How I Met Your Mother Review: "Big Days"

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Well, kids, season six of How I Met Your Mother is underway.

Summer is over, and with it went the sundresses and Uncle Barney's sanity. NPH was in mid season form I thought, delivering a bevy of Barney-isms right out of the gate.  The most creative one came when he told Robin it looked like she had “squiggly cartoon odor lines” coming off her.

Good episode for Marshall and Lily. Were they kidding me, though, with the song Lily has cued up for when she and Marshall are "actually doing it?" I thought they could have come up with something a little better than what sounded like the B Side to the "Cotton Eye Joe" single. Because it's so Marshall, however, I’ll make like Bob Marley and The Wailers and simmer down.

Familiar Place

Meanwhile... Marshall emerging from his office to the cheers of his coworkers invokes Cyrus from The Warriors yelling "Can You Dig It."  Loved the words of encouragement he gets as he heads toward the elevator, too: "Put it in the hole! Sink that putt! Put a pillow under the small of her back it helps facilitate conception, bro!"

Lily looked amazing and Marshall wasn't the only one who could not concentrate with her wearing that Search Light tee shirt. The tee, which thanks to the miracle of child birth from the front only read "RCH (picture of a lighthouse) LIG." I don’t know how Marshall held out for two weeks saving all his “love” for|Lily. Her retort about all the sacrifices she has made had me rolling.

Loved Dauber (Bill Fagerbakke from Coach) playing Marshall’s dad. Great job casting there.

Despite all the arguing, Lily and Marshall once again blend in a tender moment amidst all the laughs, when they make up on the stairs. Marshall, though, can’t help himself as he hosts his own version of Talk Stoop in the closing scene.

Plenty of Laughs to Go Around

Robin, determined to prove Barney wrong, walks back into the bar "sundressed up." Barney tells her she looks super hot. She scoffs at him, but he insists she really does look great.  Robin is visibly surprised by his sincerity and thanks him. For a moment, we see the softer side of Barney and perhaps a flicker of the old flame they carried for each other.  As Robin pulls her hand out of her clutch and pops a Cheeto into her mouth, though, Barney leans back to check out her backside... and in doing so reverts right back to a Bro-Magnon.

The return of Rachel Bilson as Cindy was underwhelming. From the scene where Ted says hello to her in the hallway and she sticks her tongue out at him, to the awkward hug she gives him in the back of MacLaren’sm  I kept watching her talk and all I saw was Summer from The OC. I would look over at Ted and half expected to see Seth Cohen standing there instead.  She did make out with “Readey McGee," however, which was nice. This was a scene only made better by Barney at the ready snapping a picture of it on his phone. Nice!

So it turns out Ted didn't meet his wife at the bar that night, but he did meet her the day of the wedding. The message board on the church read, "To Every Thing There is a Season." Could that little "fortune cookie" hold some clue as to whose wedding it is? Maybe I'm over analyzing.

It begins to rain and Marshal asks Ted if he happened to bring an umbrella. Ted replies with a hint of sarcasm, "no, I didn't bring an umbrella." Could this be where Ted makes contact with the fabled yellow umbrella that has popped up in numerous episodes?  Unlike Barney, I myself am not in midseason form. As a result, I may just be picking Cheetos out of my hair on this one. You tell me. Either way, another season is off and running.

High fives all around. But forget about those high sixes.


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It is definetely Robins wedding since Ted mentions "i hope it won't rain". This references to the very early episode where he made the rain dance to hinder robin from attending the weekend with that cable news guy.
Now he wishes that i wont rain.
It is not his mother's wedding since everyone wear different dresses.
Both Marshall and Ted wear almost identical dresses which maybe indicates that both are best men, Ted for Robin, Marshall for Barney. Case solved ;-) however no one will have a clue who the mother is...yet


One word punchy


This might sound weird, but I think Ted met the mother back on the day of his mom's 2nd wedding with Clint (in the episode titled "Homewreckers" aired April 19, 2010. Was I imagining things, or didn't he mention that that was when he first danced with the mother? And in that episode he "disappears" for 72 hours, or his friends don't see him for 72 hours. I think the writers are going to revisit that day and cover what happened to him in that time and introduce us to the mother then. It would make sense because Ted was supposed to give a toast at that wedding (he doesn't because he's too upset but then shows up later at Clint and Virginia's house to give the toast)


I think it is Barney and Ted's sister. That is why Ted is so nervous, and is the best man.


I'm not sure if Lily has a baby or not, but "the mother" being Rachel Bilson's roomie and classmate will not be present at Robin or Barney's wedding. If it is Rachel bilson's wedding to her partner, she wont be asking Ted to present a toast (they hardly know each other), and also will not invite marshall and Lily. However, if it is Robin and barney getting married, ted giving a best man toast will be appropriate. not sure how his baby mama fits into the situation.


I have no idea whose wedding it is, but what i do know is that Lilly didn't look pregnant or did she have a baby with her, so... this means that the wedding would have to take place before Lilly and Marshall have a baby.....just adding that info cuz i have seen it anywhere...


I can't see Barney and Robin getting married, at least right now. Maybe later down the road, but not by the end of this season... although if it wasn't their wedding, you think Barney would be drinking outside with Ted and Marshall.
I figured that the big story line of this season would be Marshall and Lily maybe having a baby, but now I don't know.


The first the Narrator says is "There two big days in any history, the day you meet the girl of your dreams, and the day you'll marry her" and next the appaeard the sign of the church "To Every Thing There Is a Season" sounds like there will be a season when Ted meet her wife (6 season, i hope), and a season when they married.


Haha, all these comments have convinced me!... Might not like it, but I understand the logic!


The only way the story makes sense is if Robin is an integral part of the meeting. At the end of the episode Marshal, Ted and Lilly are at a wedding. The very same wedding where Ted meets his future wife. Ergo, the wedding is probably Robin’s wedding. This shows a meaningful, albeit long, progression because if Ted never spoke to Robin he would have never had all of those misadventures and relationships that finally led him to Robin’s wedding where he finally met the girl. It only makes sense to start the show introducing Robin if they are at Robin’s wedding. Or why pick up the story in season one from that very point. Why not talk first about random college relationships? Plus, I’ll put a shout out and say that Barney is the groom. Just saying…

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How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Ted (sipping a beer): This is what church has been missing. Dude, you fixed Church!
Marshall: You're welcome, God.

Marshall: Beer be with you...
Ted: And also with you.