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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: "The Gang Buys a Boat"

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Go ahead and grab your delicious pot of oysters and get ready for this Barnacle to review this week's Always Sunny, "The Gang Buys a Boat."  Maybe it's just us, but this was our favorite episode of the season so far.

Charlie Goes Diving

Perhaps, it's because we just recently became part owner of a boat with a group all having different goals for a boat.  Sure, everyone eventually dreams of a P. Diddy style shrimping boat, but like the Paddy's crew, we all start with different goals before settling on our compromise of a boat.

Some of us want to party and socialize with other boat owners at the dock.  Some of us want to dance with our arms flailing in the wind.  Some of us have a need for speed.  And some of us want to fish, err shrimp.  Definitely shrimp.  You know, Forrest Gump amounts of shrimping.

Hmm, this is a lot of awkward combination of personal details from my life blended with the episode that combined seem to make no sense.  We'll drop the Barnacle's tale and stick to reviewing the episode.

Outside the episode's minor parallels to my own sad life, it was also the strongest of the season for landlubbers as well.   Although, it was the first episode we can remember in awhile that didn't feature a scene inside the bar, the gang felt perfectly in their element.

There was the signature selfish backstabbing that we've come to love as the group slowly splits up into factions against each other.  There's no better duo on this show than Charlie and Frank and we'll gladly let them take Sweet Dee on the adventure as they go up against the (former?) roommates, Mac and Dennis.

We just love seeing this group do what they do best, take on seemingly typical of life's problems and just take things to the extreme.  Before we start over analyzing the episode, we'll go over some our favorite jokes and moments from the amazing half hour of television:

  • That tangy taste of endangerment that Charlie was tasting... or toxicity to those pesky EPA people.
  • One Dee's garbage is another Charlie's treasure.  Especially when a horse massacre was involved.
  • Charlie's desire to eat barnacles.
  • Dennis' creepy implications of rape and murder at sea.
  • Dee's weird inflatable tube man P. Diddy dance.
  • The fact there's actually an website where you can buy the Dick Towels that Dennis and Mac made their fortune.  Just don't tell the IRS.

Now for our favorite Always Sunny quotes from our boating adventure.

Charlie: Can we talk shrimp for a minute? I'd like the boat to be able to haul a tremendous amount of shrimp. Sort of a forest gump size of shrimp. | permalink
Boat Salesman: Let me just see if i have this right here. It seems like what you guys are looking for P. Diddy style of shrimping boat.
Charlie: You're a really good listener and I didn't peg you for one when we came in here because of the pinky ring. | permalink
Dennis: We've had our hearts sets on this boat for days now. Which, in our world, is a level of focus which I've personally never experienced. | permalink
Charlie: We'll scrape all these delicious oysters or whatever off the side of the pot and we'll put them in a pot and boil them before you get back.
Frank: We'll cook them for you.
Dennis: Those are barnacles. Do not eat those. Do not cook them in a pot and serve them to us. | permalink


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Hilarious episode. I agree with you when saying this is the best episode of the season so far... Dee's dance was... I don't have words. I cracked up! Overall a good review.


@Julien - It's a comedy. You want to get into deep analysis of a show outside its jokes, switch up your television viewing and check out the other shows on the site. Personally? I'm happy laughing with Always Sunny.


"Before we start over analyzing the episode, we'll go over some our favorite jokes and moments from the amazing half hour of television:" u never get to the analysing part though anyway amazing episode, charlie not being a follower and dee's dance battle were the highlights of the half hour for me


@ThePecanSandies23 - Thanks for the correction and glad you agree it was the best so far this season. Having seen next episode too I can tell you, it's another great one! Very creative and unique.


-I think you mean there's no better duo on the show than Charlie and Frank. (I agree 100%) But I definitely agree with the review! This was by far the best episode of the season and it makes sense since it was written by Rob and Charlie. I thought the Dee dance with the inflatable tube man was such a hilarious scene. Also the fact that Frank can't seem to throw underhanded. "I feel like you're patronizing me!" Ahh I love a good episode of Sunny