

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